Title: The four Faces
Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/4faces.zip
Size: 66.32 KB
Date: 05/23/96
Author: Erik Plaggenmarsch
Description: Very large DOOM II wad, with lots of monsters, little ammo/medipacks and great deathmatch capabilities. I designed it to be a lot of fun in single player mode, but kept in mind that it ultimatly should become a deathmatch wad.

I created a 'circular' shaped map, with one central point, and the three keys hidden around this point. All keys are needed to reach the exit, but its not necessary to first find a certain key before another one can be found. Just collect all three. No hard puzzles should be solved to find the keys/exit (all doors hiding the keys are automati- cally opened when you get close!), but it is necessary to go around the central point to get them, and that's the hard part ;-) Because all rooms can be reached in many different ways, and have nice ambush spots it's great fun to play deathmatch, although the map is too large for a two-player deathmatch, I guess. A lot of time was spend on choosing the correct texture and aligning them, because I hate it when a level doesn't look good.

I think its a tough level, but playable. Tough, not because there are 20 cyberdemons etc. No cyberdemons, no spiderboss! Just a few large bosses and lots of imps, sargeants etc.

I created this level myself, but if I want to go around and kill all monsters as fast as possible, it takes me at least 10-15 minutes to reach the exit!
Credits: The authors of DEU (all versions), ID
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Windeu
Bugs: None, of course. Otherwise I wouldn't release it. If you find one, tell me and I will fix it.
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Fun romp, especially for a mid '90's level. It's not the most polished WAD, but has some cool design and seems like it would have been above the other levels that came out at the same time. Sweet lil blast from the past. 3***x
Quite a good wad, especially for 1995. It's better to look at than to play, and it has some nice large-scale views and a surprising amount of detail for something this old. It's frustrating because there are a lot of cramped corridors, and it has the unforgivable type of trap whereby bits of wall are one-way transparent, but it's decent enough.x

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