Title: The Final DooM: Chaos in Phobos
Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/2fiffy9.zip
Size: 307.18 KB
Date: 04/30/99
Author: George Fiffy
Description: REoL TOUGH has been the biggest thing to hit DooM since the id Team made the Ultimate DooM patch for DooM 1. Just like the DooM story, it started out on the moon Phobos, one of Mars's few moons. The story went to Hell, and suddenly spread to Earth itself in DooM II.

Over the nearly 2 years REoL TOUGH has been big in the DooM world, the legacy has finally come to a close with this DooM II (v1.9) add-on simply known as THE FINAL DooM. The REoL TOUGH DooM series ends the way DooM began, inside a UAC Moon Base on the Phobos moon. Sadly, I never could make a good moon base, and this is no exception. Not quite the way to go out, but that's the way it is. I hope the details I added near the end (in plain areas) help make it look...mediocre. BUT, REoL TOUGH is now moving onto HeXeN, and soon Quake. There's already a COTD2 add-on for HeXeN out there, ergo the delay on this level. All I can simply say is: It's time to move on.

Hope to see you all when the big Quake hits! I AM READY!
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Bugs: (1) Almost winding up in Mental Hospital playing this. Doable, HARD!!!
(2) AS mentioned before, when you break windows, you will not hear loud crashing sound, or see glass fly everywhere, but you'll hear DooM II's traditional "Thump". If I did have the sound FX, lifts and other things would sound like breaking glass. Oh well. :)
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