Title: Etude in Blood
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/cg_blood.zip
Size: 333.82 KB
Date: 11/30/10
Author: Charliegrolsch
Description: You'll be swimming in blood ! Activate 17 skulls to gain access to main gate. There, an army of imps (supported by some cacos) will attack you. Slaughter them all before you can access the exit.

This is my first released map. It was originally intended to be a small map, but then it grew a bit bigger then planned...

Includes a small intro and some scripting.
Credits: As usual, id Software, ZDoom, DoomBuilder, ... and of course... YOU
Base: New from scratch
Build time: about one week of hard work
Editor(s) used: DoomBuilder 2.1
Bugs: None
Rating: (9 votes)
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I'm finished this but those water/blood pools slows me down and annoying me, well, it's not a bad level, it use ZDooM shit well, not bad. But switch hunting and slow blood walking make me feel a little sick and boring... : 2.5/5 -playerlinx
I disappointed..x
DOOM is fun because it's an extremely fast-paced action game. Being stuck in water (or blood) and being slowed down, thus, makes it less fun. It's not a bad level for a first WAD, but I couldn't motivate myself to play it for more than 8 or 10 minutes before quitting.x
Well... good. Most of the level is spent in ppols of blood, making gameplay extremely frustrating. Also ZDoom was used well, there were bugs like sergeants stuck in the ground. The base is finding 17 switches which is almost impossible due to the slow movement. I will say that you did good for your first released map... so ***.x
i enjoyed this alot more than that guy. i would give this 4 stars but since this isnt getting any love ill give it 5x
Almost entirely done in wood/metal textures, rather symmetrical overall, and requiring you to dive underwater to find many tunnels, making navigation confusing. You'll spend almost the entire map at least partially submerged in swimmable blood, slowing down the action. Gameplay is a literal switch hunt, forcing you to find over 17 switches, usually with no idea what they do. I got bored and quit before finishing. Try again, Charlie! 1/5x

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