Title: 1024 x 1024 The Building
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/0-9/1024bldg.zip
Size: 2.16 MB
Date: 01/15/15
Author: Scionox
Description: Friend has challenged me to make 1024x1024 wad, and thus Doomguy has been sent to clear out an important building and retrieve some very important keycards!
Credits: Id Software Randy Heit Graf Zahl CodeImp sirjuddington Authors of GIMP Cooltext Banjo Software Rogue Entertainment Midway Apothem Enjay TeamTNT
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Few weeks of work with some pauses of few months
Editor(s) used: DoomBuilder 2, SLADE 3, GIMP
Bugs: Some sprites may glitch through a couple 3D floors in zdoom, fixed in gzdoom.
Rating: (10 votes)
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This is clearly not a mapset, but a showcase of technical skills. As such: not 1 but 2* for the shown skills - 1 for the plain horrible gameplay = 1*. @ Author: leave the 1024x1024 concept and try to create something playable, because this is of little use.x
Quit this after witnessing copypasted rooms in E1M2. The enemies are also needlessly overpowered. Stupid WAD.x
Pleasant wad, nice boss :) fFx
walter confalonieri
interesting map... a little cramped, but nice concept overallx
I liked it. Short experience, but at least it didn't drag too much. Good use of ZDoom features. The boss fight was pretty cool, both challenging and kinda fair (you CAN dodge the projectiles), it's one of the better ones I've ever experienced, even though it takes place in a simple box room. I couldn't find a yellow card on the 2nd map. 4/5x
It's a short (you can finish it in about 30 minutes) mapset which is, well, not so good. First of all, it's cramped as hell. Fighting Knight in 64 wide corridors is no fun. Design is quite blocky and sometimes there's no design at all (vents in E1M2). Plasma marines or whatever they are called are annoying as heck. Final boss fight was impossible for me at second stage as red plasma balls seemed to bounce of the walls and I had no ammo halfway through the fight. 3/5 + 1 because first map.,, fcklmtx

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