Title: Escape to Corvus
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/corvus.zip
Size: 1.62 MB
Date: 09/07/09
Author: Brad O'Dell
Description: A sixteen level adventure for single player or coop. Deathmatch starts are included and the levels should at least be functional for this mode. Anyway, the story is that after the alien invasion, you were one of many people trying to make it to Earth's starport to escape the onslaught. The ship is destined for the Corvus base on a moon of Jupiter.
Base: New levels from scratch.
Build time: This project spent over 11 years on my hard drive in some incomplete state or other before I finally finished it.
Editor(s) used: *First, DCK 3.62. When I started this in about 1997, I was still using DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 *Second, WinDEU 5.24. When I started using Windows 98, I wanted to use an editor that did not require rebooting the computer. Also, DCK had a nasty bug where it would crash when saving the level. *Third, I used the WadAuthor trial version. *Fourth, Yadex 1.70. When I switched to Linux, I wanted an editor that would run natively in it. This environment was BY FAR the most stable for editing levels. I NEVER had Yadex crash, and I probably ended up doing more than half of the total work on the WAD this way. *WinTex for adding the graphics. Unfourtunately, it is not available for Linux, but it runs well under Wine. *bsp4linx for node building. I marked sectors used for the doortracks and windowframes with tag 900, so that they would not be split. This insures that solid glsss windows and transparent doors will appear perfectly most of the time on non-GL source ports. There is still a tiny area on MAP14 that I can't fix. On level 15, I had to set the "factor" parameter to 6 to fix all of the windows. On levels 15 and 31, this factor setting also fixed major visual disturbances. GIMP: for putting the title screen and level name text pics together.
Bugs: The solid glass windows may look weird depending on the source port used. On GL newer ports, if the windows go east-west, the inside edges may show a gap as if no texture was applied. This is a GL nodes building bug and will have to be fixed in the source port. I used the same method for transparent doors as on TNT Evilution level 21.
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On the contrary, I think there's honor and goodness in this taking so many years and still coming to fruition. x
Sad to think that it took 11 years to make this.....x
walk on the dark lava? how?x
Some of the blandest levels I've seen in recent memory. None of them are outright terrible, but none of them are memorable, either. Probably the best map in this set is the Marble Mall, but it's still not very impressive.x
Okay for a quick blast but I began to get bored after a while.x
But none of them are really that great.x
The levels get more advanced as you progress.x

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