Title: Biotech is Godzilla
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dbp22.zip
Size: 7.26 MB
Date: 04/15/20
Author: doomerboardskrew4lyfe
Description: Forests of concrete and steel, breathing and flowing forever under the wide eye of the sun, now ruled the works of man. His own eyes watch as hummingbirds swarm their branches and feed from whirring flowers. Long since had a creature like him been to this place, and standing in the midst of this weird marriage of nature and machine, he felt himself an intruder. What happened here, to create this new earth? And what became of those responsible for this ironclad garden of earthly delights?

Before he can finish the thought, the marine's spell is broken by a thundering roar.

Seems not all of man's gifts were of good intention...

BIOTECH IS GODZILLA is the 22nd limit-removing project from the nature- loving, tree-hugging hippies in the Doomer Boards Kommune. Featuring eight maps of intense scenic action pretty enough to paint a picture that will have you itching to get out your gardening overalls after it's all said and done.
Credits: Premise/Lore, a certain sound and custom resources by Scrangus McBrickdad INTERPIC edit, GLDEFS by Phobus TITLEPIC, CREDIT, M_DOOM edits, Intertext by Big Ol' Billy Various vegetation and nature graphics from packs by Clay and Jaska Blood Demon sprite by Cyb, Neoworm, Vader Cyber Baron sprite by Ben2k9 Cyber Imp sprite by Virtue, LilWhiteMouse Double Chaingunner sprite by Eriance Forgotton One sprite by Captain Toenail Zombie Marine sprite by Ixnatiful Archvile edits by Big Ol' Billy Mancubus edits by Vertigo Other misc graphics and edits, music edits, and Dehacked edits by glenzinho
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 1 month
Editor(s) used: GZDB-BF, WhackED 4, Slade 3, all the usual
Bugs: none
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