Title: The first official weapons pack of Team UnNamed!
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/ct-tun1.zip
Size: 3.47 MB
Date: 03/07/05
Author: Chronoteeth
Description: Team UnNamed's first official weapons pack. The next pack will be the last 1.28 weapons mod, and it will be even better than this one. Oh yeah, this one has alt fire and reloading! And please play this on UV, it is a bit unbalanced. Now for weapons.

On key 1: two weapons. Now you have a weak fast fist and the strong, slow mighty boot for alt fire. The Buzzsaw is a faster chainsaw.

Key 2: two weapons. You get a glock with an 18 round clip and a three round, less powerful (but more accurate{?}) alt fire. You also get the rotator revolver, a neat relvolver with no alt.

On key 3: two weapons. You get the incatha, a six shelled, fast loading, powerful shotgun, but it does have a small spread. Next is the elephant gun, it's a slow loading breech loader, with only 5 damage per pellet. Oh, did I mention it shoots 175 pellets? (note, due to these guns and their power, shotgun ammo and gun pick ups give you less ammo.)

On key 4: two weapons. You get a nifty russian SMG called the klobb. It's weak, but it has a 4 pellet spead and a 40 round clip, no alt. Second is the Z63, a 30 round, powerful assault rifle with a quick, accurate (but weak) 3 round burst for an alt fire.

On key 4: two guns. You have a cool plasma gun that has a spread speed shot, and a powerful but slow alt fire. You also have a sweet gun called the shell launcher. It has an accurate, plain missle, and a powerful lob missle (good for shooting over fences and stuff) and a pretty adverage reloading speed.

On key 6: one gun. You get the zodiac, a missle launcher that launches 50 dum dum rockets. Nuff' said.

Enjoy the mod, oh, did I mention you can also play this with doom 1? Heh, have fun!
Credits: Wild weasle, xaser, nmn, corey whittle, the GD64 team, daniel, tomb raider (love that game series and the level editor!), spray, edward, MOD, scuba steve, various other sources that I probly forgot.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 2 weeks
Editor(s) used: XWE, MSpaint, photoshop, notepad
Bugs: The zodiac has a flash that continues on if you do not have 50 missles, so please only fire it when you have 50 missles. Oh, and the plasma gun's plasma fire may be a bit mis-aligned with the gun when moving fast.
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PWNT! I loved this wad and will play it again! wait for it- CT-TUN2 Random Clan Man Dude (aka YNI, you stupid name thief named Your Name Is)x
Not much of an Edge fan, but this set is pretty good, but where's the TXT file. ARCHIVES VIOLATION... or not, otherwise it wouldn't be here :D. -cyber-menacex
Okay, no offense or anything, but did you guys even play this? Chronoteeth has to be the most improved weapon modder ever, starting with crap_mod and releasing something like this now. The mod itself is quite good, and my only complaint is that the DDFs and stuff are outside the wad, but come on, it's just one extra parameter on the command line. Are you all really that lazy? Okay, sorry for the rant, but oh well. 5 stars from me, becuase it doesn't suck. :P -Xaserx
I feel that this is an okay WAD, but as Team UnNamed moderator, I, Your Name Is, do not feel that this represents the best of our skills.x
Way to go Chrono for ripping graphics without permission, heh.x
DDF's externally, check. Includes backups, check. bad balancing, check. Grahpics you were told not to rip, check. *x

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