Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/bermuda.zip
Size: 226.47 KB
Date: 06/30/99
Author: Gregory Dick
Description: A Medium-large level based on an uncharted desert island in the Devil's Triangle. Focus is on single play action. E-mail me your thoughts!
Credits: ID Software, the good folks at ftp.cdrom.com, wad authors and doomers everywhere.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: About 2 and a half months of swearing...off and on.
Editor(s) used: Various map editing utilities Wintex 4.3 (Olivier Montanuy) Rmb 2.1 (Jens Hykkelbjerg) Adobe Photoshop 4.1
Bugs: !SAVEGAME BUFFER OVERRUN! You can play this level with the regular Doom2 v1.9 but you will not be able to save your game. Since saving is the most powerful weapon in any game...It would be wise to use an advanced Doom engine. I recommend Boom (specifically PRBoom for high res). You can download the Boom engine at this address: http://teamtnt.com Also, sky texture may not align correctly on Doom engines that allow the player to look up and down. Everything else seems fine.
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One of the earliest maps I ever played. Pretty good fun, if a bit flawed.x
too hard. not good. primitive texture 1/5x
The map dragged on slightly but overall was built very well. the crashed plane at the beginning - great touch.x
I remember playing this when it was new as a youngster. It's a damn fun and damn long map htat's aged well, play it and enjoy it. Small secret: Go to the dark tree stub to make the yellow key appear by the dead marine.x
liked except I wish the SSG wasn't 172/455 monsters inx
This is a hard and not good map. 3/5/07x

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