Title: Medieval Castle (release 5)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/castle3.zip
Size: 91.57 KB
Date: 03/03/14
Author: Christopher Bazley
Description: Yet another medieval/castle type level. Quite a small level, which started as an experiment to show off my new flaming torch graphics. You must infiltrate the castle (which is obviously infested with monsters), and escape using the boat in the boathouse at the rear. Note that due to restrictions in Doom (rather than my imagination!), not all the castle may be explored. In other words, not all doors may be opened. As usual with my WADs, Ultra-violence is pretty tough going, and only recommended for veterans. Deathmatch was tested with 2 players (lots of sniping). Cooperative play is untested. This file was originally distributed (via my web site) as CASTLE.WAD but later renamed to avoid conflicting with another file in the idgames archive. It is NOT related to the deathmatch map named CASTLE3.WAD.
Credits: Pascal vd Heiden (author of Doom Builder) Anthony J. Burden & Simon Oke (authors of the Doom Editor for Total Headcases) Lee Noar (for porting DETH to RISC OS) Eddie Edwards & R-Comp Interactive (for the RISC OS port of Doom) Justin Fletcher (for Doom+ and DoomGFX) Alex Macfarlane Smith (for DoomWAD application) Id Software for creating Doom II
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Getting the towers and spiral staircases exactly right took many hours. So did ensuring that all the castle architecture was realistic.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder Deth v3.92 (RISC OS port v1.00) DoomWAD v1.02 DoomGFX 1.02 Paint 1.84 (Acorn Computers) Dazzle 1.11 (Silica Software) The Big Picture 1.10
Bugs: Does not require a limit-removing source port but there is a bug in vanilla Doom with loading of patch sprites - you have to replace all of them for Doom to work right. If you are afflicted by this bug (and you can be bothered) you need to get hold of Olivier Montanuy's DeuSF utility in order to merge the new torch and fire graphics. Alternatively, if you are using Chocolate Doom then specify the PWAD file using -merge instead of -file.
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Quite short map. Architecture: simple, just a very small castle, nothing special. Monster placement is not very good. Secrets are not worth the name. Gameplay: not really fun, and absolutely no challenge @ UV. Sorry, I just didn't like it in almost any aspect: 2/5.x
Pretty fun 4/5x
a short ok map with a cute ending 3.5/5x
Short, decent lighting, and alright design. Not very bad enemy placement, but not great. I did get a bit of a laugh at the Baron's placement, simply because I ran past him and was killed a few seconds later. Overall, not bad. The length could have been better, but, it was fine, none-the-less. 3-5 - K12x

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