Title: Deliverance
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/deliverance.zip
Size: 233.34 KB
Date: 02/03/03
Author: Simon 'SlayeR' Judd
Description: A Brick'n'Metal (mostly) themed map.
Credits: The guys who made DETH, Marc Rousseau for ZenNode, and id software for making such a great game ;)
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Working on and off over about 3 months.
Editor(s) used: DETH, Wintex, ZenNode
Bugs: Probably a few small texture misalignments here and there.
Rating: (13 votes)
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a very classic looking and difficult level, reminds me of something that would be in final doom nice job 4/5x
good and solid work 4/5x
Very good.4.5/5x
Something about this map that makes me not like it. 3/25/07x
Cheers SlayeR. This is an excellent level, (well it is on UV -fast) enjoyed every bit :-) 5/5x
This is a good-quality professional level in the modern style. It has pace, action, and it looks good. Starts off easy, gets harder. I doesn't really stand out from a lot of other good modern levels, but it's great fun.x

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