Title: Combat Shock 2
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/c-shock2.zip
Size: 8.29 MB
Date: 10/24/12
Author: Daniel "dannebubinga" Jakobsson
Description: 7 new slaughtermaps. Hard enough to turn you into a combat wounded veteran. Use pr/gl-boom+ for best performance. Complevel 9 or die!
Credits: Big thanks goes out to:

-Phml and j4rio for playtesting like crazy.

-gggmork, Nevan and ancalagon for playtesting some more.

-darkreaver for being overall awesome and kind.

-Grain of salt (where the hell are you anyway buddy?) for the status bar.

-Primeval for letting me use his awesome midi

music credits:

Map01: tnt - map10 Map02: From: vile flesh - map18 by...? Map03: Primeval - Stigmatism Map04: Descent - d_cent06 Map05: Resident Evil - The joy of life Map06: plutonia map32 Map07: Kevin Schilder -- "E2M4", from Heretic. Resident evil 2 save room music

Texture credits:

Afterglow, CC4-tex (by various peeps), q1-tex and myself for the yellow sky in map 04 & 05.

Sprite credits:

Zombie skin by Bouncy

Shotgunner skin by Ghastly_dragon

Green chaingunner skin by TheDarkArchon
Base: New from scratch
Build time: On and off for 10 months
Editor(s) used: Doom builder 2, slade 3, doom word, paint, photoshop, whacked
Bugs: Some mis-alignments here and there
Rating: (54 votes)
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