Title: Commander Keen 2.5D: The Quest for Spot's Collar Alpha Test Release
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/ck25da.zip
Size: 11.03 MB
Date: 05/30/09
Author: William Elliott Waterman (VikingBoyBilly/PaganRaven)
Description: This zip file includes two pk3's: Q4CollarAlpha.pk3 and KEENDATA.pk3. Be sure to load them both in order to play correctly (run GZDOOM from a command line rather than trying to drag and drop them both in)

This is a game for the GZDOOM Source port using the Universal Doom Map Format (UDMF). All content in the game is entirely new, so it may be possible to run this with an Iwad other than doom2.wad, but I never really experimented with it so just be safe with doom2.wad.

This game stars Commander Keen of old-school PC sidescrolling fame and his friend Marta as they explore planet Gloogulus Prime searching for Spot's stolen collar before he gets put to sleep in an intergalactic alien pound. You get a basic neural stunner for a weapon and you can jump pretty high. There's also very little wind resistance so you have great control in the air as well. Gloogulus's gravity also keeps you airborne for a slightly longer period of time than that of Earth's. You cannot drown, so don't worry about being under the yellow water for too long.

Like the original Commander Keen games, you can make use of a Pogo (or in Marta's case Moon Shoes) to let you jump even higher. You can go into pogo mode by pressing alt-fire, so make sure you have that key configured to something. Try it out, it's quite fun. You can get out of pogo mode by pressing altfire again or by pressing fire (but doing the latter will use up a stun charge)

You can collect candy for points and 100 purple fruits for a 1up but at this early stage of development they are meaningless.

Oh, and one more thing: Like the original Commander Keen games, you have only ONE HIT POINT! So watch your back out there ;)

************************************ *|================================|* *|-------------STORY:-------------|* *|================================|* ************************************

The year is 1991. After finally killing his arch-nemesis, Mortimer McMire, during an epic clash that would decide that would decide the fate of the Universe, nine-year old boy genius Billy Blaze, AKA Commander Keen, continues to work diligently in his lab. Commander Keen has gone on many more interstellar adventures since he saved the Universe. Some of which are more believable than others.

One day Billy was playing fetch with his pet yorp Spot. He accidently threw the stick into the thick bushes in his neighbor's yard. "Wait here while I go get it boy" Billy said to spot just before he went to retrieve it. But before Billy could dive into the bushes, he felt something heavy land on top of him and he hit the ground. "Tag, you're it!" It was Marta, the annoying girl who just moved into this house with her family a few weeks ago. Marta is new in the neighbor hood and they've been having playdates because their moms thought it would be a good idea. But Marta doesn't quite get that Billy doesn't enjoy her company. Or perhaps she understands perfectly and gets entertainment from annoying him. Marta has an IQ of 313 and a laboratory of her own, and Billy secretly resents the fact that someone else is around who can rival his intelligence. But she is by far better to have around than Mortimer McMire.

"Is this what you're looking for?" Marta grabs the stick before Billy can grasp it. "I don't get what the big deal is." So she threw it on the roof. Billy was steaming mad and chased after her, but she kept running a step ahead of Billy because he was 'it' and she wanted to prove how long she could go without being tagged back. She climbed into a tree, but Billy used his pogo to land on the branch just above her and tagged her back. "Now can I have my stick back?" "Okay, but I don't see how it's better than any other old twig." Marta strapped on her super moon shoes that she found while exploring the moon's craters and jumped on the roof. She threw the stick down to Billy and he ran back to his own yard with it.

"Spot! Here boy!" But spot wasn't there. Billy found a slip in spot's doghouse printed in Standard Galactic Alphabet: "Due to an illegal lack of owner identification, the Galactic Animal Control Association has impounded the yorp found on this planet. If the owner wishes to claim official custody of this animal, please come to the Galactic Pound Station with a collar and tag identifying ownership of this creature before he is put to sleep." Billy screamed in a fit of rage: "But Spot had his collar on!" At that moment Billy noticed the alien ion tracker was blinking. Billy flipped on the display and it showed him a flying saucer that hovered above spot for a brief moment, beamed the collar off his eye-stalk, and flew away with it. Then a second, completely different spacecraft came, beamed Spot aboard, and left a note under the doghouse. "All this happened while chasing after Marta!?"

Billy could just walk down to the local pet shop and buy a new collar, but he was short $1.39 and he didn't want to explain to his mom that his dog is an alien and other aliens stole his collar. So Billy decided to chase after the aliens that took Spot's collar and bring it back to the Galactic Pound Station. The ion trail left by the aliens that came recently led to planet Gloogulus Prime in the Gloog system. Billy hopped on board the Bean-with-Bacon-Megarocket, put it on auto-pilot, and sat back to play a few million rounds of paddle wars because the Gloog system was in another galaxy and it was going to be a long ride. But just as he was a hundred thousand lightyears from Sol he heard a noise in the back engine room. He opened the door to find Marta cramped in the back space. "I saw what happened to your dog while we were playing tag. I always wanted to see the Gloog system, so I thought I'd tag along" Billy was furious, but turning back now would set his trip back too far, so he had to deal with it.

After a very long and annoying ride for Billy which didn't end with him breaking his all-time high-score on paddle-war like he hoped, the Bean-With-Bacon-Megarocket finally settled and landed on Gloogulus Prime. When Billy looked over to the end of the nearby bridge, he noticed an exit sign written in Standard Galactic Alphabet. But this is not the Milky Way Galaxy. How could whoever lives here possibly know SGA? And why would they want to steal Spot's collar? Billy and Marta step out of the Bean-With-Bacon-Megarocket to search for clues behind this mystery...
Credits: CodeImp for giving me DoomBuilder II to make this with =D
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Around six months (but it's not like I was working round the clock every day)
Editor(s) used: DoomBuilder II, SLumpEd, Photoshop, MSPaint, FLStudio, GoldWave
Bugs: - Once in a while the game totally gargs when using the pogo/moon shoes. I have no idea how to get around this. But it's only occasional, so just be careful when jumping around. - Getting 100 fruits does not give you an extra life, it just stays at 100 and you can't get any more fruit Bloody - Right now all the aliens only have a front-side angle. This isn't so much a "bug" as it is incompleteness. I'll finish them up someday (But some of them aren't even necessary) - The pogo functions wonderfully on solid floor, but using it on top of objects will not allow you to do a pogo jump. This is because the pogo states are programmed to make you jump up when the difference between the player's z height and the floor beneath is zero, and because objects are above the floor, you are still above the floor when you land on them Dead Again.
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Better than allot of other wadsx
Oh my fuck, you should totally do this. It's like blending Dr. Seuss with Doom. This would be an awesome acid-trip like Mock 2: the speed of stupid. You have my support. 5/5x
I really dislike this.x
I gotta say this is pretty good, there are some kinks but since this is alpha, I can assume they will be fixed.x
One of the most creative and interesting ideas I've seen in ZDoom in a long time. The art style doesn't give quite the same feel as Tom Hall's original creation, but it's close enough. Only one map, but it's enough to demonstrate the concept. I hope to see more in the future. 5/5 --Wooliex

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