Title: Twelve Easy Pieces
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/0-9/12ep.zip
Size: 15.21 MB
Date: 09/07/23
Author: Thelokk
Description: Twelves (or was it thirteen) easy maps that can be comfortably completed in HMP without much of a sweat. There is no set theme, just casual exploration and killing! Includes some platforming and puzzling.


MAP01: Rust MIDI: Run from Unreal Tournament

MAP02: Forgotten Retreat MIDI: Cave of the Ancients from Xargon

MAP03: Cyber-ossuary MIDI: Airship Battle from Skies of Arcadia

MAP04: Green-going MIDI: Bulnoil's theme from Brigandine

MAP05: LM227 MIDI: Become the Hunted by James Paddock

MAP06: Brother Tesseract MIDI: Premonition from Fury 3

MAP07: Heaven's Throat MIDI: Minor Minion from Secret of Evermore

MAP08: Red Reaches MIDI: Boss theme from Nightmare Creatures

MAP09: The Dollhouse MIDI: You Were There from ICO

MAP10: Hands like a Womb MIDI: Not Tomorrow from Silent Hill

MAP11: Altitude MIDI: Mystic Invasion from Secret of Mana

MAP12: One Last Easy Piece MIDI: Menu Select from Secret of Evermore

MAP31: Like Tears in the Rain MIDI: Mist from Heretic

Title: MIDI rendition of Panic Attack by Dream Theater Interpic: SS_10 by anonymous
Credits: My playtesters (full list in the 'credits' screen)
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A few months
Editor(s) used: UDB
Bugs: None that I am aware of
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