Title: 30 Levels
Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/30lvls.zip
Size: 3.65 MB
Date: 12/20/96
Author: Stephen Huff
Description: After destroying the big boss in doom2, you settled down for some r&r, when, suddenly, the cold dead faces of the undead greeted you as you transported in. Realizing the drill, you grabbed your sidearm and wished for some better armament. As you fight your way from station to station you realize that overthrowing the big boss has let different factions in hell struggle for power. You have a bad feeling about who is winning that struggle to rule in hell. Your apprehensions are confirmed as you look up into the sky and realize that you must fight your way through a hell dominated by the damned followers of Corporal Schickelgruber the GodKing. In the middle of this psychopathic hell you may find yourself fighting to save the monuments of mans early ventures into space from demonspawn monsters from hell in the two secret levels. Eventually, you make it through that disgusting hell filled with the dark fantasies of one of history's worst psychopaths and enter a hell dominated by an unfamiliar red volcanic sky. There, you fight your way through a landscape dominated by peculiar cubes rising from the various terrain until you reach the central crossroads of hades where you must fight the current master of hades.
Credits: id and gang. Mathew Ayres creator of waded, John Williston creator of wadauthor, and Oliver du Montanuy creator of Wintex. The authors of Secrets of the Doom Programming Gurus and 3d Game ALchemy. Walter C. Langer, author of "The Mind of Adolph Hitler, the secret wartime report" Signet Books copyright 1972, which helped shape the graphics displays in the nazi portion of this wad.
Base: Some portions of this wadfile are based on other levels that I have written. A common teleport pad, some of the deathmatch starts, etc stay the same for several levels, until you transit to a new segment of the adventure. Essentially though, it is all new levels from scratch. Though the first ten levels were published previously as arbedlam.wad. March 5, 1996 marked the upload of my doom1 wad. This wad represents a fair amount of days since then, today being 23 november 1996 spent 6 to 12 hours a day working on it. A couple of thousand hours of solid painstaking work at least. The two secret levels, 31 and 32 are dedicated to Nasa and early spaceflight and incorporate a large number of Nasa mission patches and graphics. In fact the complete mercury gemini and apollo patches and 77 shuttle mission patches. The nasa patch is not used, because it cannot be used without permission.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WadEd, Wadauthor,WIntex, PSP. Levels 1-18 and 21-29 were done entirely on waded with graphics modifications by wintex. levels 19 and 30 were started on waded and finished on wadauthor. Levels 20, 31 and 32 were done entirely on wadauthor. Note, there is some incompatibility between waded and wadauthor. The checkit feature on wadauthor will indicate all kind of faults on wads made in waded, even though the doom engine handles them fine. This is not a criticism of either editor or the doom engine, just a note of caution if you are looking at wad files try to use the editor they were made on. If you modify such a wad made in waded on wadauthor, it is possible that the level will be unplayable. This varies from map to map. It is probably due to eccentricities built into waded for the make sector feature, but who knows.
Bugs: There are some minor graphics glitches on two or three levels, and level 30 is so large it overloads the doom savegame buffer, so you cannot save a game after reaching level 30. That is Hells Crossroads, so save before you get there. You have to complete that entire level without saving the game once. Think of it as an added difficulty factor. There is one level where you can get stuck that I found while playtesting, on the level titled Mars Temple Annex. After you pass the door with the crushing ceiling, if you jump into the pits with the chaingunners instead of coming at them from behind, the exit to the pits won't be open. Ahha, there is a way to get them from behind, yeah, but its guarded to.
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