Title: The Axix
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/axix.zip
Size: 200.77 KB
Date: 04/12/01
Author: Vedert
Description: Really big, really detailed level for Doom 2. The Axix is a tech base built by UAC for research and development. Unfortunately, it seems that some teleporter tests screwed up and now a portal is opened to some demonic temple. Your job? Clear the Axix of all demons, and find your way to the Temple. Once there, find a way to close the portal. Simple. Just try not to die....
Credits: ID Software (do I really need to say why?) Chaos:GrimReaper for playtesting The ongoing Doom community for keeping me interested in Doom
Base: New from scratch
Build time: About 3 months
Editor(s) used: DCK 3.62, compiled with BSP 2.3
Bugs: None
Rating: (7 votes)
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The map looks okay, if somewhat basic, but the gameplay is atrocious. Too many monsters, and not nearly enough ammo to fight them off with. Even if the player were given enough firepower, the fights are not very interesting anyway. 2/5x
Despite what anyone says, the pistol is not a fun weapon.x
I was not amused. It's large, but it seems like several smaller older levels jammed together. It starts poorly, with the player fighting through a couple of areas with a pistol, and then it grinds to a halt with a tedious Q-bert crate maze; and then there's a regular underground maze, with strobing lights, at which point I said to hell with it. The design is simple and old-fashioned with lots of copy and paste. There's lots of action, though.x
It's an ok level, there could have been some new monsters. 4 stars since I like demonic areas, hellish places, gothic etc.x

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