Title: Atrophy
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/atrophy.zip
Size: 581.84 KB
Date: 08/08/23
Author: Michal ''Lorenzo'' Kurowski
Description: Atrophy is a boom-compatible map which heavily focuses on atmosphere and exploration. It takes around 30 minutes to beat on first playthrough. Difficulty-wise it should be accessible to most players who've played pwads before, although it can kill you if you're not careful.
Credits: MAP01 Midi - Grandfather Clocktower by Viscra Maelstrom MAP02 Midi - The Infinite Labyrinth by Tristan Clark Title screen and intermission Midi - Lurking by Arsinikk Xaser's skybox from dead.wire Around 5 custom textures from cc4-tex Thanks to Biodegradable, LordEntr0py, GarretChan, CarmeloSantos for playtesting
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Way too long
Editor(s) used: Ultimate Doom Builder, Slade
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