Title: The Biovite Project v4.0
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/biovite4.zip
Size: 15.57 MB
Date: 10/20/06
Author: Milian
Description: The Biovite Project is a partial conversion. It contains four maps, plus new graphics, new sounds, new music and new monsters. It's Single Player only. This wad needs a current version of ZDoom (2.1.x). It is meant to be played with jumping disabled.

If you got stuck somewhere or need help or further information, have a look at http://www.milianmusik.de/doom

You'll notice, that the maps are becoming better in quality from map to map. This is because Biovite is a longterm project and my mapping skills are still growing. There's a difference of 2 years between starting of map 01 and finishing of map 04.
Credits: First of all: Martin for his big help with all the monster sprites. Thanks for all the fish, Martin! All my Doom friends for testing and their helpful comments. Special thanks for testing and discovering some bugs go to Vajje, Stew, angelus_04 and Belial. Danhen, Stew, Shark and Chip for their patience with the final test. The people who helped me with all the small problems in the ZDoom forums.

This wad contains some resources from other wads: - Tree sprites from grove.wad by B.P.R.D. - An ambient sound from contain.wad by J.C. Bengtson - Two texture patches (the rocks in outdoor areas and the fences in Map 01) from which I couldn't find out the origin - A lot of textures in map 03 and 04 from various sources, mainly from PlanetQuake
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: 6 months for each map
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder
Bugs: None. Note that in Maps 02 and 04, there are monsters (fishes in an aquarium) that can't be killed. They are decoration only. The finish of Map 02 and parts of Map 03, a greenhouse, tend to slow down the engine a bit due to many things and details.

In case you find a bug, don't hesitate to report it, so I can fix it in future versions. Thanks!
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