Title: The Chaos Project ver 1.52b (b as in Boom:)
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/chaosprj.zip
Size: 1.21 MB
Date: 06/11/98
Author: Jonathan D Campbell
Base: New levels built from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor by Williston Consulting - Map Editor DeuTex by Olivier Montanuy - Resource Injection BSP 2.3 by Lee Killough - Nodes & Blockmap Corel Photo Paint 5plus - Graphics Microsoft Paint - Graphics Passport Rhapsody - Musics Voyetra MIDI Orchestrator Plus - Musics Midi2Mus by Unknown - Music conversion (From .mid to .mus) Creative WaveStudio - Sound
Bugs: None that I am aware of, thanks to Boom.
Rating: (13 votes)
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I'm liking this!x
Ignore the first two "reviews" - this is a decent wad.x
Ah, it's not bad.x
How to build maps without any imagination and any talent? Well... you obtain Chaosprj!!! Some areas are correctly built, but the gameplay is one of the worst that I have ever seen for a megawad. There is pretty no gameplay (at least, monsters are appearing here and there without any purpose, and the architecture is not here to help it). My note: 2/5, but I give a 0 to balance, because it don't deserve a 3/5, the actual note (and I don't spoke about the incredible bugs). - Jivex
crap levels x

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