Title: When All Hell Breaks Loose
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/allhell2.zip
Size: 71.38 KB
Date: 02/18/99
Author: genocide (Eric Simpson)
Description: Very non-linear map.
Credits: Id softwaere. ===============================================================
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: In total, about 2 and a half years
Editor(s) used: DMapedit, BSP
Bugs: Conveyor belt tosses the barrels forward a bit (I think it's because it's broken up into a bunch of sectors)

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This map has some cool moments and some nice structures here and there, gave a nice oldschol city feel. 3/5 - Sergeant_Mark_IVx
Good, not great map. Some really cool details, some not so great. Good details in the yellow key "sewer" area, but the big stuff is lacking (huge walls and buildings which look like they were thrown together). One thing is for sure, playing this on UV is pretty difficult. You have to play the AI against itself a bit and plan your route, I guess that's where the non-linearity comes into play. Unique for sure, but nothing amazing.x
The guy above who said it only has basic monsters wasn't playing on the harder skill levels!! Play it on Ultraviolence for some real fun. 4/5 I think 2.5 years was a typo, too. 2.5 days seems more like it.x
I agree with the couple of days thing, not 2 1/2 years.x
Wow pour un tableau qui date de 1999 C'est vraiment hot Bon mixte de nouvelles armes et créatures. Sérieux a voir absolument meme si il y a certain détail d'allignament de texture qui laisse a desire. 5/5 PAREIL!! - Eye'sx
great map!!!!! very challenging at higher skill levels, I love the open city layoutx
Boring, one ZDOOM feature (moving things), only basic monsters (Trooper, Shotgun Trooper, Imp, Chaingunner), short. Not impressive. It doesn't have any horrible bugs (none I deteced) so it gets 1 star. Awful Wad. (Vomit) 2 1/2 Years for this wad? Looks like it could be made in a couple of days!!! x

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