Title: Cita-DEATH
Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/2fiffy7.zip
Size: 231.39 KB
Date: 11/11/97
Author: George Fiffy
Description: Let's face it, you've seen every story throughout the DooMing land, and you think you'll never face something exciting until HeXeN or Quake gets into your hands! Either way, you, B.J. Blazkowicz, are about to be put on Honorable Discharge for a job well done in Hell, as well as on Earth! You deserve the rest, but you know what's coming!

A citadel somewhere in Europe breaks out into chaos, as you were told by your superior: Colonel Sanders, as he deep-fries some of his mouth watering Chicken. You know the drill, so why state it again? He sends you off with your necessities (the Beer and Nachos), and escorts you to your flight to England, and you salute the Colonel, before you go into the plane to your seat.

Once you arrived, you made your way to the Citadel, which has no living space whatsoever, so you figure: "Big Deal.", until screams of pain are heard, along with chainguns and rockets. You strap on your gear and head into the Citadel, or should I say: Cita-DEATH!?
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Bugs: (1) Yogi Bear's sidekick.

(2) King REoL ain't perfect. You should've seen what happened to this level when you got a little ways past the YELLOW-KEYED door! Thank God I fixed it! It's like IDCLIP for EVERYONE, and all the walls moved into weird angles! Aren't PC's WONDERFUL???
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This is dated November 1995. It's another one of those "Reol Tough" levels, from an author who was convinced of his own genius. It follows the standard pattern; a decently large monster count in a series of castle-style rooms and courtyards, with the flaw that you fight one large homogeneous mob after another, which gets monotonous quickly. My enduring memory is of standing in one spot, firing the chaingun, dodging left and right very occasionally.x
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