Title: Object "32"
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/0-9/32.zip
Size: 1.61 MB
Date: 12/13/08
Author: Lainos
Description: This wad (or, to be more precise,level) has been made originally for the project named Grid32.wad, but, because of circumstances, has not taken part in it. However, later I have decided to complete this level and to release it separately, as well as it was with 32 inch nails.wad, created by Eternal. Later, this level will enter into mine megawad. The level does not have any serious storyline - but the sense here is not the story. Everything that you need to know is: contact with Object "32" has been lost. You have been sent to find out why. Having arrived into place, you find out that there are demons which partially had altered that base. This level is difficult enough (or it may be so), so I advise to think over what difficulty you will choose before starting game.
Credits: ID Software for DooM Shadowman & Jake Crusher for beta-testing N.W.A. (And Eazy-E & ICE CUBE) for tha True Rap
Base: New from scratch
Build time: -
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 1.68v, XWE 1.16
Bugs: The lattices in prBoom are displaying with unpleasant glitch, which is, although, not "lethal" on this level. And in prBooM (without plus, +) ogg-music isn`t playing. GZDoom is working fine, without any glitches or bugs and music is playing correctly.
Rating: (26 votes)
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