Title: Deem Episode 1
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/deemep1.zip
Size: 14.67 MB
Date: 05/28/15
Author: Jaxxoon R
Description: So that you know what this is I shall say right here, here is the most public and certain ZETA for your consumption and enjoyment. It started from my dissatisfaction with WOOO, how it was just agonizing crap maps with little humor, so I made what I wanted: Pure bizarre fun. It's a jokewad designed to make you laugh, what a novel concept. It is complete, the words to choose to describe it fall simply under "done." But that is sort of for you to decide.

Features include Cooking Mama dog score combos and an exciting race with He-Man and a shark, concluded by a battle with the terrifying Snoic [sic].

This is the first of 2 9-map episodes. First episode is this, episode 2 shall be a separate wad but they can be combined into one by the end user using lock-on technology. It will be most beautiful, as episode 2 will take place in the castle of the Antlion Lord. Your replies will most certainly be "Ghey WOOO ripoff," and "eat shit and die," but I must do what is right and live life consequences.

I recommend you watch the trailer first, as the experience is not complete without it: https://youtu.be/Hi70FK21xOk
Credits: Captain Toenail, Necrodome, Yura, Eriance, Tormentor 667, Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper, Dreadopp, Xaser, Hitlersauruschrist, Quasar, Croteam, Nanami, Scalliano, Blue Shadow, Keksdose, Magicwizard, IOP Team, Krispy, and Zrrion the Insect. (All Realm667 resources)
Base: New from scratch
Build time: A couple of months
Editor(s) used: Slade3, GZDoom Builder
Bugs: In Zandronum, the player doesn't spawn in the air or on 3D floors like they do in GZDoom.
Rating: (12 votes)
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