Title: 32 Inch Nails
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/0-9/32innail.zip
Size: 2.88 MB
Date: 09/28/08
Author: Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall):
Description: Seven levels for any limit removing port.

All the levels are built in grid with the 32x32 dimensions. It means all vertexes lay on knots of a grid 32 in editor, but this rule does not extend on things. New textures and flats were not allowed.

All the maps except map05 can be run in Doom2-Plus after adding sprites (deutex -as 32innail.wad) and applying the deh (except first section with high quality sound replacement for ports). PrBoom-Plus or GZDoom are recommended.
Credits: id Software,

The authors of DoomBuilder, DeePsea and DeuTex.

Entryway for tests in PrBoom-Plus, Hitherto for tests in Doom2-Plus and Boom 2.02 Heretic for in-wad demos.


MIDIes are from AV, Scythe2, Hexen, Final Fantasy 8 and TV (converted from MOD to MIDI by hand).

Sprites are from Chain Mail, d3moda.wad and Power Slave.

Afrit was ripped from Scythe2.

Dehacked patch for new monsters and things, the in-game font and all the menu graphics are by Andrey "entryway" Budko.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 4 months
Editor(s) used: DoomBuilder 1.68, Cakewalk Pro Audio 8, Adobe Photoshop CS3, MSPaint
Bugs: none
Rating: (80 votes)
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