Title: The House of Pain II
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/b79hp2.zip
Size: 872.06 KB
Date: 09/18/01
Author: Berserker[79]
Description: Welcome to this new release of "House Of Pain 2". I have converted all the original maps to the Hexen format supported by ZDoom and added some "special effects" too. In some maps the design is still mostly that of the first release, so don't be surprised if some spots may look a bit dumb or too easy or even evidence of scarce editing ability... :) Other maps (e.g. MAP09) have undergone a better and wider process of enhacement. The maps i think were better "enhanced" are Map03 Map05 and Map09. Take a look at the README file to get more detiled info and to read the 'Mission Briefings' for each map.

Other info: single player levels. The setting can vary from hi-tech bases to hellish locations. Many open areas present. Each map can be completed independently from the others, but I'd reccomend the play them in the order.
Credits: id, Jim Flynn, Rick Clark and the authors of the editors and utilities used.
Base: All new from scratch.
Build time: Think a lot of time...
Editor(s) used: DEU II, DoomED "The real thing", WinDEU 5.99b1 and BSP 2.3 for the first release. Wadconv.exe, Patcher, Wintex 4.3 and ZETH 4.05 for ZDoom editing.
Bugs: Polyobject bleeding on Map01 and Map05 -Map01: right sliding polyobj door in room with 3 poly -Map05: red key locked sliding polyobj door Please, report them to me if you come across some other serious bugs, thanks.
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There are ten levels. I played the first; I played half of the first. It's a 1994/95-era map jazzed up with some ZDoom features - security cameras, underwater bits, ambient sounds etc. Nonetheless the layout and gameplay are pure 1994, tedious and square and undetailed. If only the author had spent more time learning how to make good-looking, entertaining levels, rather than learning about Zdoom.x

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