Title: Defender
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/defender.zip
Size: 33.04 MB
Date: 10/18/13
Author: Tekbomber
Description: This is my first ever wad. I only have couple weeks experience with doom Builder and slade3.

Plot: there ain't really much of a plot other than the wad takes place after the revelations from the Bible and your character is like Moses meant to stop the Devil or some shit.

I will give an overview of the levels.

1. The Nightmare - this was a filler level that I made in like 5 minutes.

2. Awoken - Another filler level, nothing special

3. Subway - This was actually the first level I made. it started off with just a rectangular room and I just kept adding on to it.

4. Underworks - This was made to be a filler level but I kept adding on to it and playing with doom builder. this level may seem to have a difficult ending but its not that bad and very possible. I have playthroughed every single level.

5. Duel of fates - This is the level where i just gave up and decided to quit the making the wad. too many problems and I got too frustrated so i rushed it and gave it an ending thats kinda cheap and easy. it was meant to be much bigger and harder.

12. Polar Abyss - ( you will need to type "idclev 12) to warp here) This level I made as a tribute to one of my favorite childhood games. i remember playing donkey Kong country 2 back in 97' when I was kid and I always loved the level arctic abyss and the atmosphere and music. This level was kinda rushed so it ain't that special in terms of level design. its suppose to have a donkey kong platformer feel to it.

oh yeah I forgot to add that this wad is meant to be played with openGL as your software renderer.

If your wondering what the pistol, chaingun, chainsaw and bfg replacment sprites are. those are custom sprites I made myself with stuff i have laying around the house and digitized in photoshop.
Credits: God
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 2-3 weeks
Editor(s) used: Slade3 and Doom Builder 2
Rating: (10 votes)
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can you teach me how to replace sprite and sound and HUD that would be pretty cool. x
I have to admit, there were parts of this wad that made me laugh (basically anything involving the cute legoman protagonist) but even I have limits. I decided I couldn't finish this thing once I reached map 4 =P.x
You play as a Lego Man with Weapons that look...bad and weird combo of enemy's. Huge confusing layouts and annoying music. 2 Stars for "trying".x
WTF is this shit x
I like the inclusion of the Hi-Point 995 carbine (chaingun) but not a super well done map or anything but kinda fun.x
I gave it a try and this has got to be a joke wad, nobody could take this seriously. You play as a high pitched legoman thing who fights slutty imp things, out of place Batman Doom enemies using digitized bullshit for weapons that are just plain laughable whilst occasionally bumping into pixelated slutty women that serve no purpose being there... And the gameplay sucks. Avoid this shit.x
The use of offset step flat for train tracks is clever. otherwise it's kind of a joke.x

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