Title: Arch-Vile's Oddness 1 & 2
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/arch.zip
Size: 7.42 KB
Date: 06/23/03
Author: Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)
Description: Theese two .WADs, with their relative demos (.lmp files!) show some oddnesses of the Arch-Vile's behaviour: their suicidal tendency and a battle between themselves! If you want to see the Arch-Viles fighting, launch ZDoom 2.0 beta 38 (I recorded the demo with it and this oddness works certainly with this version of ZDoom) with the following parameters: ZDoom -file arch2.wad -playdemo arch2.lmp -warp 1 -skill 3

If you want to see Arch-Vile's suicidal tendency, launch always the same version of ZDoom (2.0 beta 38) with the following parameters: ZDoom -file arch 1.wad -playdemo arch1.lmp -warp 1 -skill 3

Enjoy yourself! He, he! =)
Credits: Id Software, for making Doom. ZDoom author, for this oddness (he, he!). You, for downloading this .WAD. Thank you!

Base: Completely new level from scratch.
Build time: Few minutes!
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor.
Bugs: BUGS...?!

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Bunch of asshats here i tell you,i'll give it a solid 4x
WTF?! Why these comments? It's just a sort of demo to show off a peculiar behaviour of Arch-Vile in ZDoom 2.0.38!x
Absolutley Crap.x

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