Title: Castle Of Eternal Carrot In The Sky
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/coecits.zip
Size: 394.92 KB
Date: 06/21/01
Author: Fredrik Johansson
Description: The background to this level is weird... just like the level itself. I had a dream about a very weird Doom level, and when I woke up I remembered the level almost exactly. I couldn't resist building the thing, and here it is... :) As I said, this is almost exactly like in the dream, but I had to make some changes because of engine limits (no RoR etc), design improvements and input from the testers.
Credits: All the people who tested the level, with special thanks to: * Opulent * Chrozoron, the norwegian beotch * Adam Hegyi, god of Doom * Adam Williamson, also god of Doom * Cocoon * Ebola * Tarin * Maonth, because if I don't give him credit, he'll be pissed. * All you who didn't get credit And of course id for Doom, SBSoftware for DeepSea and the authors of the other tools i used. Thanks also goes to Simon "Fraggle" Howard for indirectly inspiring me to the title of this WAD. Mewse. And of course Doomworld.
Base: New level from scratch, my weird dreaming 5k1llz0rz
Build time: Approx. 10 hours, testing and fixing excluded, maybe 25 total (Yeah, it takes time. And I must have spent 10 hours just running around in the level when being bored. But hey, that's fun :)
Editor(s) used: DeepSea 10.20b dammit :) WinTex for WAD editing XWE for WAD editing
Bugs: Yes, the following bugs are known: * Horizontal streaks in the sky (because of a rendering bug in Doom that prevents you from setting up double skies.) Unfixable. * Vertical streaks in the sky (aka slime trails. bad, bad, bad). * Sound bug when passing a silent teleporter (afaik unfixable) * Eventual visual bug with invuln/idbeholdl or very high gamma level when using silent teleporter (could be fixed, but who cares? =) * Very rarely, invisible ceilings caused problems in beta versions. Should be fixed. * Lags (Solution: upgrade yo comp).
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