Title: Bill Gates: Icon of Sin
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/bgates.zip
Size: 116.49 KB
Date: 04/02/01
Author: Garth "Drat" Dunn
Description: Replaces the Icon of Sin with Bill Gates' severed head. Also changes several graphics used in Map 30. In addition there are three new alternate alert sounds for the Icon. This is version 1.1, as I have now added the dehacked patch into bgates.wad, so ZDoom users can just load the wad and ZDoom will load the patch automatically.
Base: Images from www.ihatebillgates.com, modified Id graphics, some original stuff (the disk drive).
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Paint Shop Pro 5, Goldwave, Wintex 4.3 and Dehacked 3.0a.
Bugs: There are some graphical problems in Map30 with the new graphics, but that is a symptom of the original level design.
Rating: (7 votes)
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The Borg Bill Gates in MARSWAR was much better.x
Yeah, it was stupid crap I made when I was younger and dumber. So sue me. And I can't help it if some third-party website disappears a few years after I uploaded this.x
Meh. Another map ranting windows...Next one!x
Lame. Just like above rants.x
Gates is a greedy dickhead just trying to monopolize the entire computer industry. Windows was nice at first, but ever since windows98, it has been utter crap. And now all this stupid XP shit, and Bill, even after a lawsuit, still trying to monopolize the entire computer industry. Anyways, this rules.x
Did not like it. 0 stars. Not to mention the fact that ihatebillgates.com doesn't work. Oh, and Bill Gates isn't a cheap skate like Britney Spears and those other music cheap heads. Gates DESERVES to be rich because he invented (or created to be more specific) Windows to enhance society and to help people live their daily lives. Britney Spears just sings some stupid music that some dumb people (called fanatics) give tons of their money to.x

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