Title: BLAZING FURY - The Last Stand Against Hell
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/blzfury.zip
Size: 697.66 KB
Date: 11/18/04
Author: MasterOFDeath
Description: This started out as just some random map I was making while bored for Xaser's weapons mod. Then, I showed it to some people, and they said continue it. I then decided to give it a storyline, and came up with this. Here is the story -

Its been 90 years since the human race first found out hell was real... that tragic day on Phobos... But, humans have succeeded. Yes, hell finally withdrew its army. It gave up. It all started to turn around 30 years after the war started when the world goverment permenantly shut down the UAC, they were just causing more and more problems. It was their fault. 5 years after the fall of the UAC, 5 long years, hell finally gave up.

It went back to where it came from, and has never been seen again... Now, years later, you, a W.G.A. Space Marine, has been assigned to guard a goverment base while everyone left it because of a radiation leak. You were ordered to patrol the outside of it. For 9 hours, nothing happened. Then, IT happened. Hell reinvaded, with stronger demons, better forces, and a vengance. You land your craft on the landing platform just outside the entrance to the base and rush in to see something like you have never seen before... you suddenly remember your training... it was an imp. You pull out your cobra and fire. You immediately radio command and tell them what happened. They run a CCFG scan and tell you something like you have never heard before... hell had used its own "Core of Evil" to open a new gateway, it was the only way they could with such little power they had left. If you find this "Core", it will end. All of it. Hell will truly be dead. ALL of evil will be eliminated over all time. Adam and Eve never would have never eaten that fruit... 9/11 would have never happened... The Holucaust would have never happened... and the tragic invasion of earth would have never happened... and you could make it happen. Command tells you that the Core is not far from your position, just across the lava river, the main teleporter could get you to it. Then, you should be able to destroy it, but you have been warned of heavy resistance and all that evil concentrated in one spot can make demons just... appear... out of nowhere, so you are warned to watch out. You step a little further into the base this time to find another imp... This is it, just like the man who survived Phobos and ended the earth invasion, only something much bigger. You inhale deeply and cock you gun.

God Speed marine.
Credits: Tons of people! Xaser for his wonderful weapons mod(s) ;P, Xaser and Destroyer for betatesting, Xaser for being such a good tracker ;), id software for DOOM, Randy for ZDoom, others...
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