Title: 8City2
Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/8city2.zip
Size: 73.4 KB
Date: 07/12/95
Description: Here is 8City2, a city with 8 buildings level for Doom 2. There are a few secrets to this level, including some "secret" new graphics, see if you can discover them.
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A very basic city/town based map with low polished combats and novice ammo/item placement ...i stuck in dark room...not worth second visit...x
This is orriblex
8 flat buildings with some stuff in them. Usually you need to find some hidden trigger to get back on the street. There are some new hilariously unfitting midis so be sure to IDMUS through the first few levels.x
I liked itx
It's a very simple map, offering some coarse one-room-buildings. The real challenge in this, is to find out, how the door opens, so that you can leave the room and go to the next. In most cases it's a trigger line somewhere in the room. I found this concept very stupid, because you're desperately running through boring rooms in search of an invisible line... 1/5 -Milianx

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