Title: Death Revealed
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/deathrevealed.zip
Size: 442.03 KB
Date: 05/12/03
Author: Mattias Johansson
Description: It's a tribute to Hell Revealed, the amazing megawad by Yonatan Donner and Haggay Niv.
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Five levels from May 2003, saved as five separate .wad files (although e.g. Map04.wad is Map04). Overall I liked 'em. The design is simple and old-fashioned but the gameplay is great, and very hard. Map01 is a good simple intro; Map02 is devilishly tricky, with an ultra-violent central arena. In fact the difficulty is man-sized throughout, almost impossible at times, e.g. Map05 with clumps of barons, archviles etc. But good overall.x
I thought it was pretty good - while it may not be the best looking map ever, there is certainly a lot of attention to detail. The gameplay is awesome. The levels should be grouped together though.x
Average level set. Nothing great in the looks department, ranging from average to a bit below average (at times). There's no excuse for thse levels not being lumped together into one wad file, it's not hard to do.x
not bad doomer666x
Not-so-great looks but fairly good design and gameplay.x

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