Title: Euthanasia
Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/2fiffy4.zip
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Date: 11/11/97
Author: George Fiffy
Description: You, B.J. Blazkowicz, have done it! (Don't all the REoL TOUGH stories begin with that line?) You have flushed out the evil demon scum inside Castle Solarge in the Rockies! Since your trip back home from this torture, you sit with your Rotisserie Gold chicken and Bon-Bons to see what terrific buys the Home Shopping Club has. You turn on your TV, and to your disappointment, all you see and hear is static. You flip through all the channels, but nothing comes in. You then called the cable company to see if anything is wrong, but, the phone seems to be dead. "This is too weird", you say to yourself. You then got dressed in your classy black tank-top and stained shorts to go down to City Hall to see if they have any insight on what was happening. So you walk out of your apartment complex, and head to the safe N.Y.C. subway system to go there.

After waiting 10 minutes for a train, you get on and sit next to a weird-looking fellow, and one of NYPD's finest, a drunk cop. As the train is about to make it's next stop, the power goes out! Once that happened, the weird person attacked everyone in sight. The easiest prey for him was the cop. He then claws at you with his sharp claws.

This beast clings onto you like spaghetti sauce on light clothing, and smashes out the subway doors. As he took you down the tunnel, letting you walk on the 3rd rail, You saw a blasted out portion of the tunnel ahead. In this hole, was a teleporter. The beast removed his clothing to reveal his true identity. He was a CYBER-DEMON! "I am SICK of how you treat us when you're around" Cyber said: "Now you are going to pay the ULTIMATE price for your actions! This teleport takes you to to a retreat for Cyber-Demons, called Euthanasia." As he talks, you try to get out of his grasp, but he clenches you harder. "Euthanasia is a "funhouse" for disgruntled Cyber-Demons that want to kill Space Marines with a rocket blast that will kill people like you, being such a blast, you may not feel the pain, or scream from it. Now, YOU'RE our new prey." He then throws you into the teleport into Euthanasia, and all I can say is, Are you feeling MIGHTY LUCKY? You better, or else!
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Bugs: (1) There is a bug in the DooM engine that will screw up the status bar in spots where the WEAPON NUMBERS are. This shows on ANY status bar, but is quite obvious on mine. Mark Klem's custom bar will also show this bug quite well. To screw it up, look at the AUTOMAP during play, or accumulate weapons.
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