Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/3daypass.zip
Size: 45.07 KB
Date: 08/22/95
Author: Dr Bombay aka AgX
Description: Even those zombie Sarge's need a break from the rigors of mindless plunder. Where do they go when they get a 3 day pass? They go to the rec-center... paid for by their union dues.....good union, eh? Somehow you have happened upon their secret Hole-in-the-Wall. You find that sargents and some of their foreign brethren are like most mindless Hell Beasts.....they like to eat....your buddies! They also take target practice, they read about ancient methods of torture and some even tease the "pet" Cyberdemon. Being the Sargent hater that you are...remember what they did to Little John....and on his first recon, you take it upon yourself....THIS HOUSE MUST COME DOWN!
Credits: The makers of DOOM......Thanks guys! Matt Taglaferri for DoomCad 5.0 Colin Reed for BSP ver 1.2x(saved my ass). Ben Morris for the GREAT DCK20 I used this kit to finish things up. Scott Amspoker for his paper: Managing Textures and the "Unpegged" Attribute. Locally at the COMPULINE BBS(call 715-732-1036) EMILIE for test test and test again, Nevermind for technical help, Doomaniac for motivation and MR. MIDNITE for all sorts of things! AND of course Bullwinkle and Veloxi from the NetAccess forum. They helped when I needed it most! OH YES....JASON SANDLIN for the BEST front end DOOMENU...THE DOOM NETWORK MENU SYSTEM.
Base: New level from scratch
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.0 DoomCad 5.0 BSP 1.2x(love those nodes)DooMenu beta 1.8
Bugs: Let me know....OK?
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I liked itx
Oh my god, this is the bookz0r! A million books on endless shelves all around you. Let's assume, a marine has a height of 1,80 meters. This would mean, each shelf has a height of 17 meters! And no ladder far and wide. So much for "realism". The rest is told quickly: a few monsters in bare and empty rooms. Texturing seems a bit random at times. No challenge, no eye-candy, but at least something to reckon. 1/5 -Milianx
How dare you call it crap! It's not good enough for that title :Px

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