Title: Hell's Revenge
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/0-9/6fiffy2.zip
Size: 400.66 KB
Date: 01/27/99
Author: George Fiffy
Description: After the amazing battle in The Uprising, you head into another demension in Hell, and it's very tough, in spite of a drastically reduced headcount of baddies.
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Bugs: May have missed a few textures when alligning them. (I don't think I did this time, but there's so much to look at!) Some are, because of complex math I don't use. The pillars in the Room O' Many Arches is a good example (where the player dies in the demo).
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Nice medium-size castle-type map. Layout is on places quite rectangular, but besides that, good. Texture use is fine, decoration great. All-over it looks a bit like an early Chris Couleur level, which is imo a plus. Gameplay @ UV is solid for '99 standards, but nowadays too easy and monotonous. Secrets are difficult to find. Overall: far from brilliant, but solid 4/5, so absolutely worth a play.x
Did... Did someone just cmpare a Boom wad made in 1998 to Crucified Dreams? Are you a dumbass or what? Well constructed map, nice detail, a great MIDI by Mark Klem. Great way to kill some time!x
Nothing less than 5 stars. Brilliant.x
Second best of the series. Did it in 20 minutes but not with fast monsters. Not recommended, 3/5 coldfusio. 6fiffy1 is the best. x
Not very good. Perhaps it was highly detailed in 1999, but now it looks amateur stuff; the new textures are poor and the sounds are all second-hand. The layout has a couple of nice arena areas but it's basically a lot of right-angled corridors and grid-like rooms. It pales next to modern stuff like "Crucified Dreams".x
Un super beau tableau avec les textures standard mais de nouveaux son pour les arme J'ai réussi le tout en 52min:13 et 8 vies a Fast UV - 5/5 - Eye'sx
Nicely done.x

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