Title: By the Pain I See In Others
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/bypain.zip
Size: 158.66 KB
Date: 05/09/04
Author: Patrik Höglund
Description: This is style-wise a mix of the traditional mountain military base, the generic sewage processing facility and the weird off-world alien base, to put it bluntly. This is the conceptual mix of many weird ideas assimilated during a long time. There are huge, open areas with large battles as well as tight infighting in small dark corridors. I even put in some things that I usually consider to be evil and wrong, such as crusher mazes, jumping puzzles and, god forbid, a sequence where you run from cover to cover while being shot at from a distance by a cyber- demon you don't have enough ammo to take down.

Oh, by the way: Try to get 100% kills on this map. I haven't succeeded myself, but I'm pretty sure it can be done. Really.
Credits: Sunes Gatukök.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Long, it's a large level.
Editor(s) used: DCK
Bugs: I didn't bother to fix all the misaligns. Look away if you see one.
Rating: (17 votes)
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