Title: Better Late Than Never.
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/bltn.zip
Size: 2.97 MB
Date: 07/25/06
Author: jetflock
Description: Note: TO BE PLAYED ONLY ON HURT ME PLENTY!!!This wad is harder than it looks, but its a good challenge. Save often if your a novice. I made this short map for Doomers. Began initially as a holiday map for the NewDoom Community. It was re-titled when real life got in the way of the original release-I also added more content because of this. Most textures in the wad are new and original, the ones(some sprites too) borrowed will be obvious. I wanted to put in a "guest star" sort of feeling.
Credits: .(looks neat)

Additional Credits to id software, Armadillo Aerospace(images), 3d Realms(images/content). All media is presented to celebrate doomy things-all in good humor. ===========================================================================
Base: From Scratch, everything homemade except id software(images), Armadillo Aerospace(images), 3d Realms(images/content).
Build time: 6 months?? on and off.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder. calculator. Photoshop. Wintex.
Bugs: /Issues I wouldn't trust playing the wad on a diff. port. Everything from the lighting, to the way legacy handles doom2 was considered in making this wad. Its an open map, I wouldn't run into any heavily armed areas without being "prepared" first. This map is rigged, lol. Map02---I like the ice the way it is. Due to the way the map is rendered I wouldn't go beyond and 8 player Deathmatch/Botmatch.

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Absolute vomit. If I could give negative stars, I would.x
5 stars - lengendaryx
It's pretty buggy, I played it with the latest version of Doom Legacy (1.42birthday version) and all the vehicles got Z-clipping issues between a vehicle texture and Shawn2. Aside from 3d floors and whatever you got, the wad feels pretty old. Something you could have found on one of those 1000 DOOM WADS cd's in 1995. 2/5 Kristusx
heh, seems hard at first, but once you understand how it works, its fun.x
The textures are clever and it reminds me of Redneck Rampage, although it's a snowy level. But it's awful really. A novelty, no fun to play, and indeed the fact it resembles Redneck Rampage or one of the Build engine games makes it seem older and less accomplished than good old Doom.x
Hmmmm i can't say too much about this wad but i do think it's cool 5 stars.x

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