Title: Hard Attack
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/ddattack.zip
Size: 244.36 KB
Date: 09/21/06
Author: Morbid DooMer
Description: Its time to return to attack and clear this base from its evil for once and for all. The map is based on the original master level named attack and its completely made from scratch. Jumping allowed altough its not needed to complete the map but it shouldn't mess up gameplay either. Overall its not an hard map at all I think this map would please the less skilled players on UV. Ok enough talk send them back to hell.
Credits: The doom community for being there and help authors with their projects. Anyone I forgot to mention thanks and enjoy this map.
Base: Build from scratch.
Build time: About two weeks.
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder, XWE.
Bugs: None know of.
Rating: (18 votes)
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