Title: Three Keys and a Exit
Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/3kaae.zip
Size: 91 KB
Date: 12/07/96
Author: Brian Owens
Description: Leave off
Credits: All the memebers of Black Star Coven for playtesting. My girlfriend Katie for being her. Makers of DCK and Zennode.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK ver 3.2 Zennode
Bugs: None , but mail me if you find any.
Rating: (10 votes)
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Monotone BRICK layers in the level and rather weird interconnection. However, the level makes up with a lot of fun and a great sense of progression and it's incredibly well designed for a 1996 map. This is definitely one of those levels that will always be fun, however the stain of time is seen badly.x
Quite good level. Good built but a bit boring, could be better. Also a little easy 2,5/5x
I liked itx
This is from November 1996. The designer had a girlfriend, and yet he spent time designing Doom levels instead of snogging. The level's okay - a mid-sized tech-dungeon with 160 mostly weak baddies. It has a hub-style layout with each key in its own separate area. Against it, it's mazey and cramped, and by modern standards very easy (I don't think my health ever went below 100%). Nonetheless it's not bad in a nostalgic way, but could do with some tightening.x
This is quite nice. It's a short to medium-sized map. It's not overly detailed or otherwise innovative, but not bad either. The ambience provides some tech areas and mostly brick textures. The monsters are easy to medium hard. Because of plenty of mega-goodies, this map is rather easy, at least on skill 3, compared to others. 3.5/5 -Milianx
kinda boring, and the two archviles at the end are nearly impossible to kill seeing as they'll nuke the bejezus out of you.x
not very exciting...x

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