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Entryway Redux
A very quick, simple remake of Doom 2s Entryway level...Date:08/14/22
Size:1.31 MB
Author:King Haight

Doom II: Dark World [v1.0]
Replay the original eleven maps from Doom II in a more hellish, harder state. Made from scratch while referring to the original maps....Date:01/08/18
Size:1.04 MB
Author:J2DG Team

DOOM 2: EVOLVED (Version 1.2 Doomworld Release)
A remake of the first 3 levels of Doom 2: Hell on Earth, designed for GZDoom 1.1.6+. Features up to 10 times the detailing of the original levels plus Quake lighting, reflective floors, ACS scripting etc etc. Although it is a remake (from scratch, ...Date:02/01/09
Size:3.08 MB
Author:Dave Billing

A remake of the first 3 levels of Doom 2: Hell on Earth, designed for GZDoom 1.1.6+. Features up to 10 times the detailing of the original levels plus Quake lighting, reflective floors, ACS scripting etc etc. Although it is a remake (from scratch, ...Date:11/30/08
Size:3.07 MB
Author:Dave Billing

Doom2 Meets Zdoom
A doom2 remake wad a few friends and i made. Each map is made from scratch and is extended with beefed up detail. We ended up canceling the project because people didnt seem to support it all that much. We spent a long time on the maps and didnt want...Date:05/14/12
Size:19.12 MB

Doom 2: Reimagined
A reimagination of levels MAP 01 to MAP 07 of DOOM II by me...Date:07/13/12
Size:232.81 KB

Doom 2 Tournament 2534 Extended Edition
Size:256.29 KB
Author:George Locmel

Doom 2 Tournament 2534
Size:197.35 KB
Author:George Locmel

Doom 3: Primary Exavation Site
This is a map for Doom 2 made with the 256 color version of the new "Doom 3 for Doom 2 Textures" WAD....Date:03/23/18
Size:24.42 MB
Author:Fenes Octavian - Romulus

Redemption Denied
The Redemption Denied expansion for the Doom64 TC, which also comes with the Outcast levels. This is the standalone zip file version....Date:07/26/09
Size:3.73 MB
Author:Steven Searle (Agent Spork made Map01)

Crushing fear
This is a Doom 64 map for Doom 2. It uses Doom 64 weapons, sprites and enemy's, this was suppose to be for snipers Doom 64 II: The Rising project but things changed a little so i am releasing this map as a standalone map. There are 2 files, the wa...Date:08/09/08
Size:3.35 MB

Doom 64: The Reckoning
A 9-map mission pack for the Doom64tc...Date:05/09/08
Size:1.74 MB
Author:Steven Searle

Deimos Abandoned Base #79
Very large base. Mostly non-linear gameplay. You will get lost. You will have to navigate, explore and survive. You might run out of ammo. You might need to search for health. It will be tough, intimidating and overwhelming. It will feel like you are...Date:07/04/17
Size:7.54 MB
Author:Peter Moro

Doom - The Arcade Game Phobos Bonus Level 2 - You Sunk My Battleship!
Sink some battleships, uh, I mean imps on battleships. The captain always goes down with his boat, but in this case the reverse is true. Kill the imp captains and the ships will sink....Date:04/04/02
Size:37.96 KB
Author:Ethan Watson aka GooberMan

Come to Daddy V2
It's an easier version of Come to Daddy, with less enemies and more places to hide. I also enhanced the brightness of the first room, and solved the bug problem of the skull doors....Date:07/14/22
Size:40.75 KB

Daffodils is a single level pk3 made in a week, practicing on a pk3 features and etc. I decided to set a goal, to make a map in a week(yeah, i hate myself) It doesn't look very good, but I tried my best.I can�t say that it turned out to be a ba...Date:06/22/22
Size:6.55 MB
Author:Russin22 (russin)

Tyson's Delight
2 berserk-oriented maps made in different times: MAP01 "F****** Metal!" (Nov. 2015): A short map with bricks and rusty metal, some of the original textures are been changed with some new placeholders, because i had to use WadMangle since Slade3 g...Date:05/10/16
Size:175.84 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

The art of recycling gifts
A compilation of various maps made for different occasions during the last years, but never released officialy. Maps also had some slightly changes from the original Here's a short summary of the maps in this wad: MAP01: a 2 hour speedmap i've ...Date:02/16/15
Size:542.62 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Citadel of mental abstraction: a Chris Wright Tribute?
Ok, this is another tribute map for a mapper which marked this year, as like as gama-dm (gamarra) and ruba's daffieduk.wad remake, this time our champion is the unstoppable speedmapper Chris Wright. I made this following his own mapping canons (abstr...Date:06/08/10
Size:229.84 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Running trought the ices
I know it. This wad sucks. Altought this is a "speedmapping of 120 minutes" (plus some time waste on "detailing" and get few new textures here and there), this IS the fail on Doom Advent Calendar 2009 Edition. And since DAC looks to be a dead project...Date:02/02/10
Size:627.82 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Ultimate Vines Docking Flesh Temple
Random short maps originally based upon "daily bite size mapping" speed mapping sessions by fuzzballfox made in zdoom forums some months ago, and also posted inside doomworld forums after 3\4 days of inactivity... Enchanted the outdoors and erased ...Date:12/08/10
Size:74.18 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

silly arena map in the style of slough of despair...Date:12/06/15
Size:36.9 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

a bunch of old maps mixed up,some released some not, all with "better" designing and detailing cliches....Date:09/27/10
Size:990.89 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Party Base
A tiny tech level made for Mr Chris birthday......Date:05/17/14
Size:685.08 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

The Healer Stalks
A map based upon the music track title "The Healer Stalks", is a knee-deep like short techbase where the monsters (well, almost all the monsters), guns and ammo are shown in the main course of the wad, while health and items appears when closets open...Date:12/12/21
Size:50.54 KB
Author:Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

Once upon a time in Doom Universe
In the spirit of "special Squad Cobra 11" and "Return to Deimos Shityard", Here's a bunch of cute, insane and WTF speedmapping short maps. This time the timelimit i decided to use is 2 weeks, so i can used more eye-candy and more new features!...Date:10/05/08
Size:2.14 MB
Author:Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

Daisy's Revenge
Designed to be used with Brutal Doom but not required. Features a hub, cut scenes, bunnies and an story line....Date:04/06/20
Size:17.3 MB
Author:P.Hildebrandt aka Popeye

WTF is killer colours
A failed attempt on speed mapping for a.s.s. vol 5, googling around for searching about this killing colours thing, it appears the girl showed in this wad walls. In the end, it resulted a nuts.wad clone with some killer colours concept in it (i mea...Date:05/17/14
Size:143.21 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Return on Deimos Shityard
A total WTF (failed) Speedmapping Map-Pack in e2 style, much better than that first speedmapping crap i did long time ago. This one contains some cool features like new titlepic, a "b4rnd gnu m0nts3r" and new music. It contains also a map i did in th...Date:06/10/08
Size:306.55 KB
Author:Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

A 3 level set. These levels were made years ago, and never released. They've been cleaned up somewhat, added to, and made BOOM 'aware'. There are some texture mis-alignments. But fixing them would mean reworking the levels in some spots and I decided...Date:06/24/98
Size:229.98 KB

Short Dance at Iris Base
//*******// Short straightforward map, which can be completed in a few minutes. //*****//...Date:05/01/17
Size:50.09 KB
Author:Carlos Lastra

Dances with Hellspawn
Network of halls with a sort of Dungeons and Dragons feel....Date:03/04/12
Size:2.98 MB
Author:David J Finnamore

Marble Halls
A pretty small level with mixed styles. You start out in some green marble halls and continue on to dangerous caverns. Be sure to look for the radiation suit before going after the red key....Date:10/25/08
Size:34.25 KB
Author:Daniel Steinert

House of Pain
Size:47.62 KB
Author:Daniel Steinert

The Outpost
This is a level intended to be included in my mapset but i choose to release it as a standalone level until i have added some more maps to the set. This will be map 04 so u might need to use idclev....Date:11/23/08
Size:132.58 KB
Author:Daniel Steinert

A Huge map for Doom2 using the scythe2 textures. Totally fun to play. This is a new release with a couple of bugfixes....Date:11/14/09
Size:607.32 KB

Citadel of Darkness
This is a massive map, part of it is a demon university. There are also huge outside areas, even a chapel, with an archvile as the priest delivering a sermon....Date:10/04/19
Size:661.81 KB
Author:John Cartwright

A Tale of Two Houses and a Small Fortress (Tweak Edition)
This edition combined the three wads together with added new sky and music. GZDoom features like 3D floor, mirrors, and swimmable water. A simple fortress wad and two simple house wads. MAP01: Known as "The Dark Fortress (Version 2)" MAP02: Known...Date:09/15/18
Size:16.66 MB
Author:Guy M. Babin "GhostGuy"

7 dark, nightmare1 texture bases. This is a fixed version of the old dark7. Fix includes: Better texture alignment, fixed map01 glitch were you can't jump out of the water near the cargo loading area, removed the double mod07 lumps, and various other...Date:12/11/02
Size:5.41 MB
Author:Bryant 'Gunrock' Robinson

Dark7: Mission Pack (The Special Edition)
7 dark base maps for zdoom.This is the sequal to dark7....Date:06/12/12
Size:6.27 MB
Author:Bryant (Gunrock) Robinson

Saint Alfonzo's Darkbase (v1.2)
A single map made for Tarnsman's 10 Years of Doom mapping contest. UAC Darkbase employs the best damn scientists on the board, or any board for that matter. They're on the brink of a major scientific breakthrough. But something feels wrong......Date:10/24/21
Size:3.41 MB

Dark Caliber - Alter's maps
Well, remember dark caliber project that was hyped by Ellmo (Hello there leader faggot), you know, we worked on this decently and there was map02 done by ellmo, BUT NO, he said he will start programming and that i should remove his map under request,...Date:12/27/08
Size:1.64 MB

Dark and Forgotten
3 maps for GZDoom. Dark and Forgotten is the lost tale of a man doomed to die. NOTE: YOU NEED OTEX...Date:03/24/22
Size:530.49 KB

The Darkest Hour
7-level hub set in the Star Wars universe, using enemies, weapons, graphics, sounds, and music from Dark Forces. Play the role of Wrok Onmo, leader of a vicious gang of interstellar mercenaries. Steal the plans for the Imperial Cybernetics Facility f...Date:10/29/01
Size:4.19 MB
Author:ReX claussen

Dark Keep
My first released map, Dark Keep is a dark temple map with various new monsters (from the ZDoom Monster Resource Pack) and some use of ZDoom's features to make a fun, decent looking map. Be sure to include MONSTERS.WAD and HUMANS.WAD from the ZDoom...Date:09/22/04
Size:81.31 KB

Dark Labs
This is my relatively fast-paced level that I hope will keep you entertained. Give criticism as I hope to improve!...Date:09/14/15
Size:21.64 KB

Disciples of Darkness
Four challenging, limit-removing levels for Doom 2, inspired by various authors (see the bottom of this file for further informations)....Date:07/11/17
Size:1.04 MB
Author:Paolo M. aka Paul977

Darkness Falls
a long, 3 map mod for Gzdoom, with hard battles, new bosses and difficult chalanges....Date:01/21/09
Size:31.14 MB

Dawn: A Prelude
5-level prequel to The Darkest Hour, which is set in the Star Wars universe. Wrok Onmo is in an Imperial Penal Colony on the Lodai Asteroid. His gang breaks him out so that he can travel to the fortified palace of Quatto the Hutt, who wants to commis...Date:04/18/03
Size:1.22 MB
Author:ReX Claussen

Dark star
1 level WAD....Date:03/01/00
Size:290.03 KB
Author:Michael Krause

This is a map for Doom2....Date:05/19/20
Size:117.54 KB
Author:Darkwave0000 (Uploaded by Catpho)

Dark Web
After a brief stint of amateur efforts in 2016, I reintegrated in doom builder and, with the help of the community, put together this quick moody map in a week. Just a rather modest map to get back into the groove with a focus on things I struggled w...Date:05/14/23
Size:67.81 KB

Dark Castle
A 3-level miniwad for Doom2 with all new music and graphics. Play it to find out more. It is highly unlikely that this addon should disappoint you. Oh, and don't be a chicken. Play it on Ultra Violence....Date:12/04/00
Size:623.94 KB
Author:Virgil the Doom Poet

Data Fortress
One challenging Level! Taking place in an old rundown castle that has been converted into a makeshift techbase....Date:07/01/23
Size:5.91 MB
Author:Dee Legit

16 deathmatch maps made during 2005-2006 for playing with friends just for fun. Quite a few of the maps are pretty gimmicky and shouldn't be taken seriously....Date:07/06/10
Size:811.27 KB

Da Will
A first wad from B0S (Best Of Survivors) clan. The B0S clan has sent you on the task to find out what happened to "Object 33", with which the contact has been lost. It is located in remote district of the Central America so be prepared for a tough wa...Date:02/22/09
Size:2.28 MB
Author:ABM-87 (Detonator)[B0S], Azamael[B0S], Dragon Hunter[B0S], Dr. Max[B0S], Falcor[B0S], Lainos[B0S], P

Deadly Alliance - Version 1.2
Same as original DA except for changes addressing some complaints....Date:08/03/06
Size:11.95 MB

A city themed map, inspired my hometown...Date:01/31/16
Size:2.41 MB

Death Beckons.
This is a map with Quake metal textures. At first it was designed for Zdoom, but as I experimented with coloured lighting and 3d floors in GZDoom, I didn't go back. There is little difference between Hurt Me Plenty and Ultra Violence, but one area ...Date:07/18/08
Size:1.81 MB
Author:Kenny "KennyJC" Coughlan.

Dungeon Synths
Dungeon Synths is a 9+1 map musical odyssey from the Digital Bards Krew, merging the worlds of medieval fantasy and vintage synthesizers....Date:02/18/24
Size:26.21 MB
Author:The DBK

Dead Simple: DooMBoy Edition
My version of Dead Simple, REQUIRES ZDoom...Date:11/21/02
Size:38.15 KB

dashlet's box of maps
This its a compilation of five speedmaps with challenging, niche and experimental stuff. You may find them fun, you may find them horrible. This runs on MBF21 for the sake of using player blocklines and instant kill floors, the rest its pretty muc...Date:05/24/23
Size:921.44 KB

Monuments of Mars
A custom single player mapset by members of Doomer Boards (
Size:1.43 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Earth Ends
10th DBP, it's gotta be something special, so here it is; an underrated classic theme; city, but with a twist, it's the end of the world and it's crumbling away into space. There's a very complex Dehacked that replaces various unfitting hell decor an...Date:04/16/19
Size:4.64 MB
Author:The Doomer Boards qrew

Lilywhite Lilith
Tangled vines wind through crumbling limestone, serving as still markers under a misty sky. The stark tranquility belies something fell and horrible... for how long have you clutched the cold grip of your rifle? Lead forward by your own bloodlust and...Date:05/14/19
Size:3.56 MB
Author:The Doomer Boards krew

Into The Storm (v1.2)
Enter a gothic thunderstorm and find the materials to build the best barbeque cooking fire pit....Date:06/13/19
Size:3.21 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Alien Bastards!
It ain't easy being a former 90's action game hero in the 21st-century gig economy. But when wily alien bastards kidnap Earth's accountants, you might just have a chance to relive your glory days! Ok, ok, maybe it's not the most glamorous miss...Date:07/13/19
Size:7.99 MB

After the Fall
After society's fall hell's children reign over our lands, but their kind only knows chaos and disharmony. Servants of evil turn on their evil brethren tearing them limb from limb and place their spoils on display, while others sacrifice their own fl...Date:08/03/19
Size:5.04 MB

Doomer Boards Project 15 Fuck Global Warming... This Is Hell
Another monthly mapping event that spans for a month, in this case August, and hosted by Joe-Ilya. The theme during the heavy heated weather was to make maps in hell, but with earth terrain, amongst the red brimstone and green marble you will find tr...Date:09/05/19
Size:2.6 MB
Author:The small but growing Doomer Boards Qrew

DBP17: alone
When the hell gates opened you were stuck in a chickenshit outfit on LV-426. The operation has gone from a bughunt to an express elevator to hell, going down....Date:11/28/19
Size:3.51 MB

Mist howls from the mountains forged in shadow, and from the crown an eruption of dusted light hails hauntings that ravage down below. The soul of this mountain can only be cleansed by the eradication of monsters drawn to the beacon of Umbral Platinu...Date:12/23/19
Size:3.3 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Dungeons and Demons
There's almost nothing as boring as being stationed on a backwater Deimos base - maybe playing some DnD with the squad will liven things up? DnD is one shot DND campaign played one slow Sunday afternoon on a dingy UAC base. Can you find the Daikan...Date:04/05/20
Size:4.27 MB

Biotech is Godzilla
Forests of concrete and steel, breathing and flowing forever under the wide eye of the sun, now ruled the works of man. His own eyes watch as hummingbirds swarm their branches and feed from whirring flowers. Long since had a creature like him been to...Date:04/15/20
Size:7.26 MB

DBP24: Spaceballs: The Sequel: The Search for More DBP Maps
Coming to a source port near you from your world famous doomerboardskrew is a brand new episode full of heart stopping space scrapping non-stop total ball popping action that will leave you hanging from the edge of your balls/seat. Screening now in r...Date:06/23/20
Size:4.1 MB

Dead, But Dreaming
Size:4.1 MB

The City of Damned Children
Pull into the harbor. Grab a baguette. Fight the armies of hell. Join a worker's uprising. Become a hero to a generation whose society has failed them. All this and more in DBP26: The City of Damned Children. Loosely inspired by a cult French film,...Date:11/08/20
Size:11.89 MB

DBP 27 10 Day Vacation
The twenty-seventh Doomer Board Project, with 10 maps in the theme of a summer vacation. You'll be collecting drink items for health, and food items for armour, keep your eyes on the babes, some of them can give you health or invulnerability if you a...Date:10/08/20
Size:5.5 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Qrew

DBP28: Fear and Loathing
Welcome to Mars, Marine. Due to a plague of photosensitivity caused by cheap gas station cheese and retinal parasites, we've had to enforce a strict low-light policy for the sake of our staff. That won't be a problem, right? You shouldn't expect to s...Date:11/15/20
Size:12.59 MB

The Magnificent 5
Five maps made in an Old Western theme for the November 2020 Doomer Boards Project....Date:12/18/20
Size:2.65 MB
Author:MAY use the contents of this file as a base for

DBP33 Rainy Days In Casablanca
A Noir style 5-map episode....Date:06/19/21
Size:3.11 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Qrew

DBP36 Aquatic Wonder
An underwater themed episode, where you explore the sea life, that is being hunted by fishermen, and explore underwater ruins of ships, and ancient buildings. Barrels are replaced with sea mines that can explode on contact with the player's body. Thi...Date:06/19/21
Size:4.19 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Qrew

Funnelcake Apparitions
Circuses and carnivals in rural Texas....Date:05/29/23
Size:3.9 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Qrew

Japanese Valentines
7 maps. Kill the lust demons (only with dbp44nsfw.wad) to save humanity from sin and from forgetting how to love. Visit Japan, admire the architecture, learn kung fu, initiate cat fights, blast ninjas!...Date:05/24/23
Size:4.31 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Qrew

Emerald City
Emerald City is a limit-removing project brought to you by Doomer Boards. These maps illustrate urban decay in a metropolis conquested by the plant and animal kingdoms after the fall of Man......Date:08/14/22
Size:12.94 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Explosive adventure filled with carnage and fueled by bloodlust at Doomer Boards for your totally awesome Doom adventure....Date:02/05/19
Size:2.48 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Circle of Caina SP
Your next shipment of maps have arrived, from your friends at the local mapfactory: Doomer Boards (
Size:1.8 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Forest Swords
Some forest themed levels banged out by the best worst doomers you'll ever meet at Doomer Boards (
Size:2.3 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Xenomorph Base (testing version)
Doomer Boards krew4lyfe...Date:07/03/18
Size:1.67 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Coffin Curse
More monthly doom maps from ya boyz at Doomer Boards for your neverending doom adventure....Date:08/06/18
Size:1.83 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Vicarious Reality
Some 90's themed maps with new textures supplied by MagicMaha...Date:10/06/18
Size:2 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Legend of the Hidden Tech
The hottest meso-american-sci-fi game show in the ultraverse just got a new contestant! But this ain't...Date:03/11/19
Size:5.17 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Evil Egypt
Your next shipment of maps have arrived, from your friends at the local mapfactory: Doomer Boards ( Evil Egypt is a limit-removing Doom 2 episode from various members of Doomer Boards. This time, DBP goes back to basics with proje...Date:06/07/20
Size:4.6 MB

Morbid Autumn
Autumn themed levels banged out by the best worst doomers you'll ever meet at Doomer Boards ( We love watching you guys play our maps on twitch and youtube! Please keep the content coming! It makes our work worth it....Date:12/13/20
Size:5.9 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Monuments of Mars 2
This is an add-on mappack for Monuments of Mars 1 located at:
Size:3.3 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Deadly Ritual
Your next shipment of maps have arrived, from your friends at the local mapfactory: Doomer Boards (
Size:6.71 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Havoc in Creation
Your next shipment of maps have arrived, from your friends at the local mapfactory: Doomer Boards (
Size:5.71 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Jolly Junkyard
Your next shipment of maps have arrived, from your friends at the local mapfactory: Doomer Boards (
Size:8.98 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Augustland Barrens
Your next shipment of maps have arrived, from your friends at the local mapfactory: Doomer Boards (
Size:5.68 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Shatter Realm
Your next shipment of maps have arrived, from your friends at the local mapfactory: Doomer Boards (
Size:5 MB
Author:Doomer Boards Community

Deep Breath
A set of 6 explosive maps set at in a facility at the bottom of an ocean trench. Your mission: make your way through to the reactor core and blow it up, sending the demons to a watery grave....Date:08/02/23
Size:2.31 MB

So we decided to have a speedmapping session for some reason, which was held during the entire day of 03.12.2017. The participants had a choice of 4 various map themes, meant to be used one-at-a-time: 1. Shiny-ass silver metal space base 2. Hellish c...Date:12/06/17
Size:836.21 KB
Author:The Doomer Boards community

Demon's Revenge
A smallish gothic level, my first....Date:02/19/04
Size:71.49 KB
Author:DooMBoy (insert witticism here)

Distress call
The plot: You received emergency signal from far outpost on other side of planet. Your boss decides you should go there and find out what happened. So, you there, and things get worse... Archive includes both Doom and Freedoom versions (because n...Date:01/08/16
Size:3.63 MB
Author:Oleg "CWolf" Vovk

Damned City 2 [From Moscow to Agartha]
In honor of 25th DooM birthday This is a story of what is to be a Hero! From demon-hunted (because of stupid city major) Moscow suburbs through city metro stations, tunnels and railways - to crooked cosmodrom which demons used to invade Agartha. Bu...Date:01/18/19
Size:6.29 MB
Author:Evgeny "Arch-Vile" Smirnov

Hard Attack
Its time to return to attack and clear this base from its evil for once and for all. The map is based on the original master level named attack and its completely made from scratch. Jumping allowed altough its not needed to complete the map but it sh...Date:09/21/06
Size:244.36 KB
Author:Morbid DooMer

D-Day invasion
Fight the initial D-Day invasions as the Germans on map 1 and fight on an American battleship on the second mission....Date:08/09/08
Size:56.4 KB

Doomed Dej Vu
As the name suggests it's something familiar. I guess you'll find out soon enough. Be careful, there are lots of monsters and it's huge map with 2007 things.. 666 monsters and some lost souls! And as it's a long level, you may want to use IDMUS** che...Date:12/11/10
Size:600.44 KB
Author:JCA (Jimi)

Demonic Deviation
A single set of 11 maps with a general tech-base theme which are mostly small to medium in size with a gradual increase in difficulty. Challenging but nothing most couldn't handle by todays standards....Date:10/20/18
Size:1.25 MB
Author:Matthew (Cannonball) Powell

Devious Deviance
Devious Deviance came to life as a community project hosted by MFG38 of 3x3 and Literalism fame. In this project, the gimmick revolved around implementing difficulty settings in somewhat of a non-traditional fashion; the monsters you'll encounter are...Date:09/10/23
Size:8.73 MB

Death's Dichotomy
A set of five experiences exploring the themes of death and dying....Date:07/06/21
Size:129.88 MB
Author:Major Arlene, Remmirath, Bauul, Clay

Dark Installation
Contact was lost with the installation a few days ago. Investigate and figure out what's going on....Date:11/12/06
Size:257.65 KB
Author:Nick "DD_133" McCarthy

Miscellaneous Mayhem
Three small/medium sized maps I once made for two different projects. Given the size I thought these three maps would go well together and will make the download more worth the time. I've been putting more work into these maps lately, making them pla...Date:11/29/16
Size:903.21 KB
Author:Dutch Devil aka Dutch Doomer

Toxic Waste Processing Plant
Large tech base done in a TNT type of vibe, nice and open map with plenty of challenging encounters. Its supposed to look like an old out of use abbandoned installation. And for some reason the forces of evil have shown some interest in it, time to f...Date:01/14/14
Size:693.74 KB
Author:Dutch Devil aka Dutch Doomer

Demon Eclipse: Episode 1 - Doorway to Abbadon
This is the first epsisode of a 18 (maybe 32) level Megawad I will be working on. Each map has it's own Deathmatch Map including within the main map itself to allow easy deathmatching and fun =). I've never made doom maps before, so these are my fi...Date:04/05/05
Size:1.69 MB
Author:Eric Ou (Ezxariarch)

Demon Eclipse: Episodes 1 and 2
This Package includes the completely updaded version of Demon Eclipse Epsisode 1 as well as the all new episode two. The Mode features a host of new monsters, weapons, and other graphics I made. Almost all the original Doom weapons are completely red...Date:09/25/06
Size:14.13 MB
Author:Eric Ou (Eriance/Ezxariarch)

Single map for GZDoom (Doom 2), made for Tormentor667's Doomja Vu. Creepazoid atmosphere with custom weapons / enemy edits. 'Nuff said. You are an engineer employed by the UAC to investigate the source of a strange signal originating from an abando...Date:12/24/18
Size:10.6 MB
Author:Xaser Acheron

End The Game for the murder you've just caused!...Date:02/04/24
Size:7.58 KB

Dead End Dust-Up
A city themed map previously made for the Doomed Urbex community project that I decided to release on its own....Date:04/23/23
Size:628.25 KB

Were All Dead Here
These maps are all playable from pistol start and have non linear gameplay. ZDoom compatible....Date:12/08/09
Size:10.58 MB

Small but Deadly map
Small but Deadly map, is a map where you have to survive the hell on some weird planet which doesn't have any name. There are monster actions and combos which are very deadly and small? It is small map but it will open into one big map...Date:05/15/22
Size:34.23 KB

A run and gun through a southwestern ghost town, with slot canyons, a mine, saloon, and some slaughter fights to finish....Date:02/10/23
Size:899.8 KB

This is my third map release. Deathstruction was created to be a 'boss battle' or 'ending' map. Surviving is the task at hand. Take note that this map was tested with Doom Legacy, ZDoom, ZDaemon, Skulltag, and JDoom. All were successful with one bu...Date:03/04/08
Size:52.29 KB
Author:Ryan Albright (High Flyin' Ryan)

After suffering through the pain of afterlife, Doomguy wakes up, in his coffin. Not sure what to do, he is immediately ambushed by demons, so he has no time to think. He has to fight, make his way home, to safety, but will it be safe there? Hell neve...Date:11/12/23
Size:8.94 MB
Author:Marek Papay (Soulless)

Death in C sharp
It is revamped version of my old never released map for Doom1. The main purpose: Playable in both SP and DM. I haven't got any testers so I tried it with bots. That means that, I haven't got a single idea if it is bad or worse. I used music from Fear...Date:03/20/06
Size:189.05 KB
Author:Vasek "Damned" Havranek

Deatch Incarnate
An abandoned base hidden in a cave. Abandoned? What's that, hiding in the gloom...?...Date:02/11/09
Size:757.61 KB

Death Revealed
It's a tribute to Hell Revealed, the amazing megawad by Yonatan Donner and Haggay Niv....Date:05/12/03
Size:442.03 KB
Author:Mattias Johansson

UAC Rebels , revision 1
A single map with a lot of new stuff for the DooMsday Editing Contest...Date:08/01/04
Size:16.76 MB

A single player level for ZDoom....Date:09/22/04
Size:644.99 KB
Author:Russell Pearson

The Illuminati did it again! A small adventure in a haunted castle. Tested with Zandronum. Please don't jump or crouch....Date:09/23/18
Size:273.5 KB
Author:Sophie Kirschner

Relentless Decay
This is a challenging 2 map that encourages you to use ammo wisely. Story: You awake in a room and as usual, you have no clue where you are. This is starting to get annoying, 19 years after defeating the boss of hell, you are still stuck in an endl...Date:10/06/13
Size:873.14 KB
Author:Jonathan Bergeron

UAC tech base on another planet. Map will not be displayed correctly on a port that does not use software render(or is using opengl or direct3d)....Date:12/26/04
Size:861.73 KB

A search & rescue effort is underway in the mountains of Central Europe for a group of missing hikers. You were assigned the route leading through the infamous Carpathian Gap, which few have explored and fewer yet have returned from. Hitching up your...Date:09/29/99
Size:156.52 KB
Author:Gurkha Boy

The Decline
A big level....Date:06/23/17
Size:1.2 MB
Author:Ilya Lazarev (Joe-Ilya)

Deem Episode 1
So that you know what this is I shall say right here, here is the most public and certain ZETA for your consumption and enjoyment. It started from my dissatisfaction with WOOO, how it was just agonizing crap maps with little humor, so I made what I w...Date:05/28/15
Size:14.67 MB
Author:Jaxxoon R

Deep Into The Depths of Hell
This is my best piece of work yet. Yet another slaughter map in which you'll be running for your life! This wad has a new music track, new textures, and the architecture is bigger and better than ever! Use your ammo wisely in this map....Date:12/29/08
Size:400.24 KB
Author:Isaac Rodriguez

Deepest Evil
Size:9.42 MB

Alone on Deerspeed Base
This map was originally built for Doomworlds speedmapping contest, base theme. A WadAuthor error 70 minutes into the contest deleted the map. Since I was pretty happy with how the map had progressed to that point, I rebuilt the map from memory, plus ...Date:06/07/11
Size:50.47 KB
Author:David Law, Jr (deertagg)

The Deeside Facility
Based on the layout of an actual building, infiltrate the Deeside Facility, what is happening to the water?...Date:03/23/22
Size:1.42 MB

This is my first ever wad. I only have couple weeks experience with doom Builder and slade3. Plot: there ain't really much of a plot other than the wad takes place after the revelations from the Bible and your character is like Moses meant to stop...Date:10/18/13
Size:33.04 MB

Project Defoot
Size:2.56 MB
Author:Curtis Smith

Note: Please set Texture Filter Mode to one of the "none" options, and set "High Quality Resize Mode" to "off". According to wiktionary. omphalos: From Ancient Greek ὀμφαλός (omphalos, "navel"). Dou...Date:01/14/23
Size:41.09 MB
Author:The Shareware Vats crew

Inside the Deku Tree
This is a remake of the first dungeon in the game "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" for the N64. I had Zelda playing on an emulator on a laptop while I built the map on a desktop computer. I used the in-game map and a ruler to figure out the g...Date:12/22/08
Size:363.58 KB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

A Brick'n'Metal (mostly) themed map....Date:02/03/03
Size:233.34 KB
Author:Simon 'SlayeR' Judd

Just a small 1 level WAD i made as a testing ground for future projects. I would REALLY appreciate feedback! YOU NEED BRUTAL DOOM!!!...Date:06/20/19
Size:149.06 KB

DELTA-August 2020 Release
Well, after lots of feedback and suggestions, I've decided to scrap the DELTA project and move on. None of it turned out like I wanted, and I kept running into problem after problem. I'm releasing this as it was the last time I worked on it. It inclu...Date:09/01/20
Size:21.11 MB

Well, DELTA has become a full time project! Im planning on 15 levels. But that doesn't matter, it's story time! So, its the usual. Stop the demon infestation. But there's something else going on. There's some unknown, otherworldly force that's slowly...Date:09/19/19
Size:19.18 MB

Demon Abundance
Three new levels. Play them with a friend or two cause it's more fun that way!...Date:05/07/04
Size:474.33 KB
Author:Eugene Sloupsky a.k.a. DarkJedi188

Demon Prince Sings the Blues
Small map with "intelligent monster placement"....Date:09/30/15
Size:245.27 KB

Demon Sanctuary 2
Size:638.32 KB

Demon Sanctuary
A cool long level from map 29 of my Dsv wad. I decided to release this level as a solo level because it looks cool!...Date:10/14/00
Size:109.78 KB
Author:Samuel A. Villarreal

Demon vs Demon
It's an all out war against two factions of demons! Defend the fortress from the approaching horde. You have an entire army on your side, but they won't win without your help....Date:01/01/14
Size:175.83 KB

A medium sized, architecturally detailed single-player map which twists back in on itself several times, set in a crumbling monastery made of marble and corpses....Date:10/20/18
Size:2.34 MB

Demonic Citadel
A set of 9 single player levels. Requires GZDoom. The levels start off fairly simple and straightforward but become progressively more complex and ambitious. The levels differ depending on difficulty level. I would recommend enabling mouse look an...Date:04/02/21
Size:2.66 MB

Demon Hideout
This is a pretty straightforward WAD, I designed it in a couple hours yesterday. This is meant to either be played in GZDoom, ZDoom, or Zandronum. I'm unsure about skulltag though or other ports. Feel free to try it on other ports and tell me about...Date:01/02/16
Size:85.68 KB
Author:Agent Ender (enderkevin13)

DemoniZed.WAD a BOOM only PWAD
2 Levels only for the Team TNT 's engine modification: BOOM v. 2.02 DO NOT TRY run with original DOOM2.exe it will crash!! Map01 is MEGA-HUGE-EVIL LEVEL! This level alone is around 1.6 MB big, loaded with 15000+ linedefs and 21000+ sidedefs. This is ...Date:11/08/98
Size:1.22 MB

Demon Star
Just some experimental test....Date:02/18/24
Size:15.65 KB

Story: The UAC was performing routine geological tests on some of Earth's subterranean caverns when they uncovered the remains of a temple complex of a long lost civilization. A few initial probes by recon teams showed no signs of life...until the ac...Date:09/24/09
Size:1.16 MB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

Deneb Colony
A 5L1C spin-off wad. It's just one medium-sized map but quite a tricky one, so pick a lower skill level if you need to. Your mission is to send an SOS signal and escape from the Deneb colony. And don't miss MAP02. (Deneb is the brightest star in cons...Date:09/12/14
Size:4.2 MB

Depths of Insanity
A short seven-map set - my first I've uploaded to the world. The story, as little as it matters, is: some time has passed since the events of the IWADs. Doomguy, now a little bit sick of all the demon killing, has to shut down yet another Hell port...Date:10/06/18
Size:1.25 MB

You have been hired by Emily Hartwood, heiress to the cursed Derceto mansion, to search the grounds for the cause of the late Jeremy Hartwood's mysterious suicide. Ms. Hartwood believes the ancient house hides a terrible secret that drove her father ...Date:06/15/14
Size:3.23 MB
Author:Mike MacDee (Impie @ Doomworld)

Derelict (version 1.1)
Lost in a desert somewhere on a recently colonized planet, you're about to die from thurst. You stumble under the cruel sunlight. Suddenly, in a small depression, you find the entrance to a mining station. Most of the inhabitants seem to have left in...Date:04/15/00
Size:160.6 KB
Author:Philippe Lesire

Dereliction Derby
Dereliction Derby is a single map release that was a result of being inspired by a number of more modern projects such as Eviternity, Bloodstain, Valiant, and so forth. The desire was to create a stand-alone release that made some use of these mode...Date:07/26/22
Size:1.77 MB

The Descent Into Hell's Cauldron
Another hell-themed wad in which I have paid tribute to the Descent levels (HRMAP31 and HR2MAP31) and Hell's Cauldron (HR2MAP29). New music, new textures, and a new sky is incorporated....Date:01/10/09
Size:1.53 MB
Author:Isaac Rodriguez

Hell's Descent
This wad is a 5 level wad featuring custom music, 2 new monsters, new sounds, and a decent challenge. I recommend playing this map using the Brutal Doom modification....Date:09/12/13
Size:1.73 MB

You are a United States Army Reservist, called up to fight the monsters that have begun appearing in Wyoming. They first started pouring out of the caves around Yellowstone National Park two weeks ago, attacking tourists. Now they have claimed Idaho ...Date:08/29/17
Size:804.43 KB
Author:Inner Demon Entertainment

Demon Snare v3
A map created for FoH's Standalone Megawad Project in which the challenge is to work with a severely limited texture set derived from 40oz's UAC Ultra texture pack. This wad implements difficulty levels diligently, so it cadres to both casual and har...Date:01/31/12
Size:1.73 MB

Destroy Hell 2: Massacre
Size:5.37 MB
Author:Matthias (AKA enkeli33)

The Deserted UAC Plant
This is a short level I made using a spooky ambience. Enjoy! One day, no one showed up for work at a UAC nukage facility. You go in and see what is going on....Date:03/23/17
Size:73.61 KB

My first releaseable project ever! Basically just a office table i made to get used to DoomBuilder...Date:02/20/04
Size:45.04 KB

DethAwsm: Maps of Fail
Oh Hell. Hell has come to send monsters from Hell to murder you and you have to go to Hell and back to murder the monsters from Hell from making your town go straight to Hell. What the Hell is this gibberish I'm writing? Also, who cares about plot ...Date:11/23/11
Size:499.32 KB

Demon Trench XL
This is a heavily retooled version of the map I submitted to NOVA II all those months ago. It's far more detailed, more streamlined, has more involved combat, new music, and an entirely new section based off of that one scene from House where the dud...Date:08/11/15
Size:434.2 KB
Author:Jaxxoon R

Deus Doom
The Illuminati did it! Deus Doom is a set of nine maps intended to be played from a pistol start....Date:08/31/19
Size:883.66 KB
Author:Sophie Kirschner

Devil's Clean Up Detail
One-level WAD for limit removing ports, preferably with UMAPINFO support (optional). A UAC underground sludge-processing facility has been overrun by demons, and they need you to clean the place up. As you dive deeper into the facility you realise ...Date:09/24/22
Size:260.41 KB

Devile II
Don't get cocky as these three small but hard maps will surprise you to the chill! Devile 1 was not released due to problems....Date:10/15/15
Size:4.07 MB
Author:Gustavo Ramos "Gustavo6046" Rehermann

Devil's Wake
Since this is my first WAD, I tried to incorporate a few different ideas and locations. This was more of a trial run for me. Your comments and feedback are much appreciated. (Use MAP07)....Date:06/20/19
Size:40.88 KB

Devil's Machine
Within the halls of a lost UAC facility Hell plots once more. A device capable of reanimating flesh meant to be the medical breakthrough of the century has been taken by the Twin Demons. Your mission is to find them, and destroy the machine before th...Date:08/27/22
Size:1.07 MB

Dexter Long Version
This is the long version of my famous Dexter wad for GZDoom. It includes a lot more details, more monsters, and a very nice cargo ship yard at the end. The cargo ship was drawn to scale and is based on a real cargo ship....Date:06/20/19
Size:847.53 KB
Author:Hans George Campbell

Deadly Fight
This level's architecture is similar to that of level 8 from Chillax. However, ther are a lot of differences. You have a huge fight with teleporting enemies at the end of the level so have your resources ready. Good luck trying to survive....Date:03/03/19
Size:724.99 KB

"Doom Fist" is a joke i've made for a little competition in doom moding, its a scripted sequence were the player basicly doesn't exist, its like a film....Date:09/21/17
Size:14.25 KB

Deimos forgotten storage pit
Short tech base. Gameplay is fast and intense and a bit slaughterish with a lot of close-quarters combat and continuous action. This map is difficult but not crazy difficult and there is plenty of health available. It's absolutely possible to complet...Date:09/20/20
Size:59.05 MB
Author:Peter Moro

Dark Fate 2
A very short, linear hellish map. It was made about a year ago as a very short speedmap, and I hadn't bothered to finish it. Over a couple of weekends I completed it and made it look nice. Couldn't think of a better title, so I simply called it "Dark...Date:02/29/08
Size:307.26 KB
Author:Karthik Abhiram

Dark Harvest
4 level map set....Date:09/13/17
Size:3.4 MB

Dominus Hyacinthus De Archangelis
So, you wake up, on what seems to be some kind of throne of blood. You have a pistol in your hand, theres a shotgun on the ground and a chainsaw behind you. You hear weird noises coming from up ahead. You think to yourself - *This must be a dream, co...Date:04/30/06
Size:394.64 KB

DOOM II: Hellscape
A re-imagining those Doom II levels that take place in Hell (21-30). As such, these maps will probably be a lot more entertaining if you have a reasonable working knowledge of the original IWAD levels......Date:02/17/17
Size:14.1 MB
Author:Chris Lutz of The Chaos Crew

DoomHero85's Speedmap Session 001
This was made by some members of the Doom community to see how...Date:06/26/11
Size:1 MB

(diagonal) REALM
In october i tried to break mapping block and started to draw diagonal lines, and it came to this. Most lines are diagonal. I tried to stick to 'vanilla' look, so no fancy 3d floors and dynamic lights. Some areas in UV contains heaps of enemies, ...Date:06/26/21
Size:759.87 KB

dib map26/27
Drown in Blood map26/27 redesigned for single player....Date:10/03/15
Size:631.61 KB

Jester's Enigma
A small but complex map. Probably takes about 10 minutes to complete on your first go, but can be quite challenging, especially on the harder difficulty levels. Bad guys range from small to large and have a tendancy to appear right behind you when yo...Date:01/03/05
Size:38.11 KB
Author:Too Dice

Dick moves
A Plutonia map for the seasoned Doomer stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey full of dirty tricks and mean spirited traps. Candy asses need not apply!....Date:12/18/20
Size:230.65 KB

Decent Into Darkness
I think this is a fun level for those who like lots of intense monster battles and tough secrets. This level's name is based on the ending of the level....Date:02/03/01
Size:63.02 KB
Author:Jerry Neighbors

Digon Base - Raw Action
Sequel to Corebinder. An action-puzzle Doom adventure containing 5 Maps for ZDOOM. Needs Jumping and Crouching enabled....Date:04/06/11
Size:336.78 KB
Author:Callum Guy Oliver aka phobosdeimos1

The Dime Birthday Level Collection
Twelve levels designed for the 25th birthday of Doom speedrunner Dime! The restrictions given to the designers were: - Boom compatibility (a.k.a. PrBoom+ -complevel 9) - No green or blue armor - Maximum 75 monsters - In the style of scythe map 2...Date:06/29/15
Size:1.92 MB

Dimensional Weirdness
You just infiltrated an enemy base to find out where so many demons came from, and you discover a portal. You decided to enter the portal and it took you to a surprising place: Another dimension, where demons are produced to fight allies with enemies...Date:04/26/21
Size:9.48 MB

something i cooked up in some spare time ... i just love the lightning in the castle courtyard ... and hate the UNFINISHED inside :D...Date:07/16/04
Size:510.67 KB
Author:Dan Stefan Oprean a.k.a. Unknown[NF] or AlphaGOD

Dione Attack Pt. 1
You've been sent on a mission of one of Saturn's moons: Dione. Once you arrived there, you can already smell the stench of hell pouring out of the base. It's up to you to restore balance on Dione....Date:10/15/07
Size:346.43 KB
Author:Impboy4, Adam3

Dirty Deeds And They're Done Dirt Cheap
This is my first ever WAD....Date:08/31/19
Size:323.17 KB
Author:David A. Weber

Do you remember Walmart? I have a store that I think several of you are going to love. There is so much wrong with the store; messy isles, dirty bathrooms, women in bikinis, and employees watching inappropriate material for the work setting. Play thr...Date:12/29/22
Size:1.54 MB
Author:Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)

A set of 7 maps that are different from each other in very important ways, from BFG spam slaughter stuff to mostly monsterless puzzle / platforming maps. This wad has no consistent theme for the most part....Date:12/16/22
Size:7.05 MB

Ugly confusing maps from the 90's are back! It's a disaster! One of my best levels....Date:09/30/15
Size:332.31 KB

Disjointed Domains
25 Doomworld users drew a part of the map and Soulless and I made a map out of it...Date:11/29/20
Size:799.7 KB
Author:Rince-wind & Soulless

A small mapset containing 11 thematically and visually diverse maps. Bit challenging, but hope you have fun!...Date:02/17/17
Size:10.66 MB

I'm pretty sure this is bigger then Eulogy 8. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Anyway, this one can't be completed in five mins(100/100 anyway), unlike Eulogy 9, since that was the main complaint about it(too short). It's also harder then I usually ...Date:11/08/98
Size:121.57 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Secretdoom: Disrepair
Disrepair is a 9 (10 counting secret) map episode that makes use of G/ZDoom enhancements, including, but not limited to, DECORATE monsters, 3D Floors, and Scripted Events. There is also a Survival Mode included, which changes seven of the maps into a...Date:04/05/14
Size:15.2 MB

Secretdoom: Disrepair 2
Six Years after the crumbling catastrophe of Hell's invasion overtook the complex in the Northern Sector, a young marine was dispatched to go and clean up the mess that Hell left behind. That young marine was you. You must travel to the Northern Comp...Date:08/23/16
Size:31.07 MB

Short violent map....Date:06/21/14
Size:716.53 KB

Dissention: In The Beginning (v0.3)
More of the map, but it's enough to show how the map is supposed to look....Date:01/05/01
Size:260.48 KB
Author:Matt Denham

Dissolution: Remastered
Dissolution is a 4 map side story to Project Slipgate. You are a marine that has been separated from your comrades while traveling through the slipgate. You emerge on the other side into a dark netherworld. Your objective....survive and find a way ou...Date:08/18/02
Size:155.64 MB
Author:Gunrock and The Solution

This is a very wierd map I made to sate my creative urges... The internal dehacked work changes the chaingun into the Super Chaingun. The amount of bullets the player can hold is also doubled. This map has no shotgun, shotgunners, or SSG, so I made t...Date:11/24/09
Size:873.73 KB

Distribution Center
A large, single level for GZDoom, originally created for the Vinesauce Mapping contest in Fall 2016....Date:05/04/17
Size:3.91 MB

Rabbit Doom: Daisy Revenge!
based about the "doom disturbed me" topic in doomworld, this bizzare and creepy map realize one of your worst nigthmare, CLASH THAT BLOODY RABBIT HEAD ON A POLE! But now Daisy head is floating in air, and shoots carrot from his dead mouth! OMG!...Date:03/09/07
Size:81.44 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Demons Just Wanna Have Fun
My 3rd release inside the Doom community, this is a level set inside a stoney base whit fountains, prisions, offices, a fast food, toilettes, a little hospital and a armory; and a hellish-skinnish zone in the ending part of level......Date:07/18/05
Size:515.46 KB
Author:Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

The Shrine (Remastered)
Ten levels which take place in a demonically occupied industrial area. DK Shrine Remastered is an "old school" Doom II WAD, based on levels made in 1994-1995. As a result, it has a layout and gameplay style familiar to people who played levels comi...Date:08/10/19
Size:6.2 MB
Author:Dennis Katsonis

Death Lotor Beatmaps
Five maps that you would probably not like because it's hard for no reason....Date:01/20/24
Size:2.75 MB

A map I made months ago. It's pretty easy on UV and totally doable without secrets or hidden berserk....Date:06/07/14
Size:167.89 KB
Author:Gwenvael Le Bihan (subject_119)

This map was created for vinesauce mapping contest, which happened in 2018. It got renamed from "dual layered violence" to "deviled", because I didn't feel well about this name. I made this in 5 days before submission deadline. This version is more i...Date:11/25/18
Size:1.77 MB
Author:Mysterious Haruko(Misty)

Daemonic Martello 1024
I wanted to contribute this map to second round of Congestion 1024, but after it was stopped, I stopped with making this map too. After some time I decided to finish it. At the end I broke the 1024x1024 concept a little, but still it is small map. It...Date:02/02/08
Size:264.66 KB
Author:Vasek "(The_)Damned" Havranek

Doom II: Demonic Destruction!
this is a 22 map megawad, it starts out easy but gets harder, my last released wad was easy but ive meant to be meaner to the player this time. Theres also map21 but its not an actual map it doesnt have an exit, but the rest are real maps. Also this ...Date:09/05/21
Size:1.33 MB

Decaying Manse
An old building in the mountians, full of traps and demons .. what more could you ask for? ;) You'll have to be able to jump to complete the map. This map is meant to be a challenge .. hope you enjoy it :)...Date:01/16/01
Size:137.61 KB
Author:Chris Emirzian (Udderdude)

Clock Out
Medium-sized speedmap in a vanilla-flavoured underground industrial setting. This was originally intended for Doomworld community project "Isolation" but I ended up spending more than the allocated 12 hour dev time. The scope of the level went beyo...Date:04/05/20
Size:685.13 KB
Author:Derek "Afterglow" MacDonald

Jgermrder - 01 Chemical Lab
I guess I gotta write a story.. argh.. Basicly the hellspawn have invaded earth again, this time in the Colorado Rockies (not a fan of the team ;)... the military sent you alone because they cannot afford any more casulties after the previous wars wi...Date:07/11/99
Size:162.35 KB
Author:Derek Mac Donald aka Afterglow

Jgermrder 02 Terra Nova
You have been transported to a Mars laboratory to eradicate the hellspawn threat. The fourth rock from the Sun had been terraformed decades earlier to provide an isolated environment for classified experiments. It is your task to destroy every lifefo...Date:07/18/05
Size:885.61 KB
Author:Derek MacDonald aka Afterglow

Demonic Base
An alert appears on your Marine Clicker. A new demon infestation has appeared in a certain place in your home town. You investigate, and apparently, it's an abandoned UAC Base, renamed to the "Demonic Base". You grab your shotgun. You burst inside th...Date:05/31/20
Size:3.14 MB

5 maps designed for PrBoom+ complevel 9. Play on HNTR or HMP. I spent the vast majority of time working on HNTR and HMP for maps 01-03. UV is an extra special difficulty that most likely only I will find fun. Maps31 and 32: These two maps are speci...Date:09/06/17
Size:1.81 MB

There aren't many maps that focus on the chaingun, so I made this. A small-ish key hunt in Hell, with scarce supplies and no shotguns or plasma weaponry. You don't need to grab them in any order. The final challenge is right in front of you when you ...Date:11/24/10
Size:92.75 KB

Doomworld Mega Project 2019
1 maps by 1 different mappers....Date:01/31/21
Size:3.9 MB

Doomworld Mega Project 2020
5 maps that require jumping (and maybe crouching)....Date:03/06/21
Size:2.52 MB
Author:Xyzzy01, MidnightMage, eltiolavara9, Scypek2, Jjp

Doomworld Mega Project 2023: Professional Mapper Edition
8 maps by 6 different mappers....Date:11/12/23
Size:465.03 KB

Declaring New Apocalypse
This is my first ever pwad, but despite that, I'm really proud of it, cause I ended up making exactly what I had in mind when I started this project. I know there's no need for lore in Doom, but just to give you something for contest purposes: "You...Date:06/15/22
Size:31.74 MB

Dark Nexus Map01: THe Entry
Dark and dreary, you enter an unknown territory. The air is tight and still, and the only thing that can be heard is you. Any light you find is dim, as if this place has been here for ages. You can only wonder what lies further in this mysterious pla...Date:07/08/03
Size:53.3 KB

Darknation's Wacky Adventures in Impse or Dnwaii (pronounced 'denwhy')
Okay, in reality there's no story. I had a bunch of textures, and I had a bunch of imp sprites, so I smashed them all together and here's what came out. It's two maps, btw. You don't have to read any more if you don't want (though I doubt most people...Date:07/15/04
Size:1.04 MB
Author:Cyb (mostly)

Do It Again
Whoever thought reincarnation would send you back to the same people? Well, life still isn't worth it. Do it again. Maybe this time you'll get lucky....Date:05/30/06
Size:329.22 KB
Author:Sterling "Caligari_87" Parker

Do It
Life is misery. No one understands your pain. You can't bear this suffering another minute longer. Plus you found this weird ass gun in your stepfather's closet... Do it. No one will mourn you....Date:07/19/04
Size:41.78 KB
Author:Andrew "Linguica" Stine

The Great Dog Escape
The Great Dog Escape, A map by ChaseC7527, which follows YOU a rogue dog rescuer looking to rescue a pound full of poor doggies, will you make it out alive?...Date:03/11/23
Size:382.42 KB

Off-beat hell levels with lots of heavy weapons usage and Spidey vs Cybie showdowns...Date:03/08/18
Size:3.34 MB

Dungeons of Kremlin TC
Total-converison of old Russian DOS-game - "Dungeons of Kremlin"...Date:08/13/19
Size:4.77 MB

Dolphin's Dream (v1.1)
A phychodelic colorful map....Date:11/18/06
Size:2.22 MB

My first classic DooM WAD. Find your way to the exit. The Run_Custom.bat allows you to run a custom map without legacy and the zdoom-default.ini is a standard key layout for FPS gamers that needs to be loaded with the .bat file....Date:07/19/05
Size:1.09 MB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

2 levels heavily inspired by the Memento Mori series. Good levels....Date:07/15/14
Size:1.06 MB

I Don't Know (mostly all the good names were taken)
A map That could suck or not (i shall quit mapping if this suxs) (so i'm ready)...Date:12/25/02
Size:38.65 KB
Author:Mark "JACKASS" Dravich

You decide to take a vacation to your favorite resort. Unfortunately, Hell had the same idea. Collection of levels I've made for various community projects over the years, with a few new levels made specifically for this project. Every level has be...Date:05/09/21
Size:8.58 MB

DOOM 3057 - Second Edition 5/9/00
Size:601.52 KB
Author:X-BLADE, KRIMZN, and Fredrik Johansson. Titlepic done by MasterDraw, Fizzter and X-BLADE.

Doom 6666 remake
Remake of the Doom 6666 game. With proper monsters. This only works fully in OpenGL mode. Jumping is needed to finish the map....Date:08/23/21
Size:522.04 KB
Author:Kurtis2221 / Kurtis2222

I wasn't sure how to achieve good gameplay in an open city, so I just put a roaming cyberdemon and a Peter Gabriel song in there. The cyber wants to be your sledgehammer but perhaps you have other plans?...Date:11/02/17
Size:372.69 KB

This is my last wad, i enjoyed and suffered making it. i think the best one that ive done. i reccomend use latest versions of zdoom i only used doom format, not hexen....Date:06/12/09
Size:5.81 MB
Author:Jose B. "doomguyer"

You are a marine that was guarding the scientists on the Delta Labs until he got a call from his commander to meet him in the briefing room. When you went there, he said that the Beta Labs were infected by Demons. So you went off with 2 of your teamm...Date:04/29/14
Size:3.91 MB

Doom Island
Doom2 episode with 9 levels with custom monster behaviour via DEHACKED...Date:10/24/21
Size:1.26 MB
Author:Nicolas Monti

This wad file contains my very first GZdoom builder level for DOOM 2...Date:11/09/17
Size:47.54 KB

DoomNiel - The Daniel Adventure
You are a guy called Daniel. You are looking for the...Date:07/11/04
Size:8.6 MB

Doom NW
A seismic event has occurred and you have fallen into a UAC mining facility. Now you must make your way back out alive....Date:04/01/18
Size:3.39 MB
Author:Brandon Duncan

A weapons modification for EDGE 1.24. I released this wad ages ago, under the name realguns.wad. Since then, I have altered some of the guns, gotten rid of some, and added new ones. Essentially it is 11 weapons taken from Half-Life: Opposing Force an...Date:07/24/01
Size:357.41 KB

DooM Resurrection Episode I
Size:1.75 MB
Author:Tommie (Fatal) Quick

Doom Zoo (part 1)
One day, one of the UAC marines got board and decided to run-a-muck at the "DoomZoo", the more common name of the UAC's compound used to study the monsters from hell. The reserchers won't be happy when they find out!...Date:01/11/03
Size:12.03 KB
Author:Nick "frwl" Byrd

this is a wad that I made a long time ago but just recently went back and completed it. so that means the map design is not that good, so you have been warning....Date:10/31/22
Size:409.81 KB

Demons of Problematique
A short trip through hell, set on by a classic Doom story. Originally intended as just a Boom compatible level, I got a little carried away with it, especially the ending credits\scenes. It carries in at over 10 Mb because of the ambient sounds used....Date:07/16/07
Size:10.14 MB
Author:Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen

Demons of Problematique 2
An obvious sequel to Demons of Problematique. No cutscenes (aside from the ending), no new weapons, no new monsters, just Doom. With some fancy effects. Be sure to turn up the music volume to above the SFX volume. Music is used sparingly but serves...Date:09/20/09
Size:9.26 MB
Author:Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen

Dawn of Reality
This wad shows real existing city (Bytom in Poland) moved to Doom universe. 99% of buildings and locations was a copy of real places. The only changes were introduced because of the engine limitations. I tried to create an exact copy of every area wi...Date:11/28/10
Size:117.18 MB

Size:25.95 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Dance on the Water
Dance on the Water is a collection of 10 boom-compatible maps featuring challenging combat and platforming. Most of the maps are short to medium in length, except map 3 which might take more than 10 hours to beat on UV....Date:06/25/22
Size:13.64 MB
Author:El Inferno

Double Dribble
"Double Dribble" was the name of a comedy duo in a hentai manga by Akira Ozaki I've read this year. I wanted a name with "double" in it to reference the theme of paired doors in this map. So I remembered this one and decided to use it as I've always ...Date:03/08/15
Size:100.23 KB

Map 28 has been replaced by one challenging map. Also, I have placed an uv-max demo, made by Heretic, in the archive. Do you have any time when Hell goes down? Could you fight against Hellspawn?...Date:06/14/09
Size:188.6 KB

STORY: Yuki started downloading some file (he doesn't want you to know what it was) and Windows said that it will take about 15 minutes, so to kill some time he started to imagine Doom levels while listening to Gary Numan and Depeche Mode....Date:06/21/14
Size:285.07 KB

Happy Birthday, Lainos!
A small present for Christmas of year 2012 and for the 21th bithday of Lainos, author of Sacrament, Doxylamine Moon: Overdose, 5till L1 Complex, Object 32-33-34 and several other cool maps. Previously, I wanted to make a city level which is similar...Date:12/23/12
Size:3.88 MB
Author:Zoltan Schmidt "Katamori"

Doom: The Parody
A joke wad. Got time? Like laughing? Give it a try. The wad sucks in quality but is meant to be funneh, not pretty (that's obvious since I don't have a solar system model in my bedroom)....Date:05/16/07
Size:630.7 KB
Author:Pawel Zarczynski

Deep Complex
A small Doom 2 level, harder than my usual style....Date:04/17/19
Size:45.99 KB
Author:Carlos Lastra

Desert Punk
Desert Punk - its my first wad i totaly finished Earth after enemy from another planet atack became a desert with small human settlements. As it goes stalker with only one interest in life, sweep angles in order to kill all aliens, invaded Earth....Date:11/12/08
Size:2.04 MB

Into Gehenna
Descend into a dark and dangerous Hell Fortress. : :...Date:04/27/23
Size:23.81 MB

Under Pressure
A typical techbase map, should take about 15 - 20 minutes to play. : :...Date:01/08/23
Size:1.38 MB

Doom Raider:Crypt of the Vile (lite version)
A single player level for ZDoom....Date:06/22/03
Size:1.36 MB
Author:Russell Pearson

Dark Resolution 2008 - UPDATED VERSION
Since the Community Project continues to be popular, this is a mapset composed for the event of the 2008 New Year and Doom's 14 birthday. This community project includes 11 maps from 9 different authors from Doomworld's Community, all winnable from p...Date:04/11/08
Size:3.07 MB
Author:See Section [2]

Sucked into the twisted dimension of Count Dracula's realm, you must navigate through his blood chambers to find his coffin and destroy him once and for all to escape. I performed some "voice acting" in this WAD as well for Dracula....Date:11/10/19
Size:1.7 MB
Author:Jason Seekings

Doctor's Crypt
DrCrypt was the guy that hit 20000 on my pages visitor counter and this level is released for him! This is a special version of level that will be 14th level of KTA. You are on a alien military base. Fight your way through it and free all your friend...Date:05/31/99
Size:428.03 KB
Author:Sir Robin a.k.a. Jani Saksa

Techno Takedown
It's a smaller map with a bit more of an old- school feel to it (I think). Don't forget to save often!...Date:07/21/14
Size:264.84 KB

DREAD is a four map tech base themed wad for Doom II. These maps are designed for classic Doom style gameplay and progression and each of the four maps in this wad are designed with pistol starts in mind. Each map includes 12 multiplayer starts and a...Date:09/07/22
Size:496.29 KB

Dream (v1.30.7)
Second in my mini-episode. This level is the follow-up to Grind2 and is meant to be played after it (hence the health boxes at the start). This level is a little bigger than Grind2, but not by much. There are definately more monsters this time around...Date:01/03/03
Size:116.87 KB
Author:Kara C. Rader

Maps that came from a dream
Three maps based on those I saw in a dream....Date:01/04/23
Size:1.76 MB

Dreary Hauler (v1.1)
An abandoned but otherwise unremarkable spaceship lost in deep space. An unremarkable marine waking up from stasis. You shouldn't be here, there nothing left to guard, defend or sav. But they shouldn't be there neither. And you don't want to die....Date:12/07/23
Size:2.2 MB

The Depths of Fear
Demons have taken over the inside of a mountain and it's up to you to clear it out. Do you have what it takes to traverse the Depths of Fear? Can you uncover all of its secrets? A fairly large and map that requires a bit of exploration to discover ...Date:05/03/14
Size:1.47 MB

Disparate Realities
A set of 9 slaughtermaps designed to be played from pistol starts. 10th map is an end map with no gameplay (MAP08)....Date:01/27/19
Size:9.05 MB

Drip Feed
A GSTONE fortress, a red glowing sky, silhouetted bodies writhe on spikes in the distance, fortelling your fate....Date:05/18/10
Size:659.97 KB

Dark Invaders (w/original music)
The invaders are beside themselves after I foiled their plans. Now they have opened a gate to Hell on my front lawn and they want revenge! ***See if you can find a way to kill the Cyberdemon who watches over the battle from afar (hint: find the switc...Date:12/03/16
Size:20.33 MB
Author:Paul Dechene

Dark Labs
IT's a level made with textures converted from Doom 3 by "hidfan". They can be found here: I wanted to learn using custom textures with Doom for the first time....Date:09/12/18
Size:776.14 KB
Author:Carlos Lastra

DoomRL Special Levels: A Recursive Adaptation
So there was Doom. And there were roguelikes. Then there was Doom: the Roguelike. And now, the iconic special levels unique to DoomRL have their own adaptations in ye olde Doom 2 (or Final Doom). Each map also has co-op and deathmatch starts, and dea...Date:10/21/14
Size:345.71 KB

Altitude Adjustment
It has been a year since you exchanged gifts with the UAC scientists and they have already gotten themselves into trouble. As it turns out, many of them were assigned to a UAC airship to investigate some new portal technology. However, the last commu...Date:12/10/23
Size:3.24 MB
Author:Dreadopp and Lord_Z

Darkest Room
Boom compatible (cl9) single level for Doom 2. Tech-bases installed into black, gray and green caverns. This map is designed to be difficult (harder then my previous maps). I suggest to start on HMP and, eventually, give UV a try when you know well t...Date:07/14/19
Size:856.75 KB
Author:Paolo M. aka Paul977

Doctor Pepper
Welcome to another soda-themed map. This one has lots of red. Be careful, you are up against an overwhelming amount of powerful 9/11'ers. Play through can be found at:
Size:1.97 MB

Descent into Hell
Medium sized map with a blend of Techbase, Cave and Hell themes....Date:07/10/13
Size:122.38 KB

The sewers map in my project "Decay"...Date:10/06/05
Size:133.96 KB

DSLVL2: Lost Mining Base
The sequel to the first one (dslvl1.wad) set in a lost Mining base type thing....Date:09/06/04
Size:116.19 KB

Dead Simple: Revisited
A bit, deadly, simple and revisited :-) Initially, this would be map 07 for PAIN, but when Fredrik decided to make it doom2.exe compatible, it didnt fit in anymore...Date:09/03/01
Size:38.43 KB
Author:Wim "The Mole" Vanrie

Nebula 95: Drown Stone
(cc4-tex.wad required!) The level was made for the Secret Santa Imitation project, led by Brian "Snakes" Knox. It is a small and tough map meant to imitate the style of Stuart "Forty-Two/stewboy" Rynn. Included in the zip is a postmortem I wrote for ...Date:09/22/13
Size:3.64 MB

Dusk Storm
Brick N Metal Map around medium size, following the Hr/AV styled gameplay. You can consider this a "demo" to my upcoming project....Date:05/22/05
Size:175.05 KB
Author:Michael "Bloodskull" Cole

DSV Episode 5: The Final War
Size:5.08 MB
Author:Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal

Death Summoning (Legacy) - Map01: Complex Entryway
This is the first map of my current project, Death Summoning. Since I seriously doubt I'll ever actually finish this project, I've decided to release the project map by map, as each map is finished. Map01 is a small tech map. If you notice any proble...Date:11/24/03
Size:472.5 KB
Author:Agent Spork

Dark Tide
A sprawling coastal castle swarming with Hellspawn...Date:11/15/17
Size:1.86 MB
Author:Chris Lutz of The Chaos Crew

Door to Chthon
The 6th level of the first episode of Quake....Date:04/20/13
Size:36.07 KB

DOOM - The Cyberdemon Army - Demo
I have constructed a demo of the 4 current top stages in DTCA. I hope you enjoy it. Please take note that the MP3's in this wad are NOT music, but are my recorded voice sound effects. I converted them into the MP3 format to save space. These leve...Date:03/09/04
Size:4.76 MB
Author:Cyber-Menace (

DTCA - Map 01 - Lobby
If anyone has ever played my original map01 for DTCA you'll know just how crappy it was. If anyone hasn't I recommend playing it first to see just how much of an improovment I made on this level....Date:09/18/03
Size:205.82 KB
Author:Cyber-Menace (

DTCA - Map 19 - Master Lift Access
This map has taken me an extremly long time to make. It is basically a tech based map with many strange new uses for scripting. It is my first fully deathmatch compatable map, if you don't mind large maps....Date:12/06/03
Size:749.57 KB
Author:Cyber-Menace (

DTCA - Map 20 - Research Centre Roof
This is the final map of the research station series. The map is just one huge battlefield where you take down a series of monsters....Date:02/11/04
Size:754.55 KB
Author:Cyber-Menace (

DTCA - Map 01 - Lobby
If you like a level with constant action, then download this. This map takes place in a large forest that the hell spawn have taken as their own. Good luck cleaning it up......Date:10/10/03
Size:700.19 KB
Author:Cyber-Menace (

DTCA - Map 17 - Military Operations
Map 17 of The Cyberdemon Army takes place in a Military Base...Date:08/22/03
Size:293.29 KB
Author:Cyber-Menace (

DTCA - Map 32 - Easy Breezy
This is by far the largest map I've ever made. I put a lot more work into this map than most others. It takes place in a town that the hell spawn have already attacked. You have to make your way through the small town to escape and get back on course...Date:08/27/03
Size:427.92 KB
Author:Cyber-Menace (

DTCA - Map 02 - UAC Mining Inc.
For those of you who have played MAP01 of DTCA this map is the continuation to it. It will introduce the first helper in the series....Date:07/19/04
Size:264.27 KB
Author:Cyber-Menace (

The temple of death
Small map with Plutonia textures. A central open area with three main buildings. Hard gameplay....Date:08/31/11
Size:151.29 KB
Author:Patrick Carosso

Discovering the Hell: The 5 Worlds
Discovering the Hell: The 5 Worlds (DTH5WI) is an unfinished and abandoned wad, consisting of 19 levels. The levels are simple detailed being more focused in design and challenge itself, provi- ding some natural, tech base and hellish scenarios. ...Date:02/22/15
Size:37.19 MB

Discovering the Hell: The Invasion
Discovering the Hell: The Invasion (DTHTI) is a 8...Date:06/30/12
Size:16.03 MB

Death Town
My first map for DOOM, more specifically Plutonia. A ghost town inspired level back in August 2016....Date:12/23/19
Size:74.37 KB
Author:Thomas 'Scorpius' Baden

Donald Trump Is The President That America Deserves
I made most of this level about three years ago but never released it until now. seems really hard and I can't guarantee it's fun to play, but I found it on my hard drive and it seems basically done so I wanted to inject a few microcells of life back...Date:08/31/19
Size:302.95 KB

The old Train level in my project "Decay"...Date:10/06/05
Size:48.36 KB

Size:59.46 KB

Don't Turn Your Back On The City
I have been irresponsible....Date:12/14/21
Size:1.66 MB
Author:Suzanne Will ('Trashbang')

You have been randomly teleported to a hell infested cavern. You don't know how you got there...Date:12/27/23
Size:173.15 KB

tech-base with a varied theming, mid-sized, generally nonlinear, less puzzle-like...Date:11/30/12
Size:1.03 MB

Dungeon 13
You are a military personnel sent to investigate a mysterious death of a worker inside a Siberian outpost and then monsters invade....Date:05/07/12
Size:14.44 MB
Author:Anthony Vattimo

6 map pack for GZdoom/Doom2. Small to Medium sized maps. Maps can be completed rather quickly (just find the switch that opens the exit and then find the exit), with lots of secrets, switches, scripted events, and hidden areas full of the stuff you...Date:04/05/18
Size:23.44 MB
Author:Paul Dechene (PAYLOAD4367)

Dust Devil
Dust Devil is a single player mission for GZDoom spread across two intertwined maps. You have been sent to a UAC outpost on a desert world to recover a mysterious artefact. Expect heavy resistance and some new surprises. Featuring new textures b...Date:03/13/22
Size:4.44 MB
Author:Captain Toenail

Deus Vult Zero: The Shadowrunner Edition
Act 1. So your name is MooMoo the JooJoo, and you're a marine on Mars, while making a sausage you're cock got stuck in a meatgrinder, and you don't know how to take it out without bleeding to death. Calling 9-11 is not an option because you'll d...Date:10/22/09
Size:3.72 MB
Author:Huykuto No Pham

Deus Vult
My first map. A large, two-themed level created for Co-op, inspired by Hell Revealed and Alien Vendetta. Emphasizes large, well-choreographed fights. Exceptionally calibrated for Single Player. Deus Vult starts you off in an underground tech base...Date:05/28/04
Size:6.05 MB
Author:Huy Pham, AKA Converted Doomer

Deus Vult II
The first edition of the sequel to the original Deus Vult. Heavily emphasizes co-op play and demo recording. Offers a wide variety of gameplay spanning nine levels, including gun n' run maps, slaughterfests, and tight survival maps. From small te...Date:02/25/08
Size:75.74 MB
Author:Huy Pham

Diet Vrack AKA Happy Birthday Pavera!
A birthday speedmap for Pavera's 22nd birthday. For some reason I modelled it after Vrack, so I decided to name it Diet Vrack. Heh. Enjoy, and Happy Birthday to Pavera. :)...Date:04/12/13
Size:89.55 KB

Darkest Wave
3 hard/combat puzzle speedmaps made for Doom II inspired by Death-Destiny/Darkwave stuff. Try HNTR/HMP if that's not your cup of tea....Date:07/18/23
Size:792.34 KB

Doom: World Carnage League - Concept Level
A single player level for ZDoom....Date:09/02/05
Size:4.2 MB
Author:Russell Pearson

Doomworld Forum Adventures!
It's a small, underdetailed map about the dream of a newbie. Work your way up the ladder to become ruler of Doomworld! It's a DOOM map centered around comedy, just in case you're a bit slow....Date:02/03/03
Size:60.58 KB

#zdoom Adventures!
Size:122.47 KB

Doomworld Forums 3
This WAD tells the true story of what REALLY happened in the recent episode at the NewDooM forums. My sources are infallible, so don't even try to dismiss any of this as false, because it is the cold, hard truth and it will...Date:01/13/04
Size:1.56 MB

Dwarf Town
This was my 1024 competition entry. The rules were given to build a map that fits within a 1024x1024 pixels map space (with no limits given for height, though). I don't know wether the competition didn't pull from the ground, but the guy responsible ...Date:06/08/06
Size:244.46 KB
Author:Pawel Zarczynski

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #1
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's first speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was "Lava City."...Date:08/03/01
Size:201.88 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #2
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's second speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to build a map without using a grid. Some of the maps pretty...Date:08/01/01
Size:555.15 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #3
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's third speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to build a map set in a torture chamber, with at least two bo...Date:08/01/01
Size:239.67 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #4
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's fourth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to build a map set in a tech base, with at least two secret ...Date:08/01/01
Size:262.44 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #5
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's fifth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to build a co-op map set in an outdoors environment....Date:08/01/01
Size:244.85 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #6
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's sixth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 120 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to build a new final level for Doom 2. A longer explanation c...Date:07/30/01
Size:239.85 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #7
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's seventh speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to build a Doom 1 level in the episode 1 style....Date:07/30/01
Size:112.46 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #8
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's eighth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to build a warehouse inside a castle....Date:08/01/01
Size:112.74 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #9
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's ninth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to try and rebuild E1M1 without looking at the original....Date:08/01/01
Size:28.06 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #10
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's tenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to build a flooded city....Date:08/01/01
Size:127.65 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #12
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's twelfth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to make a factory....Date:01/27/02
Size:70.54 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #13
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's thirteenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to build a level with lots of barrels....Date:01/27/02
Size:73.7 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #14
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's fourteenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme is described in rules14.txt. : This wad was compiled by Juli...Date:08/26/01
Size:334.22 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #15
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's fiftheenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme is described in rules15.txt. : This wad was compiled by Tobe...Date:01/27/02
Size:42.12 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #16
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's sixteenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme is "Abandoned Mines". :...Date:01/27/02
Size:104.52 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #17
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's seventeenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to build a canyon....Date:01/27/02
Size:218.46 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #18
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's eighteenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to build a tech base in the sky....Date:01/27/02
Size:718.99 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #19
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's nineteenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was complete/tweak a previous speedmap by the author....Date:07/01/09
Size:79.81 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #20
This is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's eighteenth speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level on a certain theme. This week's theme was to build a level from another game, people should recogn...Date:01/27/02
Size:15.24 KB

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #21
After a rather large break since dwspd020 in Jan 2002, this is a compilation of the WADs entered in Doomworld's twenty-first speedmapping exercise. Participants were given 100 minutes to create a Doom 2 level of their own design, the only rule being ...Date:07/10/09
Size:182.8 KB
Author:Various (uploaded by Super Jamie)

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #22
A speedmapping session started by solarn, with no theme and a time limit of around 90 minutes. Despite not having a focus, all 3 of the mappers are slaughter-lovers so expect some blood. All maps are vanilla....Date:05/02/10
Size:77.69 KB
Author:Various (uploaded by Armouredblood)

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #23
The 23rd iteration of the Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation. The session lasted over a weekend and the goal was to make a map fitting a certain theme in 100 minutes. The theme this time was "cave with a temple in it"....Date:06/01/10
Size:73.98 KB
Author:Various (uploaded by Solarn)

Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation #24
The products of Doomworld's 24th speedmapping session, started by Solarn. The session was held over five weekdays from May 24 to May 28. The theme was "metal" and only one map doesn't conform to it, but since it was made for the session and has good ...Date:06/01/10
Size:380.89 KB
Author:Various (uploaded by Solarn)

DyingCamel's Demons #1
A community project created by the regulars of Dying Camels twitch stream:
Size:5.67 MB

Dyke Project
OMG your in Kenesen's testiculs...Date:12/16/06
Size:9.75 KB

Map with an atmospheric beginning and slaughtery end....Date:05/29/22
Size:683.8 KB

Intergalactic Xenology v1.1
The alien menace has returned to haunt you even after their defeat. A new wave of adversaries have begun their assault. You wake up in a dark corridor and begin your trek through a new nightmare....Date:05/05/20
Size:18.54 MB
Author:Dreadopp and Lord_Z

Intergalactic Xenology 2
Your mission to find and eliminate more of the alien threat has lead you to a mysterious temple deep in a nearby forest. You wonder what strange new world you will see this time, and steel yourself for the unknown....Date:06/13/21
Size:20.06 MB
Author:Dreadopp and Lord_Z

Doomed in SPACE: 13 Maps for ZDoom-based ports (fixed version)
Welcome to Doomed in SPACE! The year is 2088. The UAC's current goal is to remove the line that separates men from machines. Certain undesirables are sacrificed, analyzed and experimented on for the sake of progress. The promise to integrate more e...Date:07/19/18
Size:6.9 MB
Author:Doomkid, Crunchynut44, Pinchy, Nevander, Bootleg Guy, Angry Saint, Fred512, Empyre, UberGewei and Mo

Deplorably Vile
I made most of this map a year and a half ago, before finishing it off with a bit more detailing over the past few days. This map is a large improvement upon the 3 maps in my first wad, with significantly more detailing, well thought out cover, weapo...Date:06/08/18
Size:60.82 KB

Maniac Ridge
A recreation of Duke 3D's e2l11, "Lunatic Fringe"...Date:05/20/17
Size:100.94 KB
Author:Max "Altazimuth" Waine

E2M4 - Deimos Laboratories Remake
The Deimos Laboratories have fought hard to become the most important Deimos facility, since its founding in 2022 there have been many TOP Secret Experimentation Projects there, rumored to be testing on human beings. What happens is that those years ...Date:07/04/21
Size:30.21 MB

1 level for any doom ports without vanilla limitations and with ability to play MOD music. PrBoom-Plus or GZDoom is recommended. It also will run with Doom-Plus....Date:05/25/06
Size:531.19 KB
Author:Andrey A. Budko

2 levels for any doom ports without vanilla engine limitations. PRBoom 2.2.6 from recommended...Date:10/13/04
Size:580.15 KB
Author:Andrey A. Budko

Europa 1
This is the first map in my soon to be mini series of Boom-compatible maps with a very non-linear layout. You can visit the areas of this level in any order and there are 6 different starts to choose from (some easy, some near impossible). See the en...Date:10/28/01
Size:450.27 KB
Author:Erik Alm

Europa 2
All right, here's the second part of my europa series. Hope you all enjoy it. It may not be the most detailed map ever done, but it certainly is one of the largest. You need all 6 keys to exit, and none of them come easily... Skill 2 is recommended i...Date:12/14/01
Size:846.59 KB
Author:Erik Alm

Europa 3 - The Dark Side of Vrack
A fairly detailed map for Doom2. Inspired by Fredik Johansson's incredible Vrack series. This map may cause a lot of problems on slower computers. If your computer is slower than PII 200 Mhz, don't even try to play this level, sorry :\...Date:03/28/02
Size:686.43 KB
Author:Erik Alm

Find it
My best map so far. try it!...Date:04/25/02
Size:43.94 KB
Author:Erik Alm

Eagle Speedmapping Session 1 - Rough Beginning
The first Eagle Speedmapping Session's goal was to make maps within a 2 (in practice 3) hour limit. Six maps were made, and the themes were: - Map must contain a lot of lava and a scene of an erupt volcano - Map must contain a switch which opens the ...Date:04/14/17
Size:539.7 KB
Author:DoomLover234 (project lead) AnonimVio Bioshockfan90 bonnie NecrumWarrior StormCatcher.77 Surreily

Eagle Speedmapping Session 2 - King Double
In this session, 14 maps were made, the themes being: - Knee-Deep in the Dead - Techbases, starbases - The Shores of Hell - techbases warped by Hell - Inferno - hellish environments And a bonus theme - map must have less than 750 vertex....Date:05/12/17
Size:624.68 KB
Author:DoomLover234 / NaZa (project lead) AnonimVio Bioshockfan90 bonnie everennui Forli NEANDERTHAL Necrum

Eagle Speedmapping Session 3 - Third on the 3rd
The Eagle Speedmapping Sessions' goal is to make maps within a 2 (in practice 3) hour limit. In this session, 8 maps were made, and the themes were: - Only use walkover triggers - 70 monsters at most - No ammo or weapons except plasma gun and energy ...Date:10/14/17
Size:305.35 KB
Author:DoomLover234 (project lead) Big Ol Billy bzzrak dl_simc elmle everennui Forli NuclearPotato Walter C

Eagle Speedmapping Session 4 - Four Square!
The fourth Eagle Speedmapping Sessions' goal was to make maps within a 2 (in practice 3) hour limit. Five maps were made, and the themes were: - No possesed humans - 1024x1024 playable area limit - No ammo except berserk Plus a bonus theme for the ch...Date:10/15/17
Size:269.93 KB
Author:DoomLover234 (project lead) everennui Forli Surreily Walter Confetti

Eagle Speedmapping Session 5 - Total Silence!
The fifth Eagle Speedmapping Sessions' goal was to make maps within a 2 (in practice 3) hour limit. Eleven maps were made, and the themes were: - Ancient ruins - Lots of switch mechanisms - No armor Plus a bonus theme for the chaps who showed up for ...Date:10/19/17
Size:964.2 KB
Author:DoomLover234 (project lead) bonnie (compiler) A2Rob Bioshockfan90 Breezeep Elmle Everennui Forli Nuc

Eagle Speedmapping Session 7 - All Alone in the Flame of Doubt
The seventh Eagle Speedmapping Sessions' goal was to make maps within a 2 (in practice 3) hour limit. Eight maps were fully completed, and the themes were: - Possessed mansion - No light levels brighter than 160 - Spectres and Lost Souls should be ab...Date:11/07/17
Size:898 KB
Author:DoomLover234 / NaZa (project lead) bzzrak dl_simc NeedHealth Philnemba Pinchy Spie812 therektafire

ea Gothic 1
A single player map for Doom2, I was bored so I threw this together, took me one night. THIS LEVEL REQUIRES GOTHICTX.WAD...Date:11/27/01
Size:62.46 KB
Author:Erik Alm

ea Gothic 2
A difficult single player map for Doom2. Don't play skill 4 unless you are VERY confident in your skills. Skill 3 should be challenge enough for 90% of all players. THIS LEVEL REQUIRES GOTHICTX.WAD...Date:12/03/01
Size:91.61 KB
Author:Erik Alm

Earth Base
This is a small but lethal map with a frantic intro. Grab the super shotgun as soon as possible to have the highest chance of living....Date:04/19/23
Size:46.55 KB

Earthless: Prelude
"EARTHLESS" is the spiritual successor to Jimmy's Ultimate Doom megawad "Deathless" which was released in 2018. This is the teaser for the full megawad, containing twelve out of the 32 planned levels, which will be spread across six 5-level episodes....Date:10/10/21
Size:1.59 MB

Ten level episode for the game engine, ZDOOM. This episode fully accomodates ZDoom's enhancements of free-look, jumping and the Boom/ZDoom enhanced set of line specials. It also has areas of complexity and grandeur of archetecture and settings not pr...Date:05/23/99
Size:1.39 MB
Author:Roger Ritenour

ea Speedmap 3
A single player map for Doom2, made in less than 100 minutes. My conection died on me as I was going to submit this to Nick Baker's speedmapping excercise... so I'll just release it here. The theme was to make a tribute to your favourite Doom/Doom2 l...Date:01/13/02
Size:33.23 KB
Author:Erik Alm

World's Easiest Doom 2 Level!
This is my attempt to make the easiest WAD ever. It's pretty much impossible to die on this map....Date:10/05/13
Size:21.54 KB

Easy Map
Easy Map is a map for people to take it easy - had a long, hard day at work? Spill macaroni all over yourself again? Glue your socks together? I did that once when I was helping my Father in law lay kitchen tile. What am I talking about...Date:02/27/22
Size:751.42 KB
Author:Clippy Clippington

Ebola: 32 Ways to Die
Ebola made a TC called Hyena, so I thought it would only be fitting for me to make a Doom Project with his name on it. Essentially, this is just a fun collection of 32 badly-detailed levels, geared towards making the player die. Note: Most levels aut...Date:10/27/03
Size:38.5 KB

E of Chaos!
This map was inspired by the original Doom II's "O of Destruction" or "Circle of Death". That's it....Date:09/10/05
Size:556.63 KB
Author:Eric W. Buck

Echoes Of Desolation
Two medium-sized techbase maps for ZDoom, inspired by the atmosphere of PSX Doom. Sound effects replaced with the ones from said game....Date:01/31/19
Size:15.53 MB

Eclipse (2x2 series)
Two levels for any limit removing port. The idea for this PWAD came from The main concept is: you should create a level using only two IWAD textures and two IWAD flats. Thanks Shadowman for inspiration. PrBoom-Plus is str...Date:12/29/08
Size:2.54 MB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

It's a nineteen map wad, 100% oldschool gameplay....Date:07/10/08
Size:1.33 MB

A creeped out sewage plant where all hell has broken loose(cliche) note: This is also my first publicly released wad Play with gzdoom+"lights.wad" on 'doom'(intended) or 'standard' light settings...Date:10/23/06
Size:695.68 KB
Author:Oculus Orbis

The Horror Collection
One level for boom compatible and limit removing ports. PrBoom-Plus or GZDoom are recommended. Some DEHACKED stuff is taken from talented mapper Erik Alm. This is only the first level in the planned series of horror maps. To be continued... To p...Date:05/15/07
Size:1.15 MB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

Eden Loss (version 2)
An 8 level wad, The last 4 are a HUB. Caves, metal fortresses, forests, villages and more!...Date:10/04/07
Size:1.94 MB

Mid-episode style map for Doom 2 which will require some strategy during certain fights....Date:05/24/10
Size:200.86 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Eternal Darkness
This is a Story-Based wad with a plot full of surprises and suspence where nothing is what it looks. With a prologue and epilogue, story NPCs and objectives. Most of the maps were created in Zdoom format, but some in hexen format, including only one ...Date:03/03/19
Size:10.92 MB
Author:Kepehn Glyphaith

Easter Egg
Since Easter is around the corner, I made a level consisting of an egg-shaped field....Date:04/18/19
Size:688.74 KB

Evil Eye's Arena
Survive! and complete the Evil eye's arena......Date:02/25/24
Size:339.67 KB

Escape from phobos Demo
A Pre-lude to The Ultimate Doom...Date:07/05/03
Size:927.66 KB
Author:The TLSDM Team (Gothy, Jackass, and Chrono)

Eggplant Wad
Just a collection of five maps that I've made when I was learning DoomBuilder....Date:03/24/21
Size:360.08 KB

This is my first official Doom WAD release! Its a temple/mid-evil themed level with a unique concept (as far as I am aware) of a 2048 size, similar to 1024 size, only 4 times larger. The main reason I chose to do the 2048 theme was because all of the...Date:10/29/12
Size:2.21 MB
Author:Egregor (Eregore)

The Event Horizon
Difficulties are implemented. Recommended to play HMP/HNTR. UV assumes foreknowledge. Designed for pistol starts. Suggest playing in software only. I do not test using gl. Targeted port is prboom+ only. Did not test using other ports....Date:05/30/21
Size:2.92 MB

UAC Earth Headquarters
of Level :Fairly cramped, "building" type level that's on the hard side. Ammo and health are pretty tight too. I didn't use any advanced port features or replace any graphics/music. Figured I'd better get the basics down first. HINT: You may have to ...Date:04/11/06
Size:541.08 KB

A small Plutonia-inspired level. First of my wads ever uploaded. To be continued......Date:02/10/23
Size:127.76 KB

Elegy for them Vigil
A sequel to my previous map Ode of Resurrection, Elegy is a nonlinear "tech base being turned into an outpost of hell"-themed map. Notes: 1) This is by design a dimly lit map, so either play it in a dark room to avoid backlightning on the monitor, ...Date:05/03/07
Size:1.35 MB

El Foso
An ancient pit is discovered somewhere in a lost facility. Your task is to investigate it....Date:09/25/22
Size:16.77 KB
Author:Alejandro Berges

Elio's Maps
These are 2 maps from my wad "Maps of Evil", so you might as well call it a sneak peek....Date:06/25/19
Size:389.66 KB

Epic Legendary Legends!
Demons once again decided to kill earth and now you're trapped in this area that god knows what it is, so what can you do? Like any other stupid shitfest, kill kill kill like the madman you are! Can you survive the stupidity that crosses your path? L...Date:04/23/12
Size:2.57 MB

a map for doom 2. zdoom engine needed...Date:05/20/09
Size:430.59 KB
Author:Jose Barzallo "doomguyer"

This is a sort of speedmap I made to combat mapper's block. It had no time limit, but I kept moving a fairly quick pace....Date:12/15/09
Size:494.13 KB

Spectacle map with about 2900 monsters and portraits of anime boys. Read postmortem.txt for why this is a thing. Storytime: Yagoo's evil twin, Oogay, has been unleashed and has taken over the Tempus guild in Elysium. He intends to convert it into...Date:12/10/23
Size:26.22 MB

Eternal Memories 1
17 small maps made from memory, based on areas from TeamTNT's Eternal Doom 3. Some stuff is intentionally different, while other stuff is an error in memory. Looking at the eternall maps in an editor or in-game wasn't allowed. I played eternall a lot...Date:08/29/10
Size:927.26 KB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

Emergent is 4 small Boom maps, designed for pistol starts. They're meant to be played without saving, on a difficulty setting that will kill you quite a few times before you get an exit. Enemies are shuffled early in the maps, and will spawn in unpre...Date:02/23/17
Size:2.53 MB

Death of An Emo
A short little movie where you choose how the emo kills himself. Just play the goddamn wad already....Date:11/17/06
Size:114.32 KB

Eagle Mapping Project, Nov 2018
A community project run by Aquila Chrysaetos containing maps made by NoReason, BioRenegat, DanielAlexander, Bushpig2dope, Major Arlene, Pegleg, DMPhobos, obake, and WindbagJacket....Date:02/08/19
Size:26.14 MB

The Sadistic Enclave
You awake to find yourself imprisoned within a fiendish metal contraption. Screams echo in the distance and blood decorates the walls: this must be Hell itself! It seems the denizens of Hell still won't relent in their efforts to destroy you. You wil...Date:11/22/12
Size:137.4 KB

The End
The end is a reverse map where you start out at the end and make your way back to the beginning. I build the end first and designed the rest later. You also have to help save some friendly baby cacos. Map 1 is the main event but if you want to start ...Date:02/04/22
Size:5.23 MB
Author:Clippy Clippington

old levels i fixed up in zdoom...Date:12/23/06
Size:168.49 KB
Author:paul vallejo

If you want to play this wad with doom2-plus, then you should append sprites & flats of Doom2 to the pwad: deutex.exe -append ENDPOINT.wad...Date:09/02/16
Size:1003.98 KB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S.

I've wanted to make a tech base map I was proud actually proud of, so here it is :)...Date:04/23/22
Size:90.77 KB

Endless Fall: Conservation of Momentum
Do a running jump. Enjoy the conservation of momentum! Enjoy your ENDLESS FALL!!!...Date:09/20/12
Size:2.57 KB
Author:Newtonian Motion

The Secret Energy
Boom compatible (cl9) single level for Doom 2. A large tech-base settled in big canyon areas. There are some secret areas to discover. This map is designed to be rather difficult on UV (like my previous map Blackroom.wad). For this reason I suggest t...Date:11/15/18
Size:600.14 KB
Author:Paolo M. aka Paul977

Engineer Nukem
Engineer Nukem is a level that involves fighting in the Duke Nukem 3D environment. Prepare for the challenging battles ahead. Otherwise, prepare to fail. It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum. My demo:
Size:9.55 MB

Enigma 13
I hate joke wads, so I decided to make my own :D....Date:09/24/04
Size:1000.05 KB
Author:Lexus Alyus

Another one my maps that focus on a limited armory, this time you get nothing but a Rocket Launcher and a BFG, with the latter having only a few recharges scattered across the map and the former being still fairly limited. Grab three keys, drop the g...Date:08/09/12
Size:227.03 KB

This wad contains the first (short) level of an 8 level iwad I'm working on. There is a hidden super shotgun and rocket launcher....Date:06/01/10
Size:27.14 KB
Author:Brandon Gray

Entropy is a large and challenging Boom compatible (cl9) slaughter map with a gold and orange theme. There are two main routes to take from the start, one for plasma and the other for rockets, both must be completed in order to finish the map, so you...Date:05/01/19
Size:5.78 MB

Hell Entrance
A Hellish version of the Entryway for Doom2. A entrance into hell....Date:11/14/09
Size:118.95 KB

This is the complete sewer map from D&D Eye of the Beholder wich is also a game that i like. Special for those who likes haunting mazy maps!...Date:09/14/22
Size:194.87 KB

Embers Of Hell Lost Mission 2
This is a single map where the player progresses through all the weapons, from pistol to BFG and faces increasigly bigger monsters, until reaching the final boss battle. Difficulty settings are implemented. Ambience is mostly tech with some hell ...Date:09/11/22
Size:136.01 KB
Author:Milton Maldonado Jr (ARMCoder)

Embers Of Hell: Nuclear Powerplant
This is a single-player only, single map, based on MAP10 from the original Embers Of Hell mapset. Several changes were made on the map design, including a significant increase in the difficulty of the UV skill level (too easy in the previous version)...Date:07/30/22
Size:623.59 KB
Author:Milton Maldonado Jr (ARMCoder)

Embers Of Hell:Ratanaba UDMF (Director's Cut)
Urban legends (more precisely, money-seeking crooks) have been saying lately that there's an ancient Alien city lost in the midst of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. This is a great inspiration for a Doom map, anyway! This is a single map where t...Date:07/31/22
Size:199.07 KB
Author:Milton Maldonado Jr (ARMCoder)

Enigma of Sector Sigma
5-map wad. Pistol starts are the intended experience, but continuous playthroughs are supported too....Date:07/20/21
Size:6.07 MB

The PSX Doom Tribute.
A collection of maps for the PSX Doom resource wad.....Date:02/06/06
Size:748.96 KB
Author:john cartwright
An e1m1 type map....Date:10/25/03
Size:171.61 KB

One level for any boom compatible and limit removing ports. PrBoom-Plus or GZDoom are recommended. To play this PWAD file, unzip it into the directory with your PWADs then start: glboom-plus.exe -file epic.wad -complevel 9 (g)zdoom.exe -file epic.wad...Date:10/10/07
Size:1.28 MB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S. (aka Deadall)

Epicus Furor
An infernal/medieval map. You are a warrior, so prepare to fight a lot with swords. Its highly recomended to use keybord AND mouse....Date:10/09/10
Size:2.37 MB

New Episode 6 - ZDaemon compatible version
In previous episode, you defeated Joker in his stronghold on Mars called Cruel. He was planning an invasion to earth. You got trapped in Cruel. Your main goal now is to find a way to escape. After 3 days of wandering, you receive radio transmission f...Date:09/19/04
Size:1.34 MB

(uploader's note: approximate translation of a quite bizarre spanish): Is a very strange map, the ambientation is very strange because it seems a canyon with some vegetation, and in this map appears a sort of evil castle guarded with a big wall. Anot...Date:08/15/08
Size:340.89 KB
Author:Ivano Lich

'Equinox' is a 13 level wad. I mainly did it for the new graphics, sound and music. Go nuts....Date:11/21/01
Size:2.35 MB

Mt. Erebus 1024
A E3M6 themed ZDoom compatible level for Doom 2. The playing area is limited to a square of 1024x1024 units. This is my first completed level for ZDoom, although not the first Doom level I have made....Date:02/20/16
Size:20.99 KB

Journey to Erebus
3 levels for Doom 2. Based on my old "bhouse" level, but heavily, heavily modified and split into 3 maps. Motivation: a facility hidden in a cavern has been conducting experiments in hell, and have found a legendary volcano called Erebus. Journey t...Date:03/28/12
Size:555.01 KB

Earth Assault
3 level singleplayer wad. Also designed for deathmatch. The levels were made individually over the course of about a year and a half, and eventually compiled into one single wad. MAP03 wad built first, and intended for use in TNT: Revilution (as MAP0...Date:03/23/17
Size:317.69 KB
Author:Peter Hunt (Seidolon)

Escape the Cavern
You find yourself in a giant cavern. Escape to daylight! Homage to MAP29 and E4M2. Designed to be played on Ultra Violence and provide a difficulty level suitable for Doom E4 ("Thy Flesh Consumed"). Lower difficulty levels are available if this is ...Date:08/20/13
Size:88.99 KB
Author:Peter Kasting

DOOM Ethereal
My first 'real' project; quite simple, but I...Date:05/23/20
Size:4.18 MB

Ettin Etiquette
The last time you saw these Ettin creatures, they were slower and weaker. These two- headed monsters from the Hexen universe are now in Hell, and would you believe it... you're out of ammo! You may as well dump your weapons 'cause you won't find any ...Date:12/25/00
Size:432.88 KB
Author:Sparky of KISS Software

Escalation Titan
A Canadian U.A.C. base, CFB Titan, is being overrun by demonic forces and you must escape to the transporter on the other side of the large complex...Date:07/22/21
Size:5.66 MB
Author:Jeffrey Canam [GrahfMetal]

Eulogy 5 for BOOM
It's Eulogy 5, changed around a bit, and made specifically for TeamTNT's BOOM engine. I've recently been getting quite interested in the BOOM engine, and editing for it, so I figured I'd take a shot at it. Basicly I was too lazy to make an all new...Date:08/10/98
Size:71.63 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Eulogy 8
Bigger then the other 7, and harder too I think. Also, this one is for Boom only. In other words, use Boom you nutjob!...Date:09/06/98
Size:87.51 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Eulogy 9
This will be the final 'Eulogy' map. It's not a long one(should take 7-8 mins)but the ending is quite hard. Also, I've implimented a few more Boom features then I usually do(deep water w/color- map, currents, shadowcasting). See the tips for some mor...Date:10/03/98
Size:79.54 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Ghosts of Euno Muno
It's kinda blue and purple with a touch of green in places. But mostly blue. (Ps. Software rendering messes up the transparent windows, so keep that in mind.)...Date:05/24/23
Size:845.73 KB
Author:VBraveMany - Aka D'Craven_0ne

El ltimo Pasajero (The Last Passenger)
Map built for the "5th Cabro's Map Tournament" at Kuso- Geb....Date:10/16/14
Size:132.5 KB

After you decided to do some "ghost hunting" on an abandoned mining town located off the coast of California you soon come to find that you got a lot more than you bargained for....Date:05/29/23
Size:516.61 KB

Evil Journey - Plan "A"
Its a five map episode, that takes place on Earth. It mixes realistic and abstract mapping, and features new sounds, textures, enemies and stuff....Date:04/18/08
Size:4.9 MB

Evil Village
You must explore and abandoned village and search for signs of clandestine research activity....Date:05/14/22
Size:1.74 MB
Author:Alejandro Berges

Maps of Evil v0.1
Maps 14-16 of Maps of Evil showcase. If you have anything you don't like, give me suggestions. WARNING: On map 14 DO NOT go into the sewers unless you're looking for a shortcut or for 100% of the kills, secrets and items. You MAY run out of radiation...Date:07/01/19
Size:475.43 KB

Evil Eye
This is a puzzley map. Keep that in mind....Date:06/21/09
Size:223.6 KB

Evil Hyrbrid
Well I started off inspired by the 10sector.wad, but alas I ended up with about 80. Its a nicely detailed, mid-sized level that took almost a week to compose. You'll have to make good use of the pistol and chainsaw to get through with any life, I mad...Date:11/24/00
Size:80.96 KB
Author:Cast Draling

Maps of Evil v0.12
Map 12 of my wad "Maps of Evil" Points of interest: You MIGHT wana use IDFA, since at that point, you're supposed to have all ammo in the game. ALSO BEWARE of crushing ceilings, BEWARE (*cough* yellow key and Hell Knih Hallway *cough*)...Date:07/01/19
Size:284.66 KB

Ever Shrine
The only remaining crew member of the ship, captain, has met the eye of the storm all alone, in search of what J. Paddock wrote down in his journal, completely shipwrecked having lost all the supplies, using his puny pistol he has ventured onto the i...Date:02/02/17
Size:1.54 MB

A personal expansion for Doom II. All music by Ericson Willians (Poisone Wein)....Date:06/12/14
Size:16.16 MB
Author:Ericson Willians

Lurking Evil
You find yourself in a hostile environment, deal with it....Date:06/09/14
Size:3.86 MB
Author:Ericson Willians

Vaguely pretentious, slightly cryptic concept map w/ ATMOSFEAR...Date:02/15/23
Size:158.99 KB
Author:Chris Kendell (Somniac)

Extreme Fisting of the Pain Elemental
Quick map for fisting some PEs....Date:07/07/10
Size:19.86 KB

Quake style map...Date:12/16/06
Size:1.84 MB

Existential Dread
Existential Dread started out as a project for me to make Doom maps again. It has been about 5 years since I made anything, and I have played a lot in that time period for speedrun demos, and have been super impressed with quality of recent wads, I f...Date:09/14/22
Size:3.08 MB
Author:Andrea Rovenski (cyberdemon531)

Existence.wad is a map I have started working very early on. It's one out of three original maps to ever see the light of the day, it's also one of my favorite of the bunch due to its thorough detailing. and challenging action on UV. I recommend to...Date:06/01/22
Size:1.44 MB

Ave Exitium
One map for Boom-compatible source ports. Was originally a map for this year's MAYhem until the entry criteria changed....Date:11/11/16
Size:254.61 KB

Extorta Montra v1
A large and brutal phycotic map that verges on trolling. Be prepared to save and die a lot!...Date:05/11/12
Size:1.18 MB

After escape from the Unknown Outpost, the marine reach the Exo Base. But something unexpected happened......Date:02/07/24
Size:3.52 MB

A story . . You and your squad are trapped in a base infested with zombies. Unfortunatley you are the only suvivor of your team. Your ordered to clear out the UAC base and while doing so seal off the portal between the base and the outside world. Fai...Date:05/08/04
Size:205.29 KB

Exol Base
My first map <3 I know it's quite far-fetched for a first map, but once I found out about Hexen scripting I...Date:06/20/09
Size:2.5 MB

A set of 5 chill, easy maps (for the most part), with map05 being an old map made for a now abandoned community project back in early 2020. There are a few harder and slaughtery sections, but the only big slaughter fight is at the end of map05....Date:11/25/23
Size:6.55 MB

Exquisite Amethyst
Here is a new single map for GZDoom, inspired an inordinate amount by Cyb's "Void". Ambition outgrew the time allotted before Fuzzball's birthday, so it was released 2 weeks late. Software renderer somewhat supported - hardware preferred. Dynamic...Date:04/06/22
Size:21.75 MB

The Exterminator (Light version)
It's a cartoony, MSPAINT weapons mod for the latest version of ZDoom (2.1.7 as of this writing). This is supposed to be the remake of my EDGE weapons mod, Immoral Conduct: Lizard Edition (ICD-Lizard). There aren't as many weapons as ICD-Lizard but I'...Date:04/01/07
Size:909.52 KB
Author:Cliff AKA Lizardcommando

Extreme Terror
Demons have once again invaded a UAC military base. Since you seem to be good at stopping such invasions, the UAC has sent you to contain the situation....Date:03/22/16
Size:24.07 MB
Author:Alexa "yukib1t" Jones-Gonzales

A somewhat difficult DOOM 2 map playable with any limit-removing engine. This map was originally meant as a remake of MAP21 of Doom 2 ("Nirvana"), but soon became its own thing entirely. The original Sanskrit word "nirvana" meant "extinguished", henc...Date:05/22/16
Size:537.28 KB
Author:Stormwalker A.K.A. Vordakk

Some Sewage Base I worked on ages ago but never got around to completely till the Comm project in 2 weeks started. This is the official version before Vegeta stripped it of it's "atmosphere"....Date:04/04/07
Size:337.39 KB
Author:Michael "Bloodskull" Cole

EXTRAMAP: Altar of Extraction
This is a modified version of coltonrawr's release of "EXTRAMAP Finished" which is a mod of an unfinished 3DO map named EXTRAMAP...Date:12/14/22
Size:13.54 KB

The Last Experiment
Classic DOOM/DOOM 2 gameplay with some riddles, secrets and of course tons of juicy demon ass kicking. New soundtrack, textures, items and monsters. My gameplay video:
Size:16.39 MB
Author:Krzysztof Kietlinski

The Eye
A fairly tough single map with a circular layout and moments of mild carnage...Date:01/01/13
Size:923.17 KB

Eyeball is a ridiculous level resembling an eyeball. You start off in the pupil and you go outwards into the snow. Have your resources ready. Otherwise, you are doomed to failure. My eyes are on you. You can try playing this single-level wad with a Z...Date:01/04/18
Size:705.11 KB

Ezekiel (Abridged version)
Ezekiel is a 3 episode mission pack for DOOM 2. Each episode contains 4 maps, plus a final map for a total of 13 maps. The abridged version contains only the first two episodes and the final map, as the third episode was never finished. The levels ...Date:04/06/18
Size:3.23 MB
Author:40oz, AD_79, Breezeep, memfis, and GRB

Deliverance: ONI Facility Demo (stripped version)
A simple one-level demo with three exits. This version fixes a lot of bugs and is stripped of music to comply with /idgames standards....Date:09/21/16
Size:416.6 KB
Author:Elric Sullivan (Fisk)

Face your fears
A small singleplayer level to keep you on your toes which uses some unique zdoom features....Date:06/18/05
Size:180.25 KB

The Slipgate Experiment
The UAC is up to no good again, except this time on earth. You must fight threw Area 420, and find the secret location of the slipgate....Date:06/27/09
Size:342.66 KB

The Facility.
Requires Doom2 This wad is a huge nukage base. you must clean it out, kill the monsters, you know the rest......Date:10/04/19
Size:385.62 KB
Author:John Cartwright

The Facility.
Requires Doom2 This wad is a huge nukage base. you must clean it out, kill the monsters, you know the rest......Date:11/14/09
Size:405.39 KB
Author:Bejiitas Wrath

The Demon Factory
1 fairly large level. Contains many ZDoom...Date:10/24/99
Size:130.86 KB
Author:Shawn Huckabay

Walt's Anomaly
Just a "speedmap" of congest map01 and e1m8. This is my "first" attempt to gzdoom released here. This could not been the best wad ever, but oh damn, IS DOOM, the Ruby Gloom cat (registred laughs)! Enjoy. This wad comes out from a abandoned (?) dw p...Date:01/28/10
Size:509.47 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Deimos: The Fallen Citadel
A short 5 Levels mapset for Doom II. Meant to be a "Shareware Version" of my project "Another 32 over 32"....Date:02/26/14
Size:262.57 KB
Author:Donnel "Jazzmaster9" Enriquez

The Fallen: Dark Ascension Remastered
A Dark Hellish/Gothic theme re-imagining of The Ultimate Doom's Episode 3 and 4 this time using the advanced capabilities of the Gzdoom engine. Some of the features that brings new life into this hellish theme includes: slopes, new decorate monster t...Date:10/28/14
Size:43.69 MB
Author:The Solution

Fallen District
A large city map in classic id software style. : :...Date:09/04/22
Size:532.45 KB

Fallen Leaves
Tough fast-paced levels with an autumn and winter theme....Date:12/23/22
Size:2.82 MB
Author:Brian "Bri" Irving

Fallen - The Rising
A Tech/Earth based 11 Map WAD using many of the features of ZDoom. Such as,...Date:05/16/09
Size:946.94 KB
Author:Nuke em

Geared for the hardcores, there's loads of Spider-demons and Cyberdemons. There's also a BFG in the first room. Finding enough ammo and using it well is the tricky part. Also, there's a ton of secrets....Date:01/29/10
Size:124.64 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Fear of the Dark/Blood of the Earth
Two-pack of separate WADs entitled "Fear of the Dark" and "Blood of the Earth" respectively. These are the first two maps I've ever created - they may be included in a SomethingAwful community megawad in the future but I'm releasing them as stand-alo...Date:01/16/11
Size:127.32 KB

Fanta Factory
A (very) short 1024 map made for the Vinesauce Doom mapping contest, run by groupmember Joel. Unfortunately it didn't make it in due to unforeseen complications. Not that bad in retrospect, since it would have been easily dwarfed by the other entries...Date:02/16/17
Size:1.56 MB
Author:Hebridean Isle

From a Hideous Road of Corpses and Misery to Satan's Secret Oddities
Size:10.7 MB
This wad has 1 map which is a short, intense, fast-paced slaughermap with aggressive gameplay, and an overwhelming amount of monsters, taking place in a small cave. It requires doom2.wad as the base wad....Date:01/20/24
Size:9.35 KB

Fatal Error Doom
THE STORY OF FATAL ERROR DOOM The demons are trying to rip apart the universe again, so you have to fight them. But this time the demons have brought with them a secret weapon even they were too scared to use. They'll do anything they can to stop you...Date:06/30/05
Size:87.4 KB

No Hope for Life Epsiode II: FATE (Demo)
Size:128.95 KB
Author:Andy Leaver (Aleaver)

You're just revisiting... That's all....Date:02/25/24
Size:42.47 KB

FBase 6: Remanasu
I started this as a test map to learn to use Doom Builder. I think it turned out to be pretty cool :) NOTE: This is version 1.1 of the map. I fixed some bug where the player was able to get the blue key by running into the wall below it. Thanks to Sa...Date:09/03/03
Size:132.7 KB
Author:Boris Iwanski

My friend, cock
Finally, you are accepted in your dream work, studying the possibilities of hyper-space sex, but something changes, your arrival is abrupt quickly, and your "dream work" is now your hell, a nightmare in a fisical form. Your mission, stop it ......Date:06/21/14
Size:165.9 KB

FDC # 10
This map was made for First-Try Demo Contest # 10 on Russian Doom Community and Doomworld....Date:07/30/13
Size:1.07 MB

Father's Day Insanity 2019
Since Dadda Day is approaching, I made a sequel to Mother's Day Insanity 2019. It is titled "Father's Day Insanity 2019." The music is "Pushing Onwards" from VVVVVV. Good luck trying to survive because I made it hard....Date:06/11/19
Size:634.39 KB

Father's Day Insanity 2020
Hello trash kickers. Since Father's Day is around the corner, I present to you Father's Day Insanity 2020. As usual, don't expect to survive the map. Demo is located at:
Size:1.03 MB

Father's Day Insanity 2021
Here, we have another Father's Day map for this year. This one is titled "Father's Day Insanity 2021". As always, use -complevel 17 for recording demos. Also, good luck surviving it. Demo is available at:
Size:1.02 MB
Author:Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)

Father's Day Insanity 2022
Since Father's Day is here, I decided to make a Father's Day map. This one is titled "Father's Day Insanity 2022". This one may not run well due to high 9/11'er count if you are using a ZDoom-derived engine to play the map. You will need to use DSDA-...Date:06/19/22
Size:1.31 MB
Author:Timothy Brown (MArt1And00m3r11339)

Father's Day Insanity 2023
Father's Day Insanity 2023 came out late this year because I got carried away with rerunning my large slaughter maps that I've released from months or years ago. Well here is my Father's Day map for this year (Father's Day was on June 18th). I was ha...Date:07/09/23
Size:1.39 MB

Fear Of The Dark
Size:70.29 KB
Author:Robby DeCandia AKA: r_rr

From the Ashes of Fear
Map15 is a base-themed map, that gets progressively difficult. The map is somewhat non-linear in that it provides alternative paths, and involves back-tracking. Map31 is a castle-type map that brings the player back to areas visited earlier in the ma...Date:12/18/07
Size:680.78 KB
Author:Rex Claussen

Fear Island
You begin on the marbled rooftop of an island fortress. Work your way down two terraced levels, battling all your favorite foes. Note: although the chainsaw & berserk pack are sources of limitless entertainment, they usually serve a dual purpose, (i....Date:09/06/99
Size:73.95 KB
Author:Gurkha Boy

Fear is the Key
City-themed map, requiring any limit-removing source port. [Tested on ZDooM and jDooM.] Features some fairly intense battles and decent architecture. On Skill 4 you will want to conserve your ammo until you've built up your reserves....Date:07/06/05
Size:320.29 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

Fear is the Price of Sin
base-styled map, requiring any limit-removing source port. [Tested on ZDooM and jDooM.]...Date:01/03/06
Size:249.44 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

Fear Station Alpha
Medium-sized level; base theme focusing on looks and gameplay....Date:10/09/03
Size:214.57 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

Fear Station Bravo
Tech-base themed map with non-linear design and alternative paths....Date:10/19/15
Size:747.72 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

Fear Station: Charlie
Tech-base themed map with non-linear design and alternative paths. Gameplay varies depending on the order of weapons you pick up....Date:11/03/17
Size:205.56 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

February 14th Sucks
A random map I created in the space of Febrary 14th, one of my least favourite days of the year. The map itself is short, although challenging on Ultra-Violence. I tried to put more detail into this than the maps in Random SP as well....Date:02/14/10
Size:54.06 KB

Fecal Salad
Fecal Salad is a map with lots of brown, a salad covered in poop that no one wants to eat. Doom Guy decides to just throw it out. In-game clearing time should be roughly 4 - 5 hours depending on the player. Play through of the map can be found on my ...Date:01/15/24
Size:2.98 MB

/Story :...Date:06/01/10
Size:16.23 MB
Author:Rev.Heretic / The Heretic / Heretic

Female Doom
You are in a new world dominated by females. The feminist won the war against the men, killing all of them. This world is a dream for lesbians (in fact, lesbians and feminist women are the same thing!). The unique man that can find a legitime w...Date:06/17/04
Size:7.37 MB

A file that contains some new architecture designs, a lot of tricks, and a variety of elements. You should use some of the enhanced engines to play this WAD file....Date:06/11/01
Size:52.3 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya.

Festering Cesspool
The map tries to recreate some sort of residual water treatment plant that connects with a serie of old abandonded factories. Seems you fell into a manhole, can you get out of that festering cesspool alive?...Date:04/04/21
Size:24.15 MB

This map places you in the middle of something you don't understand. And you don't want to understand it. Monsters are all around and your only hope is Feveswar, your creative alter-ego. And he comes to be very creative when he has to do with killing...Date:06/23/04
Size:11.98 KB
Author:Kostas "Bad Sector" Michalopoulos

FoH Fort 2012 Celebration
A speed mapped level created for DoomHero85's 2012 speed mapping event. Celebrate the birth of the year 2012 the like of which only FoH can offer!...Date:01/09/12
Size:396.17 KB

Cacodemon Squad: 3 Level Public Demo Update 2
This is a Total Conversion that sponsors the Fre Hissy Campaign. Play it only if you support the Free Hissy Campaign..... Just Kidding!! Anyone can play it, but if Ling plays this wad, then he will get into Trouble!!! Play on easiest if you want to g...Date:12/10/00
Size:2.94 MB
Author:Sean Gauthier

"Fallen HQ" & "The Terminal"
MAP01: "Fallen HQ". Escape tfrom your former HQ to the streets. MAP02: "The Terminal". Visit a Doom II style installation....Date:04/22/16
Size:116.23 KB
Author:Mario Augusto Puga Valera

Fight the power! Inspired by Squadron 417....Date:06/21/14
Size:414 KB

Fighting 2
I had a headache for pretty much the whole day (an extremely rare occurrence). Couldn't really get any work done but I still wanted to produce at least something....Date:04/12/19
Size:383.45 KB

Filtration Plant
A stand-alone map that I made in my spare time. It's a UAC base, of course, and it's meant to be quite the challenge. Works only in GZDoom, and it works with Brutal Doom too. However, I can't really say the same for any other mods that get finicky wi...Date:12/13/20
Size:1011.11 KB
Author:King S P O O N

Remake of my map "infernal fortress", and tribute to Megawad scythe 2 by Erik Alm. An extreme difficulty level with new monsters from realm667 done with basic design of doom. Some parts are similar to parts of scythe 2 maps (obvious)...Date:11/29/10
Size:5.21 MB
Author:roberto lopez (aka gothic)

Infernal Fortress 2.1
A remake of a remake, this is and upgraded version of my old map Infernal Fortress 2 (released as "Finfer2"), adapted from zdoom to boom format....Date:04/14/15
Size:2.38 MB

Infernal Fortress
My first big map for Doom, made back then on the year 2010 for zdoom and released only on the hispanic forum Diseo Doom, this version was modified to work with PR/GLBoom, other than removed slopes and decorate monsters, this map remains unmodified....Date:04/14/15
Size:978.76 KB

Final Mission
A final mission against Hell....Date:02/24/17
Size:657.37 KB

The general theme of the map is an E2/Downtown inspired map that takes place in a warehouse full of boxes, which might have a few hellish problems with it. I will leave it up to whomever decides to play this to figure out the general gameplay gimmick...Date:01/13/21
Size:184.02 KB

PHOTOSENSITIVITY WARNING This is a small community project that was hosted in Meowgi's discord which focuses on using only recolors of the FIREBLU. The restriction of the project was to use only the recolors of the FIREBLU textures, which makes this ...Date:10/15/23
Size:8.4 MB
Author:Petyan (project lead), dolan, Maribo, DeetOpianSky, ryiron, knifeworld, Ravendesk, General Roasteroc

The Fireworks Factory
It was just like last year's Fourth of July celebration. You were tagging along with your friends and fellow Americans, watching the fireworks go off in the distance, and downing enough bottles of beer to drown out your own blood. Suddenly, however, ...Date:07/05/09
Size:186.94 KB
Author:Eric "The Green Herring" Baker

"FIRST SPAWN" is my very first map. Don't go into it with high hopes, as the only thing unique about it is the 'Monochrome' flavour. This is all you need: doom2 -file first.wad...Date:04/21/03
Size:88.47 KB
Author:Johnathan "Monochrome" Wilson

The First Adventure
A three-level mini-episode for ZDoom. This wad is part of The Experienced Project....Date:11/05/02
Size:577.25 KB
Author:Karol Szczecinski (aka DoomMaster)

First Blood
--- A set of 14 Boom-compatible maps designed for pistolstart. The difficulty starts off like Episode 1 of Doom 1, then ramps up to some Plutonia / late TNT difficulty near the end. I definitely recommend pistolstarting each map as the intended exper...Date:02/26/21
Size:1.72 MB
Author:Keagan Dunn ("Dunn & Dunn")

You are in a place full of monsters, and you must destroy them...Yeah I had no idea what the story was going to be about anyway. LOL! Hope you enjoy this map....Date:09/09/13
Size:17.51 MB

You start, barely armed, in the holding cell of a military base massively infiltrated by demons. You'll need to move fast and think even faster to make it out of there and onto the subway train leading out from the hellhole. Good luck....Date:11/18/10
Size:265.58 KB
Author:Varant Yessayan

My First Wad
This is (obviously) my first wad, made for the Vinesauce 2016 Doom Mapping contest and submitted to said contest two months ago. I was originally planning on uploading this once my wad was played on stream, but since Joel seems to be inundated with s...Date:11/03/16
Size:66.05 KB

Fish! (release 4)
My own (probably ill-advised) attempt to counter Justin Fisher's [*] opinion that PWADs based on the concept of rooms that form words are boring and unimaginative. I dare say most of them are but it was a nice little challenge anyway. [* JF of Aliens...Date:03/03/14
Size:89.81 KB
Author:Christopher Bazley

Between The Fissure
You are part of a select group highly trained elite soldiers called the "Demonic Cleanup Detail" meant to clean up any mess within the abandoned UAC bases left on Earth. One such base is located with the cracks of the Earth and nobody has been abl...Date:11/14/22
Size:123.34 KB

The Five Zones
My fifth map! And my first that's actually playable. Most of it is arena fighting and tricky effects. NOT meant to use jumping or crouching! Not designed for mouse look, but it's not game breaking. Has full difficulty settings implemented! Reccomen...Date:08/18/13
Size:119.29 KB
Author:mno (aka mno)

MAP01 for BooM or ZDooM ONLY (DooM II) Anything else and you're gonna be in deeper shit than a midget cleaning out a port-a-potty near the back of a bran muffin factory in Mexico. ...Date:09/05/99
Size:618 KB
Author:Dave Lizzio (A.K.A Fizzdude, MetalliFizz, Fizzmonster)

Flamer Baron (test map)
A very short arena, primarily as a vehicle for demonstrating my Flamer Baron custom monster....Date:05/09/21
Size:98.3 KB

This is a modified version of sloth map03. It's a circular, symmetrical spam arena thing - again. FLAN - AGAN. It's designed for jumping, rocket jumping, and freelook, but you can get to the exit without using those things. It's not designed for crou...Date:10/11/08
Size:1.3 MB
Author:TimeOfDeath (Chris Balch)

Flay the Obscene - Compilation
/story Screw the story! There initially was one, but it just wasn't very well thought out! So it's had its head cut off. These levels won't disappoint you! They're great looking, original and action packed with a wide variety of Doom 2's monsters a...Date:11/03/02
Size:544.34 KB
Author:Christian N. Hansen aka c-cooper

Flay the Obscene - Reversed
This map is a revamp of the original Flay the Obscene, which was released in 1999. As a 15 year anniversary celebration of the map -which was the first big noticeable release from me- I have decided to dust it off and dress it up. I could have call...Date:03/21/14
Size:400.1 KB
Author:Chris Hansen

Fields of Glory
8-level mappack, created to look as natural as possible within traditional doom level pool. Features a short journey from zombie-filled trade outpost down to the realm of another invasion-loving demon....Date:07/02/14
Size:662.5 KB

This Wad is one of my best Wads! A great looking level, really fun to play it with friends. I hope you like & enjoy it!...Date:03/26/14
Size:452.15 KB

Floating Buildings v1.1
This was originally a contribution to the "Wad-in-a-Week" contest in 2000 at Though, as they couldn't figure out, how to play this, they decided not to release it at all. Though, it can be solved as I tested it well with EDGE 1.24 and 1....Date:04/08/04
Size:111.9 KB

The Floor Is Lava!
Demons have invaded your home and turned the floor into lava. Your only ally is the furniture. And all the heavy armaments and medical supplies you have littered all over your house for some godforsaken reason. Try and beat the par time! :D Req...Date:12/25/16
Size:125.42 KB

Stronghold of Flesh
This map offers nonlinear gameplay. Also it's pretty big and contains many secret areas. WAD includes custom ambient music which was composed by me, i can provide FL Studio project if needed....Date:05/02/19
Size:14.47 MB

The Fortress of Lucifer
Yes, I know you're gonna take one look at my name and automatically assume this is going to be a Terry WAD, but no need to be paranoid though. This is just a short little slaughtermap that I put together in about 5 months, most of that time being me ...Date:12/13/15
Size:2.77 MB

Classic map in terms of playstyle (no jumping). About 30 minutes playtime. Some Half-Life vibes when it comes to scenery....Date:10/15/23
Size:21.98 MB
Author:Jacek Nowak

Energy Flux
My map made for the contest on czech website We wanted to make a megawad based on the maps sent for this competition, but eventually there were only four. So we decided to let it be. But my map can be published anyway....Date:10/13/18
Size:901.73 KB
Author:Matthias (enkeli33)

First Mission after Holdiday
The contact to the research station on Pluto is lost. Our Marine has to interrupt his holiday and must fly to Pluto. During the flight, he falls asleep. When he wakes up, his team already explore the station. Thats the story or completely different. ...Date:04/22/17
Size:1.67 MB

Five Nights at the UAC's.
You wake up in a cold sweat and see a pistol in your hand, along with a monitor on a desk. You look right to left. What is this place? Why does it smell of leftover pizza? What's that sound in the distance? Why are you here? Only one way to find out....Date:12/31/23
Size:30.89 KB

You've come a long way in your search for vengeance. It seems the killing never ceases. Will you ever find peace? I think not... :) Besides, who wants to? This is to much fun! No keys... just kill. ------------------------------------------------...Date:05/27/98
Size:80.73 KB

Your out of the hospital, off the medication, and just bought a new shotgun. Now lets see if you know how to use the sucker... after all, its the only weapon, is it not? - No keys... just kill. - The computer stations work. - 1st use of (what I call)...Date:08/25/98
Size:145.88 KB

A rather large wad. No real theme. Your out of the hospital, off the medication, and just bought a new shotgun. Now lets see if you know how to use the sucker... after all, its the only weapon, is it not? - some detail - a few tight spots - weapons 5...Date:11/13/98
Size:188.55 KB

Welcome to Mortuary! - Your mission Jim, should you decide to accept it, clean out this place called Mortuary. - 1 key...and the JOY of the kill. - When a demon dies, where does the body end up? Mortuary, of course. Did you think they don't mourn? - ...Date:12/18/98
Size:124.24 KB

Boom, or another engine to prevent visiplane overflow....Date:06/17/99
Size:76.19 KB

Just play the sucker......Date:06/17/99
Size:81.69 KB

Foggy Jungle
A helicopter drops you deep inside a foggy jungle. Your mission is to infiltrate the base within the jungle and destroy their storage of hazardous barrels. Then get to the helipad for EVAC....Date:04/11/19
Size:14.5 MB

Hey Foghorn, the mission is simple. Get the hell out of this awful looking place. Or you'll be blown to a million Feathers. So anyway!, just go out and play this damn thing. Carefully pay attention to all the sounds, music, level design, it will cert...Date:10/13/04
Size:4.45 MB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

The Following
Well, this is my first "RELEASED" level, I've been making levels for a while, and this is my first release. I think it's quite good with a nice bit of difficulty (Unless you are a wuss that plays the game on easy :-D). It's got some okay architecture...Date:06/14/01
Size:52.28 KB

April Fools STARTAN Maps of Any Quality
April Fools 2015 STARTAN Challenge Project: Make a map using PRIMARILY Doom Builder's default Doom 2 textures (STARTAN2, FLOOR0_1, CEIL1_1). You can use other textures too, even custom textures if you want, but use primarily the default ones. Format,...Date:05/31/15
Size:770.77 KB

F O R C E K I N Z O L A 1
Designed for SINGLE PLAYER deep water and real 3D floors etc. Sort of a demo of my forthcoming TC megawad FORCE KINZOLA 3D which will hopefully have some new textures and sprites....Date:08/31/01
Size:170.34 KB
Author:ANDY MCKIE aka mystic

Set in the mythic of Doom universe during the events of Doom 2. Demons have overtaken the earth and the Doomguy has yet to show up to save the day. In the meantime, humanity is fighting a desperate battle against the forces of hell and has assigned i...Date:02/12/19
Size:1.46 MB
Author:Samuel Evander

Forest Base
In one of the few remaining forests of earth, the UAC has been testing a new type of interdimensional teleportel. Deemed "fail safe," these new models are equipped with spawn seeking BFGs. Of course, to test the BFGs, monster test subject were needed...Date:07/07/00
Size:149 KB
Author:Jon Croce "Mantra"

A short (but mainly an open) map....Date:04/23/22
Size:666.41 KB

The Forgotten Keep
The forgotten keep is my first attempt at mapping, a single level replacement vanilla style map for Doom II's map29. Regardless, this is a pretty fast-paced linear map that generally focuses on the different combat scenarios you end up in. Feedback i...Date:05/10/23
Size:159.56 KB

Fork And Knife In the Road (version 1.2)
Fork And Knife In the Road is a single level for Doom 2. It's my first released level, and I really hope you enjoy it. I've only tested it in GZDoom, but I haven't used any fancy stuff so it should work fine in other engines. There MAY be vizplane ov...Date:08/11/17
Size:106.43 KB
Author:Aaron Nemoyten

A map initially created for the Talosian Incident II project, and released as a demo for Torn's 2005 Doom Advent Calendar. Released independently to /idgames on 26 October 2006....Date:10/26/06
Size:397.62 KB
Author:Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd

Forsaken Archaism
A compilation of my latest and possibly last maps. Forsaken, as they are forgotten. Archaic, as they're old to me....Date:07/03/22
Size:1.67 MB

Forseen Version 3
Version 3 of Forseen, it has been majorly improved....Date:05/19/13
Size:35.52 KB
Author:Alex Williams

Fort Doom
This is my very first map, it's pretty short and not too hard. sorry for any mistakes, i hope you enjoy....Date:09/28/16
Size:151.1 KB

Fortress of Duality
Originally designed for a long-defunct (I think) megawad project, this was originally built using...Date:10/06/04
Size:196.51 KB
Author:Gray Lancer (Jon Washburn)

Fort v2
Size:508.03 KB

Fall of Society v1.1
4 map mini-episode for ZDoom. It's not easy being a space refugee... on Mars solitude, greed and violence play out just the same as on Earth. Just another society fallen into ruin.......Date:11/24/18
Size:16.76 MB
Author:Various, see below

Fantasy Of Shadowman Episode (FOSE)
These six cards created from drawings Shadowman on the day of his birth. Initially I tried to convey as accurately as possible the balance with the drawings, but later decided to change for the sake of gameplay. The beginning of the story is simple: ...Date:01/28/11
Size:371.36 KB
Author:Lainos [B0S]

Fear of the Dark
A vanilla format, limit removing experiment after all my Hexen format maps. Turned into a half-way decent arena type map. Has four segments with different themes for each; with a central final Hell-themed exit Area....Date:09/18/22
Size:477.67 KB

Fort Of The Three Lords
You were one of the recon team sent to the other side, you spent what felt like days wandering through the ashen caves and firey lakes of blood and soot; until finally you found what looked to be a seemingly abandoned fort. You set up a teleporter li...Date:04/20/21
Size:446.36 KB

Fire on the Mountain
Fire on the Mountain is a 5 map limit-removing episode for Doom II and is my first proper mapset. Difficulty is slightly above Doom II, so this WAD should be fairly easy going....Date:07/15/22
Size:920.37 KB
Author:Chris Kendell aka "VisionThing"

4-in-1 map concept. The Foursite military base lies abandoned. Youve heard rumors of a secret backdoor entrance: find the entrance, explore the four quadrants of the base, reach the heart, and escape alive....Date:10/19/16
Size:1.71 MB

The Adventures of Foxxy's Mom
A epic tale of romance, passion and heroism about Foxxy's wonderful Mother....Date:01/15/07
Size:2.32 KB
Author:Jack Sparrow

Foxysen Self Jams
A map that I have done in 30 hours after seeing another friend do some game jam mapping. Feel free to sample any ideas, is just some sillyness. Use GZDoom to run it, start the game as usual. Difficulty not implement, select any normal ones. Sector ...Date:08/29/20
Size:109.74 KB

Fight On!: Fury Rising
Backstory-Don't let nothing get in the way of achiving victory...not even that archvile that has chased you down into an infested remote base. Gather your wits marine, you have a long fight ahead of you! ---------------------------------- Info-Fury R...Date:10/01/11
Size:1.09 MB
Author:Paul "Fiend-o-Hell" Stasiuk

Freaky Panties
Freaky Panties is an experimental level that adjusts itself to how well you play. If you're playing well, it will get a bit harder. If you start to die too often, it will scale back the difficulty automatically. Essentially I tried to make the map ad...Date:07/16/18
Size:8.26 MB
Author:Alexa "YukiRaven" Jones-Gonzales

Fragor Portum
The year is 209X, you wake up in the barracks of the UNSF Fragor Portum to find that something is amiss......Date:06/13/21
Size:25.37 MB
Author:Rivi the Warlock

This is my first wad and these are amongst the very first maps I've made, that survived and didn't get deleted, while 'Difficulty Settings' have been toggled on, it's mostly just less barons, viles and cybers. Beware these maps were made back in 19',...Date:08/27/23
Size:10.44 MB

Fras1L v10.0 Map 1: Turks Map 2: New Map 3: Brick Map 4: Biff! Kazam! Map 5: Brick II Map 6: Sky Map
Collection of well-made levels by two people from 6/1998 on. Levels continue to be added. See end of text file....Date:03/02/02
Size:814.89 KB
Author:Maps 1,3,5,7,10,(12,14): "Paul O'Neill" Maps 2,4,6,9,11,(13,15): Jerry P.

Freaker (Single Player Horror)
A horror map based on the idea of a strange yellow creature hunting you down....Date:04/02/23
Size:1.24 MB

Tuning Contest#3 (aka Freakmapping)
This archive contains all maps, sent on competition which was on in July, 2006. In brief, that contest`s essence was that a map, created by random level generator, should be upgraded to make something good-looking and something unusual, if t...Date:08/23/08
Size:9.48 MB

Tuning Contest WAD
This is a compilation of all the contest wads which were sent to the contest held in and Read the rules_e.html To play this PWAD file, unzip it into the directory with your PWADs then start: glboom-plus.exe -file freak4.wad -c...Date:10/21/07
Size:3.7 MB

Tuning Contest#5 (aka Freakmapping)
The archive contains the maps, sent on competition which was held in on July, 7-24th, 2010. The idea of competition was that the map, created by the random map generator, is being improved and modified by each participant of competition unde...Date:08/12/10
Size:45.26 MB
Author:Archi, Beewen, DragonHunter, Guest, Nil, Shadowman, Slavius

Forgotten Reliquary
Having no choice, you flung yourself into the malfunctioning teleporter as hordes were upon you. It was known that occasionally the leylines aligning the various long-distance teleporters would, for a fraction of a moment, converge instead to a far-f...Date:05/29/23
Size:3.78 MB

JarJar's Last Pinenapple Fritter
THE STORY OF JARJAR's LAST PINEAPPLE FRITTER- Once upon a night, JarJar was getting tucked in by his husband Tom Hanks. JarJar goes "Why those pineapple fritter's you made me was great!" "Oh thanks Jar!" says Hanks "Theres only one left, you can have...Date:10/14/03
Size:440.1 KB

From Hell to Eternity
5 large maps for Boom* These will all take roughly between 1 - 2h to complete. Some slaughtery fights - mainly at the end of each level but this wasn't designed to be too difficult for the seasoned doomer. Recommended to play on UV and strongly recom...Date:12/23/22
Size:13.16 MB

Frozen Time
You need an OpenGL port with support of ZDoom extended nodes, hi-res textures and tall patches. GLBoom-Plus with gamma 1 is recommended. Command line: glboom-plus FrozenT.wad -complevel 9 WARNING! You need a powerful computer to play t...Date:11/29/12
Size:5.06 MB
Author:Alexander "Eternal" S.

Fort Tiamat
A short techbase map. Difficulty settings had very little thought put into them, to the point where there might as well be none. Honestly not my best work....Date:05/17/16
Size:30.84 KB

One map for limit-removing ports that uses resources from Eternal Doom by TeamTNT extensively. Pretty much inspired by Eternal's works, but isn't really meant to resemble his style in any way rather than giving some small occasional hints on his trad...Date:06/15/14
Size:2.9 MB

Frozen Inferno
A short map depicting a frozen-over hell and an E4-ish fortress overrun by the freak snowstorm. This is an "upgraded" version of a 100-minute speedmap I created in October; bugs are fixed, detail is added and gameplay is further balanced....Date:12/23/06
Size:186.57 KB
Author:Ryan "DomRem" Barreras

Fiskmaps I Descend
[Incoming message to Corporal Adrian "Wolf" Polonsky / Marine Force Recon Charlie-9 Squad / Outside AXIR Laboratory Complex] It's been over a week since the rest of your squad was separated from you on the mountain pass, which is now closed off due...Date:10/05/09
Size:663.07 KB
Author:Elric "Darkhaven" Sullivan

Forsaken Overlook
This map is one of the many parts of the Secret Santa Imitation Project, led by Brian "Snakes" Knox. It was meant to imitate the style of Chris "lupinx-Kassman" Kassap, and is designed for Single Player, Co-op, and Deathmatch play. A lonely medieva...Date:05/18/13
Size:743.87 KB
Author:Matt Tropiano

Frost Temple
This is my second map to be released. I just wanted to play around with new textures and see what I could come up with. Hope this is better than my first map, "Imp-ire"....Date:01/31/07
Size:639.71 KB
Author:Ryan Albright (High Flyin' Ryan)

DOOM 2 - Flashback to Hell
A 15-level mapset for DOOM 2 that is compatible with the "-complevel 9" setting. Features new music by PRIMEVAL and James Paddock, as well as high-quality redone sound effects by Per Kristian Risvik. If the new music tracks are buggy in ZDOOM while u...Date:01/25/14
Size:5.44 MB
Author:Stormwalker a.k.a. Vordakk

Flashback to Hell - Original SFX version
It recently came to my attention that many players aren't too keen on the new sound effects I added to Flashback to Hell. I totally get where they're coming from, and so I am releasing this version without those new sound effects. Otherwise, the wad ...Date:02/08/14
Size:3.64 MB
Author:Stormwalker a.k.a. Vordakk

Firetop Mountain version 2
The idea for the map is based off of those old Fighting Fantasy books where you used dice and a pencil. It gets its name from the first book, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Back in the mid to late 90s I sketched out the map as described in the book...Date:03/27/13
Size:28.51 MB

Fight the Swarm 1 (Doom II version)
This is a Doom 2 version of an old Doom 3 mod called "Fight the Swarm 1" by BanalityDUFF. This version is also Cooperative compatible so you'll be able to play with your friends as well. (Zandronum is not supported though) I've also altered the diffi...Date:05/26/19
Size:5.11 MB
Author:MrYossarian (D3 version by BanalityDUFF)

Fight Until Completely Killed!
Expanded 3D floor demo map, made playable....Date:02/27/22
Size:3.49 MB

Fueled By Blood
Machines powered by literal human suffering at a distant research base run by a deranged cult......Date:12/05/22
Size:9.34 MB
Author:Aaron Nemoyten

Fuel Devourer
Large fuel base full of monsters - go and kill them! Made for FDC#11....Date:09/11/13
Size:2.2 MB
Author:C4tnt and Archi

Fuck you, Escher!
Multi-floor mindfuck with portals. Includes episode select via MAPINFO entry,...Date:12/18/20
Size:1.02 MB

Just Have Fun....Date:02/14/06
Size:221.34 KB
Author:Hans de Heus (Apocalypse)

Funeral Genocide
Size:1.09 MB
Author:Dannebubinga & Darkreaver

Crumbling Mausoleum
The Story: You - a daring freelance dungeon delver - have been commissioned by the United Archaeological Commission to investigate unusual seismic activity in a newly discovered mausoleum. Your mission is simple - dive in and destroy whatever's causi...Date:08/19/18
Size:113.61 KB
Author:Gunnar Tutt aka GlyndwrTheKnight

A UAC mining and research base on a distant planet has gone silent. Secret experiments are rumored to be happening there, some suggesting a psychoactive fungus was discovered on the planet. You've been sent to investigate and evacuate any survivors....Date:08/06/18
Size:3.03 MB
Author:Jading Tsunami

A new demon base was installed on earth, and you must steal the invasion data to counter the attacks, however you realize the FURDEMON's true plan, quite strange: to turn all the inhabitants of the planet into a kind of "furries" to attack other plan...Date:07/17/20
Size:12.86 MB

A Furry Tale *and* A Furry Tale: Retold
You are a furry in a world of furries. A string of bad luck leaves you abandoned on an island. All is not right here, explore and discover the darkness hovering over the island. Features: Functional Shops and random battles. The newer version, furr...Date:04/14/06
Size:3.63 MB
Author:Mouse, a.k.a. LilWhiteMouse, a.k.a. LWM

Fusion Mapping
The couple submissions made to the Fusion Mapping Project. The goal was to combine 2 classic maps into one while still maintaining a coherent and original style....Date:12/16/10
Size:3.83 MB
Author:Sergiu "Grymmoire" Stanciu ; CodenniumRed

First off, you can't win. Monster spawning pads surround the center area, which is where you spawn, and where ammo and some health spawns. There's cover around the base, and towers connected to it that teleport you in and out of the base. Your goal...Date:09/15/13
Size:565.37 KB
Author:Ijon Tichy

Fractured Worlds
Fractured Worlds is a collection of 8 blue/cyan Boom compatible (cl9) maps, spanning a wide variety of themes and presenting some challenging set piece encounters and incidental combat. There are some large and small maps, and each one contains a sec...Date:11/28/21
Size:13.64 MB

thefwf's cargo bay DM
Size:106.81 KB

Made in a hatred feeling towards a certain person......Date:09/12/03
Size:1018.16 KB

After the eclipse
A simple Boom wad. It's my first released work here, and even my first work with Boom. It has only 11 Maps, cause I don't have much time to make a full megawad. I don't know where did the name come from, It's just a name....Date:04/05/12
Size:2.12 MB
Author:Daniel "FractalXX" Bettenbuk

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