Title: R A G N A R O K
Filename: levels/doom2/0-9/93talio.zip
Size: 134.54 KB
Date: 09/06/95
Author: Tom Talionis
Description: Ragnarok: The final fight between Good and Evil in the Nordic mythology (didn't want to write a long story...).

I wanted to create some special architecture with this level - I really hate those WOLF3D like level "designs" (and ROTT, too...). But this is my very first level, so have mercy! Please send me an E-mail for any comments to this WAD.

The level works with DOOM ][ only, but the sound extension "RAGNASND.WAD" should run under DOOM I, too. This level was specially created for use with my sound WAD "RAGNASND.WAD" (including some industrial and ritual sound). However, this one is separately available (ragnasnd.zip), for those with slower connections. But downloading it is strongly recommended!

For maximum effect, don't use any cheats, especially the light cheat (and too much gamma correction as well).
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: * DeeP 7.01 * WinTex 3.4, for the sound WAD * DmGraph, Picture Publisher (for including some Graphics) * Midi2Mus * DmMusic
Bugs: NADA! I worked hard to avoid these texture misalignments - I hate them if I see them in bad designed (especially DM) levels... I had to fix the "no more visplanes" error in the starting room, which is probably a limitation of the DOOM engine (2 many 2 sided linedefs?).
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I liked it - COOL - 2 nazis are stuck together and don't teleport in the mapx
You still get the VPO in the starting room. But I must say it was a strange map in many ways. 3/5 -PCx
And the reason the author warns (especially) against using the "light cheat" is because - argh - the level is blessed with lots of strobing light effects. Great design choice. Apart from that it's a mixture of tiny poky corridors and large rooms with symbols in the floor. Uninspired and mechanical gameplay, it felt like a chore. x
Nice! Much better than most wads of that time. I enjoyed it.x
it sucks dont get it unless you want to see for yourself x
Kind of weird and ugly. There are a few Nazis too.x

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