Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/7screams.zip
Size: 124.29 KB
Date: 05/08/96
Author: Brian James Clever
Description: Realism abounds! Dark and evil.
Credits: Ben Morris for DCK 3.4
Base: New level from scratch
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Rating: (9 votes)
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A decent map with a few annoying parts. Basic layout is three sub-areas reachable right away, each with a key that allows you to open a teleporter into one of the three boss areas. After completing all three boss areas, you can climb the stairs to the exit. The map's not as annoying as the author's other map, Temple of the Undead Virgin, but it does still have some flaws of pressing plain walls, necessary secrets and cheap deaths. The hidden armory is helpful to find, but has its own trap too.x
This is a hub-style level; you start off in a small area with some teleport pads, and you travel to a group of little arenas, each of which has a key. You have lots of rockets and there's a plasma gun near the start. The monster density is quite low, so it's not hard. Odd design bugs abound - the teleporter pads have little teleports inside them, several sections force you to press/shoot random bits of wall, there's a stupid crushing ceiling trap. Extremely average.x
I found this map quite hard. The monsters are almost all from the medium to hard category and they're placed in a way that made the fights really challenging,. The layout is challenging, too. I felt trapped for several times and was searching for a way to come out of some rooms. There's always a solution but it's hard to find in some cases. Overall, the map is somewhere between challenging and frustrating. Appearance is ok, though not too special. 3/5 -Milianx
totel crapx
looks nice for 96x

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