Title: Doom - The Arcade Game Phobos Bonus Level 2 - You Sunk My Battleship!
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dab_2.zip
Size: 37.96 KB
Date: 04/04/02
Author: Ethan Watson aka GooberMan
Description: Sink some battleships, uh, I mean imps on battleships. The captain always goes down with his boat, but in this case the reverse is true. Kill the imp captains and the ships will sink.
Credits: id Software for making Doom in the first place. Randy Heit for developing ZDoom and putting up with my bug reports in the forums. The beta testers, who have been more helpful since Release 1 :)
Base: From scratch.
Build time: An few hours.
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: None
Rating: (14 votes)
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