Title: Artica B
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/artica_b.zip
Size: 131.35 KB
Date: 04/30/00
Author: Mike Watson, aka Cyb
Description: My best work ever, I'd have to say. I spent a good amount of time on lighting(or at least a lot of thought heh), architecture and *gasp* texture alignment.

In Version B: I merged the two maps, so now it's one map. Also I used a dehacked patch for the final boss(the mastermind), so now you have to kill him to exit. Because of the internal dehacked patch you can't use Boom.
Credits: id Software for their wonderful game which, without, I'd probably have higher grades in school ;) and TeamTNT for the BOOM engine. Also Nick Baker and the Surge Team for the snow graphics and Eugen Woiwod for the sky(which is a photograph I believe). ===============================================================
Base: New level stolen from GothicDM 2 and graphics from Overload(heh, that's a joke for you slow guys again hehe).
Build time: Original: Two weeks New Version: Two hours(I fixed a few bugs in the original too)
Editor(s) used: WadED, WadAuthor, CLED, NWT and WARM Wadauthor used for merging the two maps. Copy all rocks me down!
Bugs: Should be bug free now...I hope

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Seriously flawed ! This was clearly not tested when the wads were merged ! No Exit and sector 396 had tag # 3 left in so acted as a door, like sector 19, meaning that sector 396 cannot be entered. Play artica intead, yet map 2 does not have an exit either ...x
some nice spots here and there, boring fights, unreachable switch, still bugs in there, could easly have been done better 2/5x

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