Title: Hell
Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/2fiffy8.zip
Size: 295.84 KB
Date: 11/11/97
Author: George Fiffy
Description: Let's face it, you've seen every story throughout the DooMing land, and you think you'll never face something exciting until HeXeN or Quake gets into your hands! Either way, you, B.J. Blazkowicz, are about to be put on Honorable Discharge for a job well done in Hell, as well as on Earth! You deserve the rest, but there was a slight oversight in the military's plans. After you clobbered the demons in all the places you have been, you start asking questions, such as how they are still coming, if they are all dead. You know that dead beings can not just get up and start wreaking havoc once again. The leader of the UAC team found the answer: "It seems we missed a major terminal which demons get to Earth. We THINK that this is the last one, and it's a hell of a big place too! We will continue looking into this forsaken area to make sure all of their bases are wiped out." You teleport to a small wooden room where a Trooper greets you with lead. You go to the window behind you and break it, to get your armor and continue on....
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Bugs: (1) Loved to have made big puzzles, but look at that sector count!!!

(2) AS mentioned before, when you break windows, you will not hear a loud crashing sound, or see glass fly everywhere, but you'll hear DooM II's traditional "Thump". If I did have the sound FX, lifts and other things would sound like breaking glass. Oh well. :)
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The beginning is so good -- "Hmmm, now how do I last 60 seconds past the start time?" -- that the climax seems kind of a letdown by comparison. Still a groovy Fiffy adventure, with most of his trademarks in evidence.x

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