Title: Congest Hollow Wax
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/chw.zip
Size: 128.06 KB
Date: 08/24/08
Author: Jonathan Dean
Description: Created for those who enjoy a real challange. Ammo and life is really tight. Use your fists when you can, save ammo for when you need it. Save often, there are traps.
Base: New from scratch, includes sections from a map I previously uploaded here.
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Several nicely big designed areas with good texture choices, real challenge with the teleporting monsters hords near the end and great fun. Really liked this one. 5/5 - Optimusx
It looks very old, because of the light level. Try to use level 150 more often next time and you will have a better level, if you include a few light sources with level 250 at the same time.x
You vs 472 monsters in an old-fashioned techbase with no overt source port features. It feels like a big level from 1996, just the wrong side of crude (I got stuck near the beginning after a one-way door). Gameplay no bad fun in a retro way. You get a berzerk pack right at the start and the difficulty is mellow; you can just run through the final battle and entire last section. Irritatingly, it's filled with wall sections that look like secrets, but aren't.x
Well, it wasn't that hard. I didn't need to save and my health was generally high. This is because the enemies generally come from the front - quite easy to deal with. But I liked it a lot regardless. 4/5 from me.x

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