Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/bcmmm.zip
Size: 8.72 KB
Date: 12/29/03
Author: Bjarne Christensen (a.k.a Psykopatmullvad)
Description: No, this is not my first wad. I tried to realease another one way back in time. Called it Slime lab, but it had som lindef error, and was not really good.

This one is worse.

After getting my hand on those Mockery wads (yeah, Im late) I realised one thing. This is not real mockery! So I sat down by my Mac and started building this map. Tis is not wven worth to be called Mockery, It is that bad. This is how the mockery wads should have looked like. I rate this the worst map of all time.

If I get some mails prompting me, I could sit down making more of those lousy maps. But then, mail me.
Credits: Paul Davidsson for Hellmaker 1.2 beta 2; Pascal "gherkin" vd Heiden for Doom Builder 1.03; ID software for Doom and DOOMII.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: One day, max.
Editor(s) used: Hellmaker 1.2 beta 2 for the map Doom Builder 1.03 for finishing touches
Bugs: Well, the whole map :)
Rating: (3 votes)
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Why is it someone thinks they can get away with posting shit, as long as they call it a joke wad?x
Please stop making maps.. please. You suck, even when you try to make something coherent.x
Yawn. Thing is, Mock2 attempted to be funny, and sometimes succeeded. It even had some gameplay here and there. This has no such qualities.x

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