Title: The Corrupt Priest
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/crpt_p.zip
Size: 304.48 KB
Date: 04/25/01
Author: Gray Lancer (Jon Washburn)
Description: (This is the sequel level to "Sacrifice in Blood")
Credits: Id Software, for making Doom. The creators of WinDEU. The author of WARM. The author of Wintex. The authors of ZDoom and Doom Legacy.

Base: Completely new level from scratch.
Build time: I wasn't counting on this one. We'll just say "a long time".
Editor(s) used: WinDEU 32, Wintex, MIDI2MUS, WARM
Bugs: Not a bug, but there is one odd-looking lighting thing. You'll know it if you see it. Also, due to the complexity of this level and such and such, it will crash regular vanilla Doom 2 like a cheap car, so play with a source port.

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Getsu Fune
there are some really strange graphical glitches in this otherwise cool level.x
Basically a number of teleport-connected islands and about 400 fireball throwers. Layout, texture use and decoration are simple and repetitive. As is the gameplay @ UV: played it for 15 minutes, then I was so bored by its repetitiveness and the little progression that I gave up. 3/5 because of the effort. BTW some huge HOMs.x
pretty coolx
^ you are correct. The bases of floating pillars appear as huge visual bugs in latest ZDoom. Gray Lancer has to fix that. 1/5x
WTF?!? This wad is full of huge halls of mirror bugs! No stars for this turd!x
The level consists of 8 or 9 platforms you can reach either via jumping or by using a teleport hall. Layout is great. Gameplay is ok but it could have been great if a better monster mix had been used. (ex an archvile on the smallest platform). coldfusiox
This is an impressively large and complex level, with hundreds of baddies and lots of action. It's one of those epics where you wander about aimlessly a lot, shooting things, but it's entertaining. Against it, I hated the inescapable drops - the level is supposed to hang in a void, but it doesn't look right when you fall. And the wide open spaces meant that I kept being killed by crossfire from the other side of the map; you have to dodge behind cover and wait for thirty seconds all the time.x

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