Title: Contaminant Containment Control
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/c3.zip
Size: 662.99 KB
Date: 08/05/22
Author: Lucius Wooding
Description: This is a non linear, standalone Doom 2 map which I made as my first project to try and learn the editor. It is designed with close to vanilla gameplay in mind; I recommend no mods, freelook, or altered monster collision but that is up to the player. I also recommend software lighting mode since some areas can go from nice looking to pitch dark on OpenGL. Use what settings are needed to see if the second room is too dark, I don't judge but it may affect the aesthetics. It's certainly not the darkest map out there. My inspiration was partly from Doom's Episode 2, particularly map 4 but in general there's a mix of hellish, techbase, and abstract areas. I also had played the early maps of Sunlust and Going Down prior to this; the latter's texture usage was something of an influence since I stuck with vanilla textures. I didn't build it to have the sort of grand architecture and scale of some maps, but the geometry is mostly pretty detailed and I'm happy with the looks and some of the visual signposting motifs. The music was simply a solid midi version of one of the more fitting DKC tracks, mostly a courtesy to those who got tired of hearing D_RUNNIN like I did when playtesting it. A bit of an afterthought, but it still bangs. It's roughly a 15-30 minute map to UV max and I'd consider it somewhat difficult but certainly not beyond the skill of most players familiar with custom maps. Personally I tend to struggle with the hardest maps of popular megawads on UV and I don't like to map beyond my own skill level, though difficulty can be very subjective. After the initial chaos, you'll find yourself on the edge of a large slime pit with several paths to explore. You'll need to find all 3 keys and activate a pair of switches each to unlock the exit. This can be done in any order and I encourage trying various routing strategies, especially for replay value. Resources are spread out to pressure the player into contested territory. There is ample healing, but limited mostly to stimpacks; this allows for recovery but makes mega health precious and sometimes difficult to hold onto. Combined with some high damage monsters, this means deciding when to use powerups and the order in which you do things can make a big difference. Usually there are multiple viable strategies for each fight, and features designed to help the crafty player out. Secrets are fairly rewarding and not too difficult to find for the observant player, since they all appear on the map. Several non secret areas and little easter eggs are also here for those who enjoy exploring. Lovers of doomcute and tasteful visual details based around vanilla textures will be pleased, as I spent a fair amount of time learning to utilize them. Lastly, thank you for playing. I encourage you to try getting the keys in various orders since the experience can be very different and unique. I also would love to hear questions and thoughtful criticisms about the fights or any rookie mistakes I may have made in the process of creating this thing. Either do so on doomworld/idgames, or in the forum thread I'll start once this is uploaded. Also feel free to distribute as long as credit is given; I don't really know where else to post it since I'm new to the community but I'm happy if more people get a chance to play it.

EDIT: I updated a few minor things such as placing an extra rocket launcher, making progression a bit clearer, and preventing sequence breaks on the red and yellow switches.
Credits: The Ultimate Koopa, arranger of the midi David Wise, original composer My IRL homie who helped beta test it
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Roughly one month, mostly just learning the editor, polishing and embellishment
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder
Bugs: -A couple slime trails are likely in places, depending on your source port.

-For limit removing ports only, since there are sure to be visplane overflows in a number of places, as well as other such issues.

-Use software lighting mode or adjust gamma as needed, as some OpenGL settings can be quite dark.

-The yellow and red switches by the keys could be triggered from the ground level but now have thin walls that should block them.
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