Title: Abyssal Speedmapping Session 27 (XXVII)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/abyspe27.zip
Size: 2.88 MB
Date: 02/09/18
Author: TheMionicDonut (also the ASS Host) Surreily AnonimVio DoomLover234 NuclearPotato Vagner_ru rdwpa joe
Description: 15 maps made during the twenty-seventh Abyssal Speedmapping Session. This session was based around use of the donut effect and revenants, lots souls and PEs. Resources were taken from Stardate 20x7, originally without permission but everything was worked out because Ribbiks is a swello fellow.
Credits: Id Software for Doom II CodeImp of Doom Builder 2 SirJuddington for SLADE3 Exl for WhackEd4
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 24 hours, theoretically
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2, GZDoom Builder, SLADE3, WhackEd4
Bugs: Hopefully none
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