Title: Shadows of Darkness
Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/2shadows.zip
Size: 64.97 KB
Date: 05/17/95
Author: Sean Birkel
Description: This level is for DOOM2, not DOOM (a DOOM version is out on BBSs), MAP01. I have included difficulty settings...they aren't as accurate as I'd like 'em. Cooperative play is recommended, deathmatch is good too (I put all the deathmatch starts in on area so you and your opponent don't have to run all around the level just to find each other) and solitare is fun. Very BIG, with many secrets and switches!!!!!!!!! Go for 100% in everything! This IS different in some ways from the DOOM version. Check out both and you'll see. Nothing major, just some more cryptic spots :)
Build time: 3+ months
Editor(s) used: DEU521GC, DEU2C, and BSP1.2x
Rating: (6 votes)
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Now, at the begginng of the map, you can see that is resembles E1M4 of Doom, no question about it. But when you get into the meats of the map, you then realize that it is indeed nothing like E1M4. Even though it is a really, really, solid map, there should be some Doom II Things in the map, besides the Super Shotgun. Overall, if you like good early 90's Doom II maps, here is one to check out.x
Good level, very easy to beat but it's an interesting remix of E1 (I noticed homages to e1m4, e1m3, e1m1, e1m6) and some locations are very impressive (main hall before the exit, looking at the SSG area from the balcony, etc). I cheated by using straferunning at the end, no idea how to raise that bridge.x
This is a medium-sized, very unlinear map from 1995. Gameplay is ok, but not particularly hard; the looks are ok, but not overly interesting. Not bad for those times, but a bit tame from today's view. 2.5/5 -Milianx
This is from March 1995, although oddly the zipfile contains an exe called "error!.exe" dated today (perhaps the zip is corrupt). The level is a highly entertaining E1 homage with almost no Doom II influence at all. There are bits and pieces of Doom I levels here and there - the opening room is similar to E1M4, and there's a section that's similar to the outside area of E1M1 - and it's gret fun to play. Would have been top in 1995, still good today.x
very good for a 1995 Wad. It's big base that mixes doom2 ep1 and ep2 styles very well. Nice job....x

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